Your Quick Guide to Ahrefs' Domain Rating (DR)

ahrefs domain rating

Last month, Ahref released a new way to calculate domain rating (DR), much to the confusion and irritation of many businesses and website owners. Companies saw their ratings unexpectedly drop, while their competitors remained stable, or increased quite dramatically. We looked into the #ahrecalypse and offer you this quick guide to getting to grips with the new formula.

What is Domain Rating (DR)?

A measurement that shows your website’s link popularity compared to all other websites on a scale from 0 to 100. It’s calculated by considering dofollow links, DR values of linking websites and the domains they link to. What Ahref has changed is how DR scores are assigned. They noticed smaller websites with low-quality and spammy links were scoring as well as established and reputable companies, which they deemed unfair. With the new calculation, websites are rated fairly in relation to their industry as well as world-wide brands like Google and Facebook.

Should I Just Give Up? Should I Go See A Dr?

Trust us, you’ll be fine. The new calculation can actually benefit your website because you can benchmark your ranking and position with your competitors. Note what they’re doing right, any gaps in their strategy and beat them to the punch by creating better content and going through their backlink profile. Determine why others aren’t linking to you and get them on your team. This will give you better quality links and increase your rating.

Further, it ensures you pick quality links. By determining link popularity and choosing those with good DRs you’ll gain more backlinks, raising your profile and rating. Again, it’s important you take their content quality, reputation, webpage numbers and backlink profile into account. Will they tarnish your website? Will websites currently linked to you change their minds?

But…My Clients Think We’ve Failed Them…

Really, it’s Ahref’s fault. Explain to them how their rating scale wasn’t fair in the first place and a rating drop is not a reflection of the great work you have done for them. It’s not that the links you’ve set up are bad, it’s that worldwide comparisons are now centre-stage. Relay all the amazing achievements you’ve given them such as increased traffic, keyword rankings and the content that got them backlinks in the first place. If they’re still concerned, design a brilliant back-linking building strategy that will instil confidence and assuage their worries.

Things To Know About Domain Rating?

  • A drop in Domain Rating will not effect your Google ranking.
  • Less links can be more powerful – especially if they are rated highly for your industry and link to high-DR websites.
  • Don’t ignore new websites just because they have a low DR. They’ve just not had the time to garner great backlinks, but their content could be fantastic.

We hope this guide has helped you better understand the new DR. It has some real benefits. For information on how you can use Ahref’s more effectively, we recommend you read Ahref’s great blog: ‘’10 Actionable Things You Can Do With Ahrefs (That You May Have Overlooked)’’.

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