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We’re Embryo Digital, an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency in Manchester. We are known for our disruptive social media marketing strategies and modern cross-channel advertising campaigns. Our consistent ‘above and beyond’ attitude to service across the marketing sphere (for example, through SEO, PPC, and content marketing has helped us become renowned for our marketing prowess.

Our client strategies include Facebook lead generation adverts, Instagram TV promotion, social-first live streaming, disruptive organic content distribution, LinkedIn brand awareness, Twitter competitions, Snapchat profile growth, YouTube channel promotion, and anything else you can think of under the social media marketing umbrella. You can feel confident that our experienced, results-driven social media team will find a way to get the job done.

Why your business needs social media marketing to stay relevant

In today’s world, you need to connect with your audience and make them feel valued – so that they can see the value in you. It’s all well and good having a Facebook page or LinkedIn account, but if there’s been no activity for 6 months and comments have gone unanswered, then your brand’s ‘useless’ personality creates itself. Social media helps you to understand and build trust with your audience, and through posting content that resonates with them, boosts your brand’s engagement, website traffic and leads.

How do you express yourself? What makes you different, and more importantly, what makes you better than all the other companies in your industry? With so many platforms to present yourself on and so many creative ways to do it, let’s show the world the real you, the wonderful you. And if you’re not quite sure who that is yet, then we can develop that together, too.

In the digital age, it has never been more difficult to stand-out, despite the fact that there are more tools at our disposal than ever. Not only is it a challenge to stand out online, but cutting through the noise to gain, and just as importantly keep, the attention of your target audience has left many managing directors unsure of what to do. However, if your social media marketing is done the right way, you can consider this hurdle jumped. That is what social media is: a game of attention (doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as a Game of Thrones, does it?). All of your competitors will be using the same marketing channel and trying to reach the same audience as you, so how are you going to step ahead of them and get that audience to look and listen? That’s where we come in.


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Social media ads, a rarely-tapped goldmine

We’ve talked about the fact that social media is a noisy world, which is where social media ads come into play. The moment you start running advertising campaigns on social media, you slice through all the garbage and get in front of your target audience – whether they are potential clients, customers, or an avid reader of your content. Using social media ads, you can appear right at the end of their index finger as they’re looking at their mobile phone. 

The first stage in any sale is awareness, so naturally, you want to be advertising in the places your target audiences are looking. It is only in the last decade or so that we have had the power to advertise on a medium which is always in someone’s hand or pocket, but many businesses still aren’t capitalising on this.

At Embryo, our social media team have experience promoting a wide variety of different companies and sectors in fun and exciting ways. This is down to the extensive advertising campaign and audience targeting options at our disposal, and the talent of our team.

What campaigns can we run?

  • Brand awareness.
  • Lead generation.
  • Reach and impressions focussed.
  • Direct message inbox acquisitions.
  • Website traffic.
  • Post engagements.
  • Video views.
  • Page likes.
  • Event promotion.
  • And more…

How can we target your audience?

  • Their location.
  • Their demographics.
  • Their interests.
  • Their online behaviours.
  • Email data.
  • Custom and lookalike audiences through Facebook pixel data.
  • And more…

Organic content is king

We believe that a big part of what sets us apart from other social media marketing agencies is how we create our organic content strategies.

At all times, our social media department strives to not be an agency that just ‘does social’. Being an agency that ‘does social’ is just ticking the box. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can create a spreadsheet with one Facebook post a week in. To do more than that and make an impact on your target market is the big challenge. Saturation of the market has created the mass of online noise that we as social media marketers contend with every day, meaning we have to be innovative and agile to keep our organic strategies effective.

We do this by using our own unique method that we have coined ‘Derek’. Great name, right? If you’re interested in what it is, just ask us.

Viral Content

As a marketer, virality is the bulls-eye on the dartboard of performance metrics and KPIs. To most, virality is this nebulous thing that might happen to your latest post while you’re sleeping. If you think this – you’re pretty much spot on. However, viral content is a powerful tool for a business and something that we imagine no business owner would refuse. Viral content and how it works may seem mysterious, but we know that there’s a method behind the madness, and our Derek strategy takes this into consideration.

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Our unbeatable social media strategies

At Embryo Digital, we create social media strategies that integrate your brand’s identity and audience with market insight and trending topics. No matter what the goal is or the target we’re aiming for, your posts will spark conversation, community growth and everlasting loyalty.

We are not just your social media managers, we are your social media consultants. This means that we’re involved in everything from account set up and maintenance to building and bolstering your brand identity with campaigns that will create ambassadors out of your audience. We don’t just excessively post and hope one lands – each post is uniquely crafted by listening to and understanding your audience. We use innovative methods and processes to create content that shows your users you understand what they want, and that your company will stop at nothing to give it to them. We’ll create monthly social media schedules that announce company events, market insights and promotions to your audience, intertwining your unique tone of voice (T.O.V.) and brand imagery that we can help you define and create.

Every single post is written with the relevant social media channel in mind, integrating appropriate hashtags, emojis and stories. We’ll regularly engage with your audience to ensure campaign effectiveness and find out what makes them tick. Should you want an influencer of the celebrity or blogger variety, we’ll make sure they’re always shouting and raving about how brilliant you are, so that their audiences follow suit.

From mundane but crucial tasks to the fun and challenging hurdles, our strategies ensure that no box is left unticked and your brand cements itself with a solid digital presence on the correct social media platforms, in an appropriate way.

Performance tracking and account management

Part of being a metronomic digital agency is constantly having your finger on the pulse of the latest social media analytics. Tracking trends via performance tools and social listening tools so that nothing in any industry goes unseen is a must.

Understanding how your social media content performs can have a big impact on the way you run your business. Understanding your analytics can help increase engagement by being able to see what kind of content performs well, making you aware of what to post more of. Analytics can also tell you more about your audience, highlight strengths and weaknesses in your digital strategy and even quantify how positive or negative the public feel about your company. As machine learning and AI software develop further, what analytics can tell you about how your business is performing online will only get better.

The bottom line of social media is that it is an attention game. Your goal should be to grab the attention of your market, and keep it, while you get them to carry out actions along the way. To do this, you need to increase your followers and engagement numbers through a high-quality strategy.

Above all, your social media should add value to your market and create positive emotions inside the heads and hearts of your audience. Whether it’s a useful step-by-step guide, a promotional offer or a lighthearted Saturday morning post of your dog, always aim to provide good content that gives your audience something they want.

Through tracking your analytics, we can clearly see if your audience is happy with what you are doing on social media or whether they are uninterested, and what we can do to make your strategy better.

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Finding your audience and building a message for them

Social media marketing campaigns have the big advantage of appealing to a wide-ranging audience at the same time. A social media campaign can appeal to the general public, your stakeholders, employees, prospective customers and more, all at once. Using social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, marketers are able to use a broad range of tactics and strategies to promote content and actually get people to engage with it. Because social networks collect a lot of data about their users, such as geographical, demographic and personal information, we can use this data to segment audiences. This means we can better tailor messages to something that will better resonate with different users.

Internet audiences can be more easily segmented than traditional marketing audiences, meaning that we can ensure that our clients are putting their money and focus on the exact audience they want to target. We live in an era where 46% of social media users say that they’ll unfollow a company or brand that is overly promotional, while 41% of users say they’ll unfollow a brand that shared too much irrelevant content. This means that to create authentic and enduring brand awareness, you can’t publish solely promotional content. You also can’t post too much irrelevant fluff either, but you still want to be posting a lot. It’s a tricky balancing act that our social team have managed to perfect.

Build a loyal following

1,000 loyal brand advocates are worth a lot more than 10,000 indifferent customers. Loyal patrons of your brand are more likely to return to your business, interact with you online, provide testimony, and spread that ever so valuable word of mouth. Real engagement and advocacy gives you an invaluable boost to your online presence and performance, and good social media management can find you that audience. 

The right social media campaign can turn fans into messengers, spreading the word of your brand with shares and retweets. To achieve this, remember that your followers want to interact with real people, not bots or corporate machines. You need to be human. People don’t want to be sold to all the time, and social media is the perfect platform to build a relationship with your customers.

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Capture your audience’s attention

Social media usage has almost tripled since 2010. Currently, 2.77 billion people use social media, up from 0.97 at the start of the decade. And we’re predicted to hit over 3 billion in 2021. 

What does that mean for the way you market using social media? Well, more users means more business and more competition across all different platforms. You’re going to have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. 

We’ve seen social media marketing become more competitive, and we’ve adapted alongside it. Now, we have a lot of tricks in our toolbox that help clients stand out and grab their audience’s attention. It’s all about making your content stick to the readers like honey. 

Using user-generated content is a fantastic way of adding a touch of authenticity to your social media presence. Not only does this foster that coveted word of mouth marketing everyone is desperate for, but it also stops readers in their tracks. The moment they see a brand engaging, interacting and listening to their audience, they see you as a brand that will build a relationship and respect them. 

Custom-made images and graphics immediately stand out on social media. There’s so much stock imagery used that people see something unique as worth paying attention to. Taking time to do this is a small but effective way of drawing attention towards your brand on social media. 

We have a number of other social media tricks up our sleeves. If you’re interested in how Embryo Digital can help your social media stand out and engage your audience, get in touch with us today.

(p.s. use infographics. People really love infographics.)

Lastly, we report

We analyse all your KPIs (key performance indicators) to ensure that our social media marketing strategies are getting you the results that you and your business need to succeed.

Every month you’ll receive a report detailing how well your adverts and posts have performed, based on expertly chosen demographics, audience interests and ad placements. Likes, comments, shares, reach and impressions are our engagement markers, with conversion being the ultimate aim. Continuous assessment and research will mould our ongoing strategy, ensuring your audience can’t help but want to visit your website and find out more.

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We’re nimble creatives

The introduction of social networks into our day-to-day lives has revolutionised the way we communicate with friends and brands and the way that we consume information. In the world of social media, if you’re not creative, up to date and ever-changing, you won’t progress. This is down to the speed and ruthlessness of which social media has swooped into our lives and is comfortably dominating it.

Marketers can no longer hide from what used to be the new-kid-on-the-block; social media is without a doubt becoming the largest advertising channel in our disposal, so if you’re not making the most of it, you are making a mistake. On a weekly basis, the social networks are tweaking their algorithms and releasing new features for users and brands. For example, in 2016, Instagram began releasing their new feature – Instagram Stories. Now, in 2019, there is reported to be over 500 million daily users of the feature. Could this have been predicted at its release? Surely not.

The social networks are overflowing with innovation and disruptive changes on a weekly (if not daily) basis, and the way that users are being forced to consume content on these channels is constantly changing. To keep pace with these networks, you need to be nimble and creative. Which is exactly what Embryo’s social media team is.

For a brand to compete on social media, they need to be nimble. For a brand to win on social media, they need to be creative. If you’re doing both, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

We believe that creativity is bred from landscapes of restriction and limitation. And, what marketing channel is more restricted than a social network app? There are millions of businesses competing for the attention of the same people, at the same time, at the same place. The only way to cut through this is through being creative. Just look at some of the best brands on social media, they have got there through disrupting the landscape with a never-before-seen creative approaches. Take Wendy’s for example, they genuinely understand what people are talking about as it relates to their brand and why. From sassy responses on Facebook to trolling other fast food chains on Twitter, Wendy’s understands the importance of taking a chance.

For your business to be a winner in this new age of digital marketing, you need to be a fantastic creative, or use someone who is.

Social Media Questions Answered:

How many people use social media? In January 2019, there was a recorded word population of 7.67 billion people. Of this number, there was a recorded 3.484 billion active social media users. As you can imagine, this is only going to increase, inevitably, due to generational differences, as 88% of people aged 18-29 use social media, with the average person owning 7.1 social media accounts.

How to use social media for business? The answer to this question is never going to be a short, or in fact an easy one. Depending on what your business is, and what the goals of that business are, the answer will change. However, the bottom-line of all answers is that social media is a game of attention, and the purpose of your business having an active presence on social media is to gain the attention of your target market and dominate your competition.

Why is social media important for business? Social media is a game of attention, and in 2019, attention is the most difficult thing to gain. So, where do most people spend their resting time and energy? Social Media. 50 years ago, the answer was newspapers, magazines and billboards, which is why big businesses spent their money on print and display advertising. Now, people spend their free time scrolling on their smartphones, and when they’re driving, they’ll be listening to Spotify or a Podcast on SoundCloud. The thing to remember as a business owner is that our species’ behaviours, emotional desires and habits have changed dramatically, due to modern technology and social media. Your competitors are on social media gaining your market’s attention, and if you don’t do the same soon, you’ll quickly find your business will become irrelevant.

How to determine which social media fits your business? A lot of business owners can become confused or get stuck in what is known as ‘analysis paralysis’ when deciding which social media network their business should be using. Short answer would be to use all of them, but in terms of where your focus should be, that is dependant on your business and your goals. If you are a business that designs bespoke candles for homes, then Pinterest and Instagram should be your focus, due to the importance of visual content on the platform. If you own a SAAS (software as a service) company, then your time should be spent mostly on Twitter and LinkedIn, as your target market will mainly be business owners and that is where their attention lies. If you own a fitness clothing company, then you would be silly not to spend your time growing your brand on Facebook and Instagram, due to the extensive targeting options for young people and ‘engaged shoppers’. If you are a marketing automation consultant, then your focus should be on LinkedIn and Twitter, as you should be targeting small businesses and entrepreneurs. Hopefully, you get the point.

When was social media invented? The first website that can be categorised as a social media platform was ‘Six Degrees’. Six Degrees was created in 1997 and enabled users to upload a profile picture and make ‘friends’ with other users. After blogging sites became popular, social media began to explode. This was the start of the social media sensation, of which we are all part of today. Sites such as MySpace and LinkedIn gained popularity in the early 2000s, and sites such as Photobucket and Flickr allowed photos to be shared online. Then, YouTube came along in 2005, facilitating an entirely new channel and form of online communication and marketing – video. Along comes 2004, where Facebook became available to the world – and the rest is history! Since then, many social networks have become available in the palm of our hands, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Beam, WeChat, Baidu, Google+, Viber, Snapchat, Periscope, Telegram, Whatsapp, Reddit, Foursquare and many more.

Is social media right for my business? Ronnie: There are two answers to this question, and luckily both are short and snappy. 1 – Yes. 2 – Yes, absolutely. I am a big believer in the fact that social media is a tool which should be used by every single business, no matter what industry they are in. The beauty of social media is that you can do and say whatever you like (in reason, of course), and target whoever you like. So, if you own a local hairdressing salon, you should be on social media. If you own a roofing and tiling business, you should be on social media. Etc…

How to measure social media ROI (return on investment)? Ronnie: This is a very open question and one which is completely dependant on your goals. Perhaps you are a legal firm which was established in the early 1900s, therefore you have a solid business foundation and reputation, but nobody is aware of you. I would imagine that your goal is to increase brand awareness. Therefore, the way to measure your ROI from your social media efforts would be to keep a close eye on metrics such as shares and likes, and ultimately see how many people are talking about your brand as a result of your social media. On the other hand, you could be a freelance graphic designer, so, how would you measure your ROI? You would measure your return on investment by measuring how many leads, enquiries and website traffic you get which is attributed to the work you have put in on your social media platforms. As I said, it is completely dependable on your end-goal, as social media can provide many different metrics and KPIs. However, if you have a goal, there will be a way to reach it through social media.

Is WhatsApp social media? Ronnie: This is a difficult one, because technically speaking, WhatsApp is just a messaging app. However, since Facebook acquired WhatsApp Inc in 2014 for $19 billion, the direction of the app has become more and more exciting. Facebook has recently announced that in 2020 the app will have an advertising platform for businesses, which opens up a whole new door for the company. At the moment, the messaging platform is certainly being treated as a social media platform, due to brand’s using it for newsletters, customer service, customer support and sales.

Is YouTube social media? Ronnie: This one is a lost easier to answer, yes, YouTube is a social media platform. The definition of social media is a site that provides a network of people with a place to make connections, and YouTube definitely ticks that box. I always advise brands to have a presence on YouTube, because of its strength as a social media channel. Also, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, so it should never be overlooked.

Is social media good for small businesses? Ronnie: Yes, absolutely. Social media is perfect for any size of business. If anything, it is more important for a small business than it is for an already established large business. This is due to the fact that the competition and noise in every industry are more crowded and louder than ever, and social media allows you to axe through this and make your mark. If you use social media right and understand the importance of social media marketing, you can make sure that your business and brand stays relevant and your target market becomes aware of you.

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