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We are Embryo Digital, a Manchester SEO and digital marketing agency with several years of experience in search engine optimisation. Manchester is our home, but we service many companies across the United Kingdom. Our search consultants have brought greater web traffic and paying customers to our clients’ websites with strategic online marketing tactics (SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, and other channels), helping us to become one of the fastest growing search-led digital agencies in the north west.

Whether it’s improving rankings through earned link building, working on your global SEO strategy, producing engaging content, keyword research, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), working on local SEO strategies, running our well-renowned site audit, or building a pay per click (PPC) campaign, our experienced account managers know how to rank businesses well in many different industries.

The value that search engine optimisation can give to your business

If an SEO consultant posts a piece of long-form content and no-one is around, does it still make a sound? We’d argue no, especially when the ultimate goal is conversation, consideration and conversion. A site’s web pages may scream expertise, style, and that the business is the best out there, but if it doesn’t rank well on Google, then it’s (almost) digitally invisible. In fact, first page search results garner ninety-five percent of all website traffic, so organic SEO success (and to get on page one) is a must.

With Google’s search algorithm reportedly changing up to five hundred times a year (but probably more), and major updates such as Google Panda and Google Penguin prioritising ‘white hat’, higher-quality sites over those worked on by shortcut-taking marketing companies using keyword stuffing, low-quality content and off-page tactics like poor-quality links, it’s imperative you have an SEO campaign in place that takes all of these factors into account – otherwise page one success will not happen.

At Embryo, we’ve seen the success that our strategies have had, improving our clients’ website traffic, leads and conversions. We know how to give a website that edge over competitors, with the right mix of content, site structure/taxonomy, and link building strategies. Whether you’re a local bakery requiring improved SEO in Manchester (or any town or city), or a national logistics company looking to improve on a whole raft of important search engine listings, our SEO experts strip your site down to its core, find those defining keywords and ensure your site improves its profile on all devices – now that mobile SEO performance is paramount to Google since early 2019.

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Which services are most requested?

  • Technical SEO – removing incorrect tactics from previous SEO companies, ensuring Google bots can travel the site with no problem
  • Content Writing and Strategies – semantic keyword and competitor research, creating long form content on all key pages
  • Link Building – outreach to websites to earn links for well-crafted content assets on a client’s site
  • Mobile SEO – making sure that mobile browsing experiences are top quality from speed to display to operation
  • Local Search – enabling businesses appear in a consistent manner across directory websites, helping Google to how to display client in local SERPs
  • On-Page SEO – from metadata to HTML cleanup, ensuring that Google understands the theme and topic of each web page implicitly
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – making the most of existing and future visitors from organic, social, and PPC channels
  • SEO Audits – deep-diving into on-page and off-page search ranking factors

Our in-depth audits include:

  • Content – how many pages are indexed, length and quality of content per page. Is duplicate content an issue on-site or off-site?
  • Keyword Reach – how many keywords does the site currently rank for?
  • Page Speed – how does Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix rate the site for speed?
  • Local SEO – are citations healthy? Is NAP data consistent?
  • Backlinks – are inbound links to the site from good sources? How many links point to the site?
  • Metadata – do all pages have unique titles, descriptions? Are they performing?
  • Mobile – does the site have any problems when being loaded from a mobile device? Is the content easy to read and navigate?
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics – are there any issues with manual actions, sitemaps, security problems?
  • Technical – are pages compressed, or CSS, JavaScript files minified? Are there any 404 errors?
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Our strategies and why they work

From SEO analysis to web development, social media marketing to voice search tactics, building links and other off-page SEO strategies, the range of skills in this hungry, answer-finding digital marketing agency is varied, and comes from much experience, mixed with very curious minds. Whether it’s mundane, yet crucial tasks such as periodic technical health checks for things such as crawl anomalies, or innovative strategies such as aiding clients to increase Google reviews to help with local SEO tactics (which we have seen have real ranking boosts for clients), we ensure our client’s website becomes a success.

What we are trying to say is that our strategies combine the boring, but highly necessary, repetitive tasks, with the fun, innovative, creative work that all websites need to reach an ever-greater audience. Unlike some Manchester SEO agencies (and marketing/search-led development teams in other cities, too), we understand the value of the ‘boring stuff’ and how it underpins any creative work that we do.

Working with technical SEO in mind

From sitemaps, robots.txt and 301 redirects, to page speed, site architecture and structured data markup, there are a lot of factors needed for effective technical search engine optimisation. Our understanding and expertise of best practices from years of search engine experience, and a thirst for new knowledge, allows us to prepare your website so that Google is able to travel around it as quickly as possible, yet understanding each and every page that it visits, culminating in great Google rankings.

Ensuring an excellent technical SEO profile is not the only way for a website to rank well in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, but it can form the bedrock of a successful search engine marketing campaign, allowing site architecture, content, and offsite marketing tactics such as inbound links and social media signals to work much better.

We always start to work on a new search campaign with our in-depth 150+ point SEO audit (taking in several data sources including Google Analytics), as this allows us to see which previous SEO strategies and tactics are and aren’t working.

A website may require on-site technical work that includes better title tags and meta data, as well as image optimisation, caching to help with page speed, and the minification of code such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. A site may need whole pages rewritten or the addition of new pages full of long-form content that answers visitor queries and search intent.

Our audit of the website will help to determine the best way for the site to start to perform better in Google Search Console, which goes a long way to successfully improving rankings in ‘SERPs’ (Search Engine Results Pages) which then increases visitor numbers.

Monthly reporting, instantly

Then we report. We analyse KPIs and ROIs to ensure you’re gaining traffic, organically rank well, and see real SEO results. Whether content marketing, search marketing, link building, or social advertising is key to your online success, we will have recorded each and every action that we have made, so that there is an identifiable log of actions that create success, alongside our monthly reports which report upon ranking and visitor improvements.

While monthly SEO reports are the norm for digital marketing agencies in Manchester – and we of course create and provide these – it is our in-house workflow management system that can often provide our clients with much more beneficial information about what work is being done, why, and when. Transparency and customer service are at the heart of this digital agency’s marketing services.

Some of our technical SEO strategies

  • Ensuring that sitemaps are functioning properly, up to date, have correct markup, and are being indexed and read correctly in Google Search Console
  • Creating a taxonomy and navigation structure that helps Google bots (and humans) to understand where they are within a site at any one time
  • Identifying any issues that the server hosting a domain may have – from speed issues to suggestions for CDNs and compression technology
  • Making a website load in as fast a time as possible including time to first byte (TTFB) and checking the number of internal and external requests

On-Page SEO techniques that we employ

  • Creating a solid set of well-optimised, ‘white hat’ metadata elements (mainly title and description)
  • Making sure that not only is the correct ontology used, but that keyword placement is well thought out
  • If long form content is present on a page, that it is potent all the way through, not just at the beginning of body content
  • Elements to help with page load speed such as removing bloated HTML code including inline styling and class names
  • Correct use of abundant, useful internal linking within the body of the content of a site, rather than only in menu items

Off-page SEO work that we do and recommend

  • We build useful content assets on client sites for reference when building links with outreach campaigns
  • We have a specialist outreach team that works with publishers, bloggers, and website owners to gain links for our clients in combination with our content creation
  • Part of our outreach work includes guest blogging on relevant and/or useful sites that will help to send traffic to our clients, as well as pass authority
  • Working with news agencies in particular, our digital PR work helps us to gain mentions and links from newspapers and other publications for clients
  • We employ various social outreach strategies to help us to use the power of social media influencers to drive traffic to clients

Long form content is…beautiful

There are a few digital marketing companies in Manchester (and elsewhere) that will talk ‘SEO tech’ to you, and discuss things like a free audit of your website (we do this, too, by the way), and local SEO trends, in detail. They’ll talk about their work exclusively on on-site optimisation strategies, and bring young search engine optimisation ‘nerds’ into meetings that explain the virtues of mobile search, indexing, Google’s algorithms, spiders and how they crawl websites – and everyone’s (not) favourite topics of metdata and keyword density (that old chestnut).

All of these are useful, of course. Most of these techniques are necessary, in fact. But long form content is something that many that professional SEO agencies that offer ‘organic SEO services’ still shy away from – and in our book, you can’t get more organic than lots of great, well-written website copy.

This page, as you can see, is a pretty decent piece of long form copy that many would say constitutes a good read for a potential client to understand just what it is that we do as a marketing leader in the city. It also has a good use of keywords and is a pure showcase of white hat search engine optimisation. While off-page SEO will help this page to rank, the fact that we have put so much care and attention into the page, having written so much content and styled it effectively, means that readers can see the way that we convert visitors by being so verbose, yet so highly targeted, and aesthetically pleasing, too.


We’ve often been asked “What are the key benefits of using long-form content?”, and we have a great answer – targeted visitors from organic search traffic gained from ranking improvements. That’s the aim for your online presence, right?

Optimising websites for visitors becomes much easier when a site is full of beautifully-crafted content – whether that’s from a desktop search or mobile. SEO has many facets, and content will forever be the most “Google friendly” of them, which is why we are one of the very few Manchester SEO agencies that are ‘content-first’. Yes, we are great at backlink analysis, load time optimisation, are experts in WordPress, know our way around citations and local search tactics such as clever work around Google Places, but we are most happy when crawling has happened, pages have been indexed, keyword ranking software has been updated, and metrics show that our clients have increased their positions in Google.

This is what happens to websites filled with long form content on a monthly basis. It makes us happy, but more importantly, our clients are happy, too.

So, yes, as your design/marketing/web app developers/search engine optimisation agency, we will always be insisting that you add content no matter what niche/industry you are in, or whichever specific keywords you wish to rank for. We make no apology for it. There will always be competitors in your sector that yearn for increased ranking visibility, yet will not add the content that is so necessary – leaving a wonderful gap for your website to fill.

Content is what we love to do – because it works and it’s fun to write. Come and work with us to see how you can be converted into a content nerd, too.

Why You Should Work With Embryo

We are a results-getting, energetic, innovative, nimble, yet experienced search-led digital marketing agency based in Manchester. We specialise in lead generation from channels such as organic search, web design, pay per click strategiessocial media and high quality content creation. We utilise the talent and experience within our agency to improve your web presence and online business. Many say it, but customer service is paramount to our business and a driver of our own success.

If your website has been lost among the competition, or you don’t understand why your site ranks where it does – and you’re wondering how you’ll ever be found, then let us show you how we can win you more business.

SEO Team at our Manchester Office

Find out how our SEO services could help you

We have small and large online marketing clients

We work with and are trusted by small and large businesses including SMEs and international brands alike. We ‘do’ reputation management for blue chips, and search engine optimisation for SMEs – and vice versa. Whilst many in the industry over-promise and under-deliver, our transparent, clear focus on producing content that earns links, with well-thought out technical search strategies means that no matter the size of your company, our methods work.

Our team is full of innovation and great thinkers, which leads to much ingenuity, no matter the size of the client that they are working with. Sustainable growth of an online campaign for any size of client comes from both the monotonous, arduous tasks, combined with inspirational ideas and leaps of faith. The difference in service to our clients big or small is not quality-based, but merely the amount of time each client pays for.

Monitoring the goals that we set and reporting upon their progress is paramount to all of our customer relationships, as are the statistics and milestones we report upon. Because of this, Embryo has become a leading Manchester SEO agency, albeit a stringent and insistent agency, especially when it comes to web content and practicing wholesome search marketing tactics.

SEO Campaigns – here’s what happens

1. Research. To create the most potent search engine optimisation campaign, we first run our 159-point SEO audit with each point manually checked. Running concurrently to this audit, we will be identifying keywords and key phrases (along with search volume), and looking through Google Analytics data to thoroughly identify the existing and potential search audience.

If we haven’t already done so at proposal stage, we will run an EmbryoGraph, which compares the current site statistics (such as number of links, amount of pages indexed, domain authority) to the competition. Search competition usually comes in two forms – the competitors that rank well in Google searches for the keywords that you wish to rank for, and the competitors that you compete with in other sales channels.

As well as auditing, keyword research, and competitor analysis, we check search engine results pages for various ontological-related key phrases to create a holistic helicopter view of the industry.

SEO research

No matter if you want us to run an SEO campaign in Manchester, the north west, or the UK, our research work will be very similar (and thorough). If good, solid on-site, off-site, and industry research is done, then this creates a great platform for SEO techniques to work better from the off.

2. Technical SEO. Improving how a website is traversed by Google, how fast it loads, and how understandable each page is in and out of the context of a site menu system, is at the heart of technical SEO, or ‘on-site optimisation’ work. This work is boring, tiring, and frankly, not much fun, but is crucial to the success of a website, especially if, as in most cases, many wrongs are being corrected. A few HTML or metadata changes on a page template can have a dramatic effect on how Google robots are able to understand what the theme of a web page really is. Multiply this by several hundred pages, and rankings and visitors can soon rise.

Working from our aforementioned audit, our SEO team ensure that all online ranking factors are fixed including checking things like broken links, mobile responsiveness, conversion tracking, local SEO factors, among regular checks for the number of pages indexed, and inbound links.


Technical SEO

Content writing

3. Content Writing. Show us a site with excellently-written, long form content on every page, and we’ll show you amazing rankings in Google SERPs. Content and SEO go hand in hand – and to us are one and the same. We are often met with widely-open mouths when we suggest the addition of “two thousand words to the homepage”. But as clients get braver about search marketing techniques, take on our suggestions, and start to rank for phrases that they never thought would gain them business from search rankings, they are usually the party pressing us to add long form content to service and product pages, too.

Content helps in so many ways, and especially content of great length that is interlinked with various key pages in the site – especially if the links are within paragraphs of text, rather than just menu options, or a link above or underneath a paragraph that is describing it. Long tail phrases are much more likely to find your site if it has well-written content that explains various aspects of your service or products. Pages with greater amounts of content are also much more likely to be linked to, or shared on social media platforms.

4. Earning and Building Links. Even those who barely know who the best Manchester SEO agencies are have heard of link building and its largely negative connotations. Building links has a bad reputation for one main reason – the shortcuts that thousands of website owners and search engine optimisation companies deployed over a number of years. Link spamming does still go on to this day, but it is much less prevalent than it once was. We consider attaining new links as a digital PR process, usually encouraging website and blog owners to link to a quality content ‘asset’ on our client’s site.

Link Building

We consider citations as part of a wholesome link building campaign, and ensure that citation listings happen near the beginning of any SEO work, unless they already exist. “Name, Address, Phone” (NAP) consistency and brand mentions are an ever-increasing Google ranking factor (and other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo), so this part of link building is crucial to get right.

5. Workflow, consistency, and transparency. We have created first-rate on-page SEO strategies, we love nothing more than to write lots of content, we harness the power of inbound links, but where we feel that we excel over other Manchester digital marketing agencies is in our workflow management and operations.

Through a combination of our operations manager, Cicely, and our workflow software of choice, Notion, we are able to manage client accounts with great precision. Whether building citations, creating an outreach strategy, planning for an off-page SEO review, reporting upon a recent uplift in Google rankings, or the gaining of a new link, we capture every action, and record how long it has taken. Clients are able to see, to the minute, just how much time we have spent on their account.

This makes our client services so much easier, leaving us more time to work on real digital activity. An informed client is a happy client. And an informed, happy client with improving visitor numbers is a content client.

6. Reporting. Monthly SEO reports, whilst necessary, and indeed important, are much less reviewed at Embryo due to the aforementioned workflow management system and practices that we use to run our digital agency.

Our highly image-led monthly reports are very easy on the eye, and spend little time in complicated SEO jargon – or social media, or PPC jargon for that matter.

Clarity is important to us as a business, and we have never felt the need to over-complicate or inflate our words. Clients see right through this. Because of our close relationships with clients, all actions recorded in Notion, and useful monthly reporting, nothing makes us more happy to know which elements of our work has resulted in improved client rankings, visitors, and enquiries/sales.

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