Paid Social

Paid Social gets the eyes of the social media sphere onto the brands we work with.

When it comes to social media, particularly paid social media, there are so many pitfalls and complexities that only a specialist can be expected to truly understand. At Embryo, that’s exactly what we do.

we see what others dont

Understanding and anticipating social media patterns to create profitable campaigns.

Managing social media advertising successfully requires not just an intuitive understanding of how users behave online, but also of each business and sector we work with. Our paid social team are able to identify the markets, platforms and opportunities that make sense for the organisations we work with and put together beautifully designed creative that supports their technical insights.

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Nimble and intelligent campaign management

The world of social media moves incredibly quickly, so in order to offer truly effective campaign management, we need to be able to adjust and implement new features, targeting, budgets and creatives at the drop of a hat. As experienced paid media managers, our team is able to efficiently adapt any campaign on the fly, ensuring that our clients are getting the best for their budget no matter the impact of external factors.

We use paid social to inspire audiences, create leads and maximise conversions.

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Transparent metric displays to show a clear ROI

Within the monthly reports we create for every one of our clients, the paid social team analyses all of the relevant statistics and campaign metrics for our clients. We lay these metrics out in a way that makes campaign results accessible and transparently shows campaign performance, including ROI.