The Importance of Landing Pages

During my years of managing PPC accounts, and Google ads constantly evolving, one thing has continuously stayed apparent is the need for good quality landing pages. As my ego pertains, I genuinely believe at embryo we have one of the best PPC teams in the UK, however without a great development team producing landing pages, we would be sat in the ‘middle of the pack’.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is simply the website page you send traffic to from paid advertising, it’s the designated URL attached to all your adverts. I will be discussing the difference between an unoptimised landing page and one designed to generate lead generation success.

To set the scene, we recently began working with a client who hasn’t seen PPC success for years. The account management itself wasn’t bad at all, and aesthetically the website was good, however the user journey and experience was awful.

Fast forward to a complete overhaul of the PPC landing pages, including non-indexed PPC only custom designs, we quadrupled conversion rate and increased the lead volume greatly. Now although there were minor improvements and percentile improvements within Google ads, the landing page carried the results needed for overwhelming success.

Five features needed for a good landing page

The following attributes all quantify to a solid landing page which is focused on maximising conversion rate on your adverts, please note that this is slightly opinionated so others may also recommend other features.

Separate PPC & SEO

A Lot of people try to have a content rich, SEO optimised landing page, which then also is slightly spruced with UX and then PPC is ‘thrown’ at it.

Creating non-indexed landing pages for PPC and reserving the indexed website for SEO will truly direct you for success, because you can forget about 18,000 words and think solely about how you can make said user convert.

Please note – I’m not saying to get rid of all content and destroy your quality scores, but you can put some at the very bottom of your landing pages for Google to crawl.

Above the fold

Based on data from user experience studies, 80% of users spend all of their time above the fold (never scroll) on landing pages. So if your data capture or unique selling points are not there – they will never see them.

Whatever your main objective with your landing page is, it must be instantly viewable and clearly defined to the user. If you want enquiries the user doesn’t want to have to hunt round to contact you on your website.

Recently, we edited a landing page we spotted had the ‘submit’ button slightly below the fold, due to extra parameters being introduced in a form. Simply moving it up and above the fold increased their conversion rate by 34%.

Unique, Digestible Selling Points

Everyone knows what a USP is, but people make the mistake of slapping masses of content in our eye line which is hard to digest for the user. The information should be limited to one to two lines, and should clearly detail why you are above your competitors, or have the product/service the user needs.

There’s a fine balance between plastering information everywhere and not having any, so I always recommend a 3-4 USP element to balance the amount of content instantly loaded.

Stop asking for too much information

Asking too much information early on can greatly deter users from inquiring, especially location information early into a form journey. One thing I have noticed is lots of businesses using required fields in their advertising journey, that the sales team then collects again or has no use for. Only ask for exactly what information you need from a lead to maximise the chance of someone inquiring.

Build subconscious trust

This becomes overwhelmingly important the older your demographic is, but the utilisation of review plugins, testimonials, and accreditations is important for increasing the users desire to get a quote. Furthermore building your reviews to recognised review platforms can allow for the stars to appear on your google ads*.

  • you must have 100+ reviews over a rating of 4.5

A few landing pages I love

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cmc lp

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