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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of editing, amending and optimising your website in order to improve its organic ranking on a search engines results page (SERP).



Embryo Digital’s SEO Consultants

Our Manchester-based SEO consultants are experts in Google best practices. We carry out on-page, off-page and technical SEO techniques to make sure that your website will be as high up in the search results as possible. This will generate the maximum amount of traffic, leads and, ultimately, revenue for your business. We build bespoke SEO campaigns for local businesses in Manchester and also for bigger businesses throughout the UK that are tailored to your target market, your industry and your budget.

Googles Updates

The main updates that have happened that get innovated on a regular basis are Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Panda, Payday, Pirate, EMD and the Top Heavy Update. The Penguin update catches link spamming, this means if you are sending too many links to your site or the links seem to be either fake or very poorly written. Hummingbird, this looks into all of the words on your site. Google will read all of the content that is on there to check what you are on about is relevant or not and if not then you have no use to be on their SERP. Pigeon is used to get the accurate local searches. Panda is another update that checks how spammy your content is on the page. So for instance, if your page was just filled up with the keyword you will be getting de-indexed. Payday updates is used to remove all spammy queries like payday loan sites and pornography sites. Last but not least the top heavy update, this is to stop sites from coming up who have loads of ads as well as pop-ups that could harm your computer.

What’s a spammy link?

At Embryo Digital we use tools that measure two different things on your URL, these are called citation flow and trust flow. A trust flow is the trustworthiness of the backlinks that are being linked towards you. If you have a low trust flow then the sites are not that trustworthy and Google will penalise you. A decent trust flow is anything above 10, it is rated out of 100.

Embryo’s top 5 ranking factors


Google Logo Letter G

Making sure that you are using all of Googles products to get the trust there with them. We always make sure that the Google Analytics is hooked up to the site so we can see all the visitors.


Embryo Digitals SEO Content

The Content on your Site is probably one of the most important SEO sectors. Google is a search engine and they supply information, if you are not supplying the right information they are not going to rank your site.

seo services and website interlinking

Social Fortress, backlinks and internal links are all key factors you need to remember when it comes to your optimisation of your site.

SEO for Mobile

Make sure that your site is mobile friendly or else the mobilegeddon update will get you.

seo stopwatch for speed

Don’t forget to check your page speed. Go to Google Page Speed Insights for more information.


We are based in Manchester…

Being The Best

Being The Best

On Average 35% of Googles users click the website that is ranking position one.

Google Updates

Google Updates

Google send out on average three updates a day to put a end to bad SEO. This is key for us as it means we need to always be on the ball and make sure that we know what is going on at all times.



Mobilegeddon is a Mobile Update that Google brought out. This is to check how mobile friendly a site is for the users using the mobiles.

The Hats

The Hats

Embryo Digital are a White hat SEO Company. What this means is that we do everything by the “SEO book”. The different hat are White, Grey and Black. Black hat being really bad SEO and grey being in between. Being Black hat can risk your site to be penalised.

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