The Social Media Management Tools That Everybody Is Talking About

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Since its inception, social media has infiltrated and changed many aspects of our daily lives. It’s changed how we communicate, advertise, and share things we love. With so many voices sharing the same platforms, it can be hard to stay on top of it all. If you use social media to boost your business or brand, having the right management tool is important which is why we’ve been looking at blogs to see which tools and guides have got people talking. Here’s what we found:

9 Ways Tailwind Helps You Crush It On Instagram

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If you’re looking at hitting Instagram hard for your business, this blog from The Social Media Hat looks at a great reporting tool you can utilize: Tailwind. The blog details how Tailwind can help you make sense of the technical side of Instagram and Pinterest. It highlights 9 uses for Tailwind, including being able to schedule posts in advance, getting suggested times to post for peak engagement, and identifying influencers and potential partners.

Zoho Social For Agencies: A Better Way To Collaborate On Social Media

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The next blog takes a look at Zoho Social, a social media management tool that makes managing multiple accounts easier. It examines Zoho Social and its features, including its CRM and social tool, its collaboration tool, and its impressive reporting features. Zoho’s best feature might be its intuitive brand management feature. It lets you easily move between conversations and track your engagements across different social media channels. If Zoho Social interests you, head over to the blog for more information.

Why You Should Engage with Your Customers Via Sendible

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Over at HostPresto, they’re excited about Sendible, a social media management tool that helps you to simplify your campaigns and maintain excellent performance. Their blog tells you how Sendible can help you expand, measure ROI, support your team, and create engaging, professional branded posts.

Why I Switched From MeetEdgar to SmarterQueue

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Are you unsatisfied with your current social media tool? Hazel Haven was, and opted for a change. In her blog she describes how she felt like she wasn’t getting enough out of her social media engagement, so tried a new tool, SmarterQueue, and immediately felt the benefits. The blog cites the three main reasons that SmarterQueue was better than the other options: the price, the extensive analytics, and the ability to easily share other people’s content.

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