The Holy Trifecta of SEO

the holy trifecta of seo

the holy trifecta of seo

Search Engine Optimisation is very simple. What? I know – you don’t need to remind me that I am crazy. However, it genuinely is. Every good SEO I’ve met has said that it is simple, and every bad SEO I’ve met has said that it is the opposite. I have no idea if that is correlated or relevant, but I felt like writing it anyway. Eh? Oh yeah, so – SEO is simple, and in this blog I will tell you why.

There are only three things to worry about

I am aware that this is a massive understatement of the day-to-day lives of marketers and that every reader’s jaw just dropped. But, I’m talking about SEOs. More specifically, when those SEOs are thinking about SEO, there are only three things to worry about. Make sense?

Thing one – no SEO errors

Thing one is a massive thing. In fact, it is most likely the thing that SEOs spend the majority of their working time doing. With tools like SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs and many others out there to help us identify problems, we’re never at a loss of what to do. SEOs tend to spend most of their job looking at audits of websites, and implementing fixes. The bottom line of search engine marketing for businesses is that their website needs to be bullet-proof and squeaky clean. There is not really a point in focussing on link building or long-form content production when there are 68 broken links on your home page.

Thing two – link building

link building

Thing two is all about building quality backlinks to your website. Without any waffle, here are seven reasons why link building is not dead and is important:

  • Link building improves search visibility.
  • Links aren’t going away anytime soon.
  • Building links can increase pairs with other online marketing activities.
  • Link building can help create new relationships.
  • Links send positive signals to Google and can help improve a bad backlink profile.
  • Links are the ultimate trust signal to Google.

Thing three – quality content

We’ve often been asked “What are the key benefits of using long-form content?”, and we have a great answer – targeted visitors from organic search traffic gained from ranking improvements. That’s the aim for your online presence, right?

As you can see in the graph below, there are no doubts about the fact that content-focused websites rank better than any other websites. 

average content lengths of top 10 google results

The average number of words on a position 1 website page is 2,460 words, and this figure is likely to top 3,000 in the near future.


The bottom line is if an SEO has a website in their hands and does the following three things: 

  1. Fixes all SEO errors.
  2. Builds quality backlinks.
  3. Uploads long-form quality interlinking content.

The website’s SEO will be great.

Change my mind?

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