The first-of-its-kind, the Embryo Index is a marketing-based metric system that aims to show businesses and professionals in Manchester and Greater Manchester how they are performing in terms of offline and online marketing metrics in comparison to their competitors, highlighting areas for improvement.

Currently featuring over 300 companies split across 5 major sectors – Legal, Finance, Property, Recruitment and Technology – each company has been ranked and compared across 30 metrics, which include scores for press, reviews, web authority, keyword reach and networking, as well as charity work, website traffic and inbound links.

Each metric is calculated on a scale from 0 to 100, with different weights given to each metric. Combined, the Embryo Index calculates what we call ‘marketing visibility’ for each business listed, allowing comparison with every other business in the sector, and within Manchester too.

We encourage you to view your own metrics, those of your competitors, and those that rank high on the index, so that you can clearly understand what it takes to become a leading company within the city, and beyond it. 

A range of different metrics makes up your overall Embryo Index score. It can seem confusing to begin with, so let’s dig into it…

Establishment Score

How much do the UK government and education facilities trust the website? Do local universities or government organisations link to your website or talk about your business online? This score is an important one and is all about trust.

Inbound Link Score

Our rating of the number and quality of links pointing towards a website. Good quality links instil credibility and trust, and typically mean that higher authority is given to their place in a search engine results page.

Keyword Reach Score

Our rating of how many keywords a business and its website ranks for. It’s important to rank for your product, service, location and industry, otherwise, you may never be found by your key demographic.

On The Street Score

This score ranks businesses based on all the good stuff they do when they’re outside of their office. What does your MD, and the team as a whole, get up to in the city? From charity work, advertising and sponsorships, to industry events, networking, and thought leadership, this score rates businesses on real-world activity.

Press Score

How often is your company mentioned in the regional press? We crawled Google and all the established media outlets to identify how much your company is talked about.

Review Score

A business’s reputation means everything, so we’ve used data from customer review websites such as Trustpilot, Feefo, eKomi and Google Reviews to work out this score.

Social Media Score

Social media builds a community around your brand, boosting organic visibility which directs customers toward your website. This score considers how well businesses use social media to connect with their audiences.

Traffic Score

Traffic – what every online business wants from the moment they set their website live. This score looks at how much traffic each company that features in the Index receives.

Web Authority Score

This takes online-only factors such as the number and quality of links pointing to a site, content quality, content per page, site speed and on-page SEO quality into account, and compares each website featured with all others within the sample.

Why not take a look at the Index yourself?