We like what we see, but we want to know the real you. And so does your audience. How do you express yourself? What makes you different, and more importantly, better than those other companies? With so many platforms to present yourself with, let’s show the world the wonderful you. And if you’re not quite sure who that is yet, then we can develop that, together.


The Importance of Social Media Management

In today’s world you need to connect with your audience and make them feel valued, so that they can see the value in you. It’s all well and good having a Facebook page or LinkedIn account, but if there’s been no activity for 6 months and comments have gone unanswered, then your brand’s ‘useless’ personality creates itself. Social media helps you to understand and build trust with your audience, and through posting content that resonates with them, boosts brand engagement, website traffic and leads.

At Embryo Digital, we create social media strategies that integrate your brand’s identity and audience with market insight and trending topics. Whether we aim for hashtags on Twitter, shares on Facebook, likes on Instagram and/or uptake, your posts will cause conversation, community growth and everlasting loyalty.

What Do Our Social Media Strategies Involve?

We’ll be your social media consultants, managing everything from account set up and maintenance to building and bolstering your brand identity with campaigns that will create ambassadors out of your audience. We don’t just excessively post and hope one lands. Each is uniquely crafted from listening and monitoring methods that show your users you understand what they want, and that your company will stop at nothing to give it to them. We’ll create monthly social media schedules that announce company events, market insights and promotions to your audience, intertwining your tone of voice (T.O.V.) and brand imagery that we can help you define and create.

Each post will be written with the social media channel in mind, integrating appropriate hashtags, emojis and stories. We’ll regularly engage with your audience to ensure campaign effectiveness and find out what makes them tick. And should you want an influencer of the celebrity or blogger variety, we’ll ensure they’re always shouting and raving about how brilliant you are, so that their audiences follow suit.

Strategy & Reporting

Then we report. We analyse KPIs and ROIs to ensure you’re gaining followers, smashing goals and taking your industry by storm. You won’t only be heard, you’ll be understood.

Every month you’ll receive a report detailing how well your adverts and posts have performed, based on expertly chosen demographics, audience interests and ad placements. Likes, comments, shares, reach and impressions are our engagement markers, with conversion being the ultimate aim. Continuous assessment and research will mould our ongoing strategy, ensuring your audience can’t help but want to visit your website and find out more.

Why You Should Work With Embryo Digital

We are a results-winning, full-service digital marketing agency based in Manchester specialising in lead generation, social media, web development and SEO, as well as email, video and content marketing. We strategise how best to meet your needs, utilising the brilliant talent within our office to create something quite spectacular. Each new project gives us the opportunity to show how ground-breaking our work is, and how valuable this can be for your business. No task is too big. No goal is out of reach. It’s no wonder our clients always want more.


If your social media posts have been lacking in engagement, or you’re wondering how to better reach your audience, then let’s show them just how fantastic you truly are.

For a confidential and professional discussion on your brand, please contact our Manchester based agency today on 0161 327 2635. Alternatively, enter your details below and one of our account managers will be in touch shortly.