I’d like to start this article by saying that this is probably the only piece of content I’ve ever written which was planned a whole year prior to actually writing it. To put a (very) long story short: I’m Ronnie, one of the marketers at Embryo and the Embryo Index. When the team sat down to put the initial building blocks of the Index in place, we knew that upon launching it to the world, we had to be very transparent about our own score and rankings, including why it’s currently poor, and what we are doing to improve it. So, it’s time to talk about Embryo’s score on the Embryo Index…

embryo index score

As you can see on the image above, at the time of writing, July 31st 2019, our score is 489.76. This really isn’t great, and certainly isn’t where we want it to be.

The Embryo Index’s scale is from 0 to the highest scored company, which is currently UKFast (FAST) with a score of 2452.67. With a score of under 500, we’re not in the ‘500 Club’ and are missing a 500 Club trophy. Our current goal is to break into the 500 Club and then keep moving up.

If a marketing guru like Gary Vaynerchuck, a New York resident and owner of the international agency VaynerMedia, came to visit Manchester for a few days and reported on the big media companies here, it’s likely that names such as UKFast and The Social Chain would be mentioned. Based on our scores, I’d bet that Embryo would not even be thought of. Our goal, like everyone else on the Index, is to change this.

So, that’s our overall Index score. What are our individual metric scores, and more importantly, what are we planning to do to improve them?

Every company has an overall Index score, which is comprised of several individual metrics such as:

  • Press score.
  • Review score.
  • Web authority score.
  • Keyword reach score.
  • Traffic score.
  • Inbound link score.
  • Establishment score.
  • Social media score.
  • On street score.

Embryo, like all the other companies that are listed in the Index, has a ranking for each metric. Let’s break ours down…

Press Score:

Press Score

Embryo is ranked 6/100 for how much they are mentioned in the press. This is very poor and is down the fact that Embryo has only been around since 2015, and we haven’t ever worked with press and media.

So, what are we doing to improve it? We’ve hired a PR agency to help promote the Embryo Index and shout about the work we do. Simple, eh?

Review Score:

review score

Embryo’s review score is something that we are all very proud of. In terms of online reviews, Embryo does very well. Despite the fact that we are a young agency, we do a great job of retaining clients and servicing them well. Our reviews reflect this, giving us a 100/100 score.

Web Authority Score:

web authority score

When it comes to the strength of our website and how much authority we hold on the web compared to other Manchester websites, we have a score of 52/100, which is quite strong for a company of our size.

To improve on this, we’re implementing the SEO strategies that our clients love us for. We absolutely love content and swear by it for search engine ranking improvements. So, our whole team, from web developers to our operations manager, are treated as content creators, and everyone is responsible for writing content for our website.

Keyword Reach Score:

keyword reach score

The keyword reach score ranks businesses based on the number of keywords that their website is ranking for. This score can be a bit misleading, as it’s all relative to the nature of certain businesses and what they are aiming to rank for. For example, as an SEO agency, we want to rank for search terms such as ‘SEO Manchester’ and ‘PPC Manchester’, which we rank third and first for. However, there aren’t many other services that we’re super bothered about ranking for. We’re happy where we are, but a company that sells clothing wouldn’t be and should want to rank for hundreds of terms.

However, we are still working on improving this, by improving the content on our website.

Traffic Score:

traffic score

This metric is self-explanatory – each company gets a score based on how much traffic their website receives. I’m sure every business owner and marketer would agree with me when I say that their goal is to generate lots of website visitors.

Embryo doesn’t fare too well, with a score of only 2.2 out of 100. To improve this, we’ve set aside a monthly paid ads budget to drive traffic that we need to the site. We’ve also released something pretty clever called the Embryo Index…

Inbound Link Score:

inbound link score

The inbound link score considers two things: the number of links that point to your website and the quality of those links. We are in a similar situation with this as with a few of the other metrics – as a young company who have never had a relationship with press or a paid ads budget, the amount of links that point people to our website is relatively small.

To improve this score we have also put a monthly link building budget and strategy together.

Establishment Score:

establishment score

The establishment score is an important metric that is often overlooked. This metric looks at how much the UK government and educational organisations trust your website. Generally, these sites have higher editorial standards, so links from them are held in high regard by search engines. To improve this score, you’ll want to try and get some links from your local universities or council websites.

Social Media Score:

social media score

The social media score is becoming increasingly important. This metric displays how well your business uses social media to connect with your audience based on several factors such as how many followers you have, how often you post and how many engagements you get.

Embryo has a 6/100 score for social media. After opening our accounts in 2016, and hiring our first social media staff member in 2019, we are well on our way to improving this. We are very behind where we want to be, and are aiming for TunaFish levels of social media score!

On-Street Score

On Street Score

The Index ranks businesses based on both online and offline activity. The ‘On Street’ score is a metric focused on real-world events, such as advertisements and sponsorships, events, networking, thought leadership and charity work.

Our score is 13.33/100. This is an okay ‘ish’ score and is increasing due to the thought leadership we do and our membership with BNI. We also have plans to start getting involved with more charity work and to attend more networking events!

In Conclusion…

With this article, I have two hopes. I hope that #TeamEmbryo can use this as a benchmark and something to look back on as our score improves.

I also want to make it clear that while you might panic if your company’s score – like Embryo’s – is on the lower end of the index, it’s not the end of the world. It just means you have areas to improve on when it comes to marketing your business – which our Index displays for you.