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Who Are Embryo

Our curiosity is what allows us
to understand the problems
brands face.

Our environment fosters the growth
of our business and our people

At Embryo, we’re never satisfied with the bare minimum, and our team are the greatest reflection of that. Always striving to build upon what’s come before and create something new using our creativity, inventive spirit and unique point of view, we’re a team of individuals that are proud to work with one another, and this shines through in everything we do.

Our Values


Our environment fosters the growth of our business and our people. Collaboration is what drives our creativity. We value inclusivity and we are all in this together.


Our curiosity is what allows us to understand the problems brands face. It drives us to delve deeper, widen our view and find the insights that others cant see.


Innovation is at the heart of our business. It’s what drives us and our clients forward. The key to innovation is the balance of creativity and delivery.


We are focused on service, on delivery, on optimisation, on results and on changing the way our industry is perceived.

Our mission; to grow brands online

Embryo Team

Embryo was founded in 2015 as a business that was very aware of the need for a company that could spearhead innovation, growth, and development. In just a few short years, the company, powered by a raft of incredible talent, has done just that.

We never tire of helping our clients, across a range of industries, including but not limited to, finance, automotive, tourism, manufacturing, and e-commerce. The digital channels we leverage allow them to grow their teams, dominate their industry’s online space, and most importantly, increase their revenue.

Our team loves seeing how their expertise and ideas have had a direct impact on the lives of business owners up and down the country - it's what drives them, and us, as a company.

While we’re all driven to be innovative and impactful, we are all acutely aware that even the most cutting-edge campaign is only as good as the levels of communication between ourselves and the client.

So, alongside the high-quality work that we produce across paid and organic channels, we ensure that our levels of communications are meaningful, insightful, and regular. Placing such a high priority on this allows us to communicate our methods and rationale which gives our clients confidence that we’re always the right agency for them.

Our team is what makes Embryo, Embryo. Our dedication, and earnest desire to help our clients set us apart from other agencies. The Delivery Team are experts in their field, with decades of experience between them, and are always looking to create evermore exciting, engaging, and boundary-pushing campaigns. While they deliver memorable work, the Sales and Marketing Teams work to further Embryo as a business and are always looking for new opportunities.

Meet the team at Embryo

An experienced technical optimiser that achieves results and demystifies SEO

With a decade worth of experience in optimising websites for search engines, for some household names, Adam helps to ensure that our clients’ sites are slick, nimble and performing perfectly.

He’s experienced almost all forms of marketing – from content and PR to account management and now Tech SEO. This experience in different fields gives him a holistic level of knowledge rarely found in people so focused on the technical side of SEO.

When he’s not ensuring websites appease Google’s algorithms, Adam can be found tending to his allotment.

Creating stop-you-in-your-tracks assets for Embryo and our clients.

Josh’s skills and abilities to create assets, designs, and collateral for Embryo and our clients are worth their weight in gold. Josh can understand a client’s brand and create stunning assets that truly reflect who they are.

In a world where the need to catch the attention of your audience is essential, Josh’s eye for detail and knowledge of designs that drive audiences to clients’ websites is what sets his work and Embryo’s creativity apart from the competition.

Organising the growth and success of Embryo

As Personal Assistant to Embryo’s MD, Ross Green, Ruby plays a fundamental part in ensuring the business runs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Her ability to manage and maintain Embryo’s headquarters to such high standards is due to her organisational abilities and acute eye for detail. Whilst her friendliness makes her an excellent first point of contact for clients and visitors.

Flawlessly editing, creating, and uploading keyword-rich content for our clients.

Alisa’s marketing comms background allows her to bring expert insight for Embryo and our clients. Her road to Embryo started at Staffordshire Police where she created both internal and local community-focused comms, and more recently Alisa worked with some big-name partners for an insurance company to develop on and offline communications for customers.

Not content with this already high level of experience, in recent months, Alisa has been learning about all things SEO from our new Head of Organic, Andrew Holland. All this, combined with a flawless ability to edit content, proofread it, and upload it, makes Alisa a crucial cog in the Organic Team.

One of the most influential voices in the world of SEO.

Andrew knows what your business needs to enjoy online success now and into the future. Knowing that increasing revenue is at the core of any marketing campaign, Andrew distils his vast knowledge of Content and SEO into making that key KPI a central feature of his work.

Andrew’s thoughts and ideas about how brands can be more visible online are digested by his 10,897 LinkedIn followers. This incredibly large audience is evidence enough that his passion for SEO and Content Marketing is incredibly valuable. Heading up the Organic department, Andrew’s SEO philosophy filters throughout the department to deliver lasting results.

Achieving Objectives Through Strategic Paid Campaigns

Having previously worked as a Digital Lead Generation Specialist, Chelsea brings experience in creating campaigns that drive leads and achieve objectives for a wide range of businesses.

Her skills are the perfect addition to our award-winning PPC team, and she is responsible for managing campaigns for multiple Embryo B2B and B2C clients.

A PPC Exec with a history of generating massive ROI from big budgets

As well as being an economics graduate from City, University of London, Manh Le has years of experience making businesses money through engaging, cutting-edge PPC ads. Passionate about working within a team, specifically an award PPC one, Manh’s self drive and natural initiative brings nothing but benefits to Embryo.

Manh relocated to Manchester from London seeking a new adventure, in his spare time he looks to cook, garden, and read.

Helping brands see that Embryo is the perfect choice for them

With over 17 years of experience working with some of the UK’s top digital agencies, Steve intrinsically knows what brands need to thrive. Whilst having a wide array of knowledge across digital, Steve’s passion lies in understanding brands’ overall business objectives and helping brands achieve the next level of growth.

His main focus at Embryo is working with our marketing team in outreaching to businesses across the country in order to showcase why Embryo is the right agency to take their digital marketing forward.


A former managing editor with a keen eye for perfecting the written word

Not content with having two degrees – one in History & American Studies and another in Ancient History – Jane was also Managing Editor for a University music magazine.

Her multitude of talents makes her the perfect person to write engaging, effective content for our clients, something that she does daily.

That background in academia and journalism ensures everything he creates is rigorously researched and designed to inform our client’s target audiences.

An effective writing maestro with big ideas and years of experience

Matt’s background is in journalism and marketing, making him the perfect person to create content that reads and sells. Having edited a nationally circulated B2B magazine and spearheaded a content strategy for a startup digital marketing agency, Matt has become an integral part of Embryo’s content creation.

Matthew brings with him an eclectic knowledge of all things marketing and an enthusiasm to appease the almighty search engine algorithm with his content.

A Creator of High-Performing Campaigns that Drive Conversions

After completing a diploma in digital marketing, Thomas decided to embark on a career in PPC. Fast forward two years later and he’s created high-performing and optimised campaigns for clients in a variety of industries.

His skills help strengthen our award-winning PPC team to continue to achieve client goals and exceed their expectations.

Developing world-class websites that are truly cutting-edge.

James’ proficiency and skills with Adobe XD, as well as Android and IOS mobile designs make him an integral part of the web team here at Embryo. He spends his time with Grace and the team creating fully prototyped high fidelity mock-ups. All this results in stunning websites that leave our clients stunned.

His years of experience in web-based industries gives him a priceless insight into design and UX. His previous employment involved working with CRMs and web/app based applications which brings a new string to Embryo’s web team’s bow.

Leveraging SEO experience and an instinctual feel for strategy to win in the search world.

Amy brings over 5 years’ worth of priceless SEO knowledge and experience to Embryo and the Organic team. Her deep knowledge of search engine optimisation is a valuable asset as the shifting sands of this industry constantly evolve.

Having worked in a variety of SEO roles on different levels, Amy keeps her finger on the search pulse and constantly leverages new trends and opportunities to the benefit of our clients.

Bringing a wealth of journalistic flair to Embryo’s content team.

Lauren’s background in journalism – which included time as Sub-Editor and Multimedia Journalist – offers Embryo something different when it comes to content creation. Lauren uses her innate curiosity and skills as a writer to create optimised content that informs.

Her enthusiasm for crafting a story is palpable and brings a fresh perspective to content, like her passion for archery, Lauren’s work always hits the bullseye.

Using over five years worth of experience to drive strategy.

Having worked her way up through the ranks of the marketing department of a prominent business service provider, Jen joined Embryo to increase our ability to sell our services to more businesses in a wide range of sectors.

Combining this experience with a natural ability to understand the pain points of potential future clients, Jen aids the strategy department in a multitude of ways. She’ll ensure that Embryo’s different delivery channels are working perfectly in sync and delving through essential insights to glean useful data that increase revenue for our clients.

Applying half a decade’s worth of experience for the benefit of our clients

Having worked in-house in digital marketing for five years, Steven’s role at Embryo is as Client Services Manager. He is responsible for ensuring our clients get the most out of their award-winning Embryo experience.

His attention to detail enables him to know the ins and outs of all his clients, which he pairs with the talent of our delivery team in order to achieve and exceed their goals.

Curating cutting-edge social media content that consistently delivers results.

As a Social Media Executive, Jess is responsible for the creation and delivery of paid social media advertising campaigns for clients in sectors as wide-ranging as mortgage brokers and manufacturers.

Her innate knowledge of social media, and its different platforms and algorithms, allows her to adapt her content in ways that deliver results that drive traffic and revenue and keep budgets within targets for businesses where every penny counts.

Ensuring her clients are seen by the right people for the right thing.

With years of experience as a journalist, communications officer, and PR consultant, Tamara brings a wide range of B2C experience to her role as Digital PR Strategist.

She liaises with clients and publications and creates engaging, value-led campaigns that want to be viewed and used by journalists, a skill that is not to be sniffed at in this fast-paced industry. By doing all this with ease, Tamara is able to get a client’s name in front of their target audience.

Assisting in the creation and implementation of SEO strategies that hit vital business KPIs.

The latest member to join the team, Sam works alongside his fellow SEO colleagues and enacts optimisation strategies across numerous clients, in a variety of industries.

His commitment to his work is matched only by his enthusiasm and desire to learn and improve, all with the goal of helping his team, and Embryo, become an ever greater SEO agency.

Working alongside clients and the Delivery team to create successful campaigns.

Harriet has been working in the industry for 10 years and has joined as Client Services Director. She is responsible for our key account strategies and delivering an excellent client experience, as well as growing the team here at Embryo.

She has a passion for ensuring client work is delivered to the highest standards and that each member of the Delivery team has what they need to produce memorable content.

Driving Embryo’s output and putting us on a course to succeed.

Lloyd’s experience and breadth of industry knowledge – both client and agency side – is matched by few people in the northwest.

He brings with him over 10 years of experience within the marketing industry, which includes time as a Head of Digital and a Multichannel Strategy Specialist, and is helping all facets of the business grow, produce, and deliver work that is going to propel Embryo to that next stage of its growth journey.

Determined and passionate about content creation and client relations.

Shona has a limitless talent to create optimised content for Embryo’s clients that hits all the right KPIs, metrics, and performance indicators.

She spends her workday creating valuable on-page content for clients across a wide variety of industries. All this, combined with a willingness to develop and learn, as well as take opportunities, makes her a valuable member of the business.

Providing insight and creativity to campaigns across a variety of platforms.

With previous experience at giant Johnson & Johnson, Kasey already has significant experience in this area of digital marketing despite only recently graduating from university.

She plays an integral role in the delivery of paid social advertisements for our clients and helps to grow Embryo’s own social media presence.

Leveraging years of editing experience to ensure impeccable standards are upheld across Embryo.

Danielle’s role as Content Editor ensures Embryo’s output, be it for us or for our clients, is consistent, on-brand, and faultless throughout.

Her keen attention to detail is a priceless commodity in the business – one that is appreciated by all members of Embryo. With a history of editing, proofing, and creating her own content, Danielle has proved time and again why she is key to helping the business get to the next level.

Project managing websites for a variety of clients with consummate ease.

Jamal assists Grace with the delivery of multiple website projects and allows the designers and developers to concentrate on creating excellent work.

He communicates effectively and meaningfully with all relevant parties to ensure a smooth timeline. Drawing on his data-driven approach, and background with both front and back end aspects of websites and CMSs, there are few better people to handle a project.

Maximising return on investment by offering insights and a creative flair.

Amy offers her insights to optimise campaigns and suggests new ways that things can be done to provide greater ROI for Embryo’s clients.

She’s on hand to help where needed as well as assisting with existing PPC campaigns. Amy regularly builds dynamic, modern PPC campaigns while maintaining fantastic client relationships, ensuring they are always aware of how their investment is being used.

Ensuring client websites are optimised, configured correctly, and working to bring them revenue.

Bringing insight and an impeccable level of client communication, Jamie is able to translate complex SEO subtopics so that they are understood by clients.

His hard work and dedication ensure campaigns run smoothly, no matter what industry he is working in. Working alongside other members of the Organic team, Jamie is able to create deft strategies and carry out work that drives ROI.

Harnessing the value of data to underpin all digital PR work.

As a Data Scientist, Danny has a natural ability to interpret any and all sorts of data. Giving the Digital PR team a unique selling point, he is able to take a topic, find an interesting angle, and find data that backs it up.

In a world where data is more valuable than oil, it’s essential that all of Embryo’s digital PR work – be it for clients or ourselves – is backed up by data. Danny allows us to do that, and more.

Creating eye-catching campaigns that get clicks and interest in equal measure.

Emma is a Digital PR Strategist who has a seeming knack for thinking up campaigns that are underpinned by data, have a newsworthy hook, and will drive traffic back to her client’s websites.

With a track record of doing so in a variety of jobs, she is now embedded in Embryo and provides valuable insights, with a creative flair, to businesses across a variety of industries.

An assured Executive who expertly manages complex marketing campaigns.

With a background in creating content, Megan knows exactly what is needed to ensure a successful campaign. She is the crucial link between the client and the Delivery team and makes sure that everyone has everything they need to produce the award-winning work Embryo is known for.

With Megan’s steady hand on the tiller, clients can rest assured that their investment is going to be used in the most effective way.

Providing fundamental support to the entire business, allowing it to succeed.

Cicely plays a fundamental role at Embryo, ensuring that the organisation and team have all the required time and resources to guarantee success. Managing Embryo’s HR, everyday operations and onboarding all of our clients, she knows all there is to know about the company.

Her diverse range of skills and her passion for Embryo have enabled the business to grow rapidly. What’s more, her enthusiasm to develop these skills further has led to her studying a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development course on top of all her other responsibilities.

Significantly growing Embryo’s client base by leveraging years of experience and knowledge about customer needs.

Paul has over 15 years of experience working for some of the UK’s top digital agencies and with brands such as PrettyLittleThing, Gymshark and Stagecoach. As Sales Director, he is responsible for building client relationships, managing our Sales team, and working closely with our Client Services team.

His understanding of digital marketing enables him to identify the perfect opportunities and channels for our clients to take advantage of.

Embryo’s first employee who works tirelessly to ensure clients are given a 5-star service.

Charlotte, Embryo’s first employee, has over a decade of experience in the digital space. She is in charge of overseeing the account strategies and experiences for a variety of our clients. Charlotte ensures that our clients receive great service and get the highest return on investment thanks to her keen eye for detail and enthusiasm for obtaining the best results possible.

A determined and driven leader that allows talent to flourish in his business.

After working in digital for a number of years, Ross decided to take a risk and use the skills and knowledge that he had learnt to launch Embryo in 2015. Embryo began as a digital consulting firm, but Ross quickly realised that the company had a lot of space to grow. He immediately extended the company’s client base to ten and hired Charlotte, Embryo’s first employee, who is still with the company today.

Ross has always had huge ideas for Embryo, and this approach, along with setting realistic targets, has yielded fantastic results thanks to the development of a very competent team that places significant emphasis on the client experience.

Leveraging decades of knowledge to maintain Embryo’s status as the most innovative digital agency in the country.

For more than two decades, James has worked in leadership and strategy roles across a number of companies in and out of the digital arena. He has given seminars on search, sales, and marketing tactics all around the world, sharing his expert skills and knowledge.

Thanks to James’ abilities and passion for innovation and creativity knowing no bounds, Embryo is always leading by example within the digital industry and delivering exceptional strategies that generate fantastic results for a wide range of clients.

Managing multiple, complex web projects while assisting her team to deliver excellent work.

With a background in project management and an innate ability to plan, organise, and execute, there are few better people suited to the role of Digital Project Manager.

Grace has been with Embryo for some time now and has used her skills and supportive nature to help her Design & Development team complete, at the time of writing, 27 different websites. Her drive and commitment to quality set the tone for the rest of her supremely talented team.

Offering laser-precision insights for the benefit of our clients

Sam is our Analytics lead and is responsible for a multitude of things at a qualitative and quantitative level. Not only do Sam’s crucial insights help create effective, month-long strategies for our clients, but his proactive approach also helps us to forecast, discover unexpected issues, and find opportunities within the data.

Delivering paid campaigns that transform businesses and supporting a talented Social team.

Having worked in digital for a number of years, Harriet joined Embryo as a Paid Media Manager and was quickly promoted to Head of Paid Social, overseeing a team of three. Her responsibilities include leading her team, creating engaging ad campaigns and driving performance across a range of industries.

Always keen to develop her knowledge, Harriet creates strategies that achieve clients objectives and manages budgets in order to achieve the best return on investment possible.

Dedicated and relentless in the pursuit of completing original web projects.

Dan’s work ethic and passion for developing and coding are unrivalled in this sector. Having spent years prior to joining Embryo playing a focal part in many projects, he was the ideal addition to the team when he joined back in 2020.

The technical knowledge Dan brings to the table is matched only by his understanding of what makes successful websites tick from an aesthetic and UX point of view.

Delivering exceptional marketing output for Embryo.

Hannah joined Embryo in 2020, on a short-term basis, to help with the business’s rebrand. So impressed by her work, the company decided to hire her full-time to help supercharge Embryo’s own marketing efforts.

From writing content to creating award applications and managing social media channels, Hannah is a dab hand at almost everything to do with digital marketing and has single-handedly taken Embryo’s internal marketing to another level.

Helping businesses, and Embryo, be seen by their audiences across the country.

Jo heads up our Digital PR team. Having created successful campaigns for the likes of Cineworld, Viking Direct, and Money Supermarket, Jo knows exactly what is needed to create an eye-catching campaign and has created an incredibly effective department using her years of experience.

She now manages a team of talented PR strategists, helping them achieve long-lasting online and offline coverage for clients in the fashion, eCommerce, and automotive industries.

Ensuring paid media campaigns are effective and provide a solid return on investment.

As Paid Social Manager, Megan is responsible for launching and managing our clients’ advertising campaigns. Using her organisational skills, she ensures that each campaign is running successfully, with budgets being managed and objectives achieved.

Megan is on hand to support other members of the team, while still maintaining the highest possible standards. Her ability to understand what works, in a variety of industries, is matched only by her knack for keeping ad spend low.

Drawing on past success to continuously innovate and provide clients with all-important leads.

As a PPC Account manager, George spends his time optimising, monitoring, and building PPC campaigns that target specific audiences that our clients are looking to engage.

He uses his experience in this sector to influence the latest campaign and leverages knowledge of industry trends and customer behaviour to ensure the adverts will be seen by the right people.

A talented developer with an eye for detail and a proven record of developing stunning websites.

Cam has been with Embryo for a number of years, helping to design and develop nimble websites that are the perfect host for optimised content.

His ability to take client briefs and turn those concepts into something fresh and original, regardless of sector or industry, is comparable with few. Cam has a deep understanding of different coding principles and website platforms, which allows him to turn his hand to numerous projects at a moment’s notice.

A supremely talented writer with a central commitment to quality.

Second only to his love for Manchester United, Dylan’s passion for writing comes through in everything he does – whether that’s working on client work or creating dynamic content for Embryo.

Dylan joined Embryo toward the end of 2020, having gained experience writing through a variety of qualifications and hands-on client work. His desire to innovate and offer more and more intent-driven copy help push the Organic team to an even higher place.

Adept at creating all forms of content, with an enthusiasm to help achieve results.

Kara is one of the longest-serving members of the Organic team and has developed her abilities to write captivating emails and on-page copy as Embryo has grown into a multi-disciplinary agency.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Kara’s infectious enthusiasm comes out in everything she does and helps her to create some truly engaging content that is loved by users and search engines alike.

Helping to get Embryo seen by the right people.

Having previously been a Content team member for 18 months, Charlie is now a full-time member of the Marketing team at Embryo, supporting Hannah, and the Sales and Operations teams with the growth of the business, via a wide range of means.

Tasked with scaling Embryo’s content output and creating sales presentations that impress potential clients, Charlie has proven his ability to craft engaging content and narratives time and again.

Channelling years of experience into creating an incredibly successful PPC team.

Callum’s many years of experience has allowed him to not only help his team work on their own clients but means he is able to take on board bigger projects, for bigger clients, with ease.

He has a consistent track record of delivering fantastic results, within budgets, and offering insight to his team, which allows them to succeed too.

  • Sam Shrager

    BCB Group

    We've been working with the Embryo team since last June and we're truly impressed with the results. The team feels like an extension of our own marketing team, and are super-responsive, helping us on requests big and small, even at short notice.

  • Zoe Cooper

    Inn Collection Group

    "From the very start Embryo understood our goals, and their campaigns have exceeded our expectations. We're delighted to work with the team and look forward to furthering our success in 2022.”

  • Stephen Bullock

    The Piece Hall

    "We chose to work with Embryo due to their experience in design and development. The whole process with Embryo was seamless."

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