Who really won Euro 2020?

who really won euro 2020?

Over the last month the Euro 2020 competition has captured the attention of the nation. Prior to the sporting event the most-watched programs of the year were Boris Johnson’s statement (14.1million), the final episode of Line of Duty (12.9milion) and Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan (11.7 million). However as England successfully completed each stage of the competition, it seemed more and more people got caught up in the idea that Football is coming home, with the Euro 2020 final being watched by 30.95 million people.

Now the result might not have been what we were hoping for, but you can’t deny that after what actually happened in 2020 (or what didn’t) Euro 2020 was great at bringing people together. Which is why with such large audiences and opportunities for brands to raise awareness, they would be mad not to have got So here’s a look at some of the best campaigns of the tournament. 

It’s coming home was a statement used by many England fans and brands were quick to join in. Now whilst you might argue it didn’t come home I really enjoyed this post from the England team, and here are some other examples of brands making use of the iconic phrase. 


This ad was a great example of a simple no frills yet still highly effective reactive campaign. It stays true to the brand and instantly catches the audience’s attention. 

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The famous three words of the tournament have been popular inspiration for many campaigns. However, it was Adidas who thought outside the box when they took a billboard in Glasgow and unapologetically changed ‘home’ to the Scottish word ‘hame’. The campaign poked fun at the famous song and thanks to the rivalry between the two countries, it was a popular campaign that was shared by many Scottish fans. 

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Royal Mail

Royal Mail was another brand who jumped on the “it’s coming home” bandwagon. Again like Specsavers, they managed to use a simple campaign that was totally relevant to their business and easy for many to share. 

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Qatar Airways

It’s been a tough time for travel but as restrictions are starting to lift and consumers are desperate to travel, official sponsor Qatar Airways launched their true fans have no borders campaign. The video focused on the uniting element of the football competition and how it’s relevant to their business as they end with the strapline “flying from over 40 European destinations”. 

Bud Light

Bud Light’s box head campaign involved the brand creating packaging for the euros that enabled their customers to become England’s star players. Featuring headshots of Jordan Pickford, Kieran Trippier and Kyle Walker, fans could enjoy after enjoying the beer. The campaign spanned  TV, OOH, digital, PR and social, spreading the news wide and far and encouraging customers to be part of the campaign. 


A great example of a reactive campaign, was from McDonald’s offering 25% off its entire menu on Saturday 3rd July in order to celebrate England reaching the quarter-finals. 

So who were the true winners?

It’s clear to see that those brands who were quick to react to fan reactions and kept their campaigns simple were the true winners. As with most campaigns nowadays ensuring their easy to share and relevant to your audience will help amplify your campaign as it is spread across the internet. 

If you’d like to find out more about some more of our favourite recent campaigns we’ve seen then take a look at this blog here. Or if you’d like to discuss your own campaign ideas further then please get in touch with our creative team who will be more than happy to help.