My first week at Embryo as a Paid Social Graduate.

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I knew I wanted to get into marketing, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do! Marketing isn’t just one thing in itself, there’s a whole umbrella full of services and that’s where some people get confused. I fell victim to this when I was in university, being asked questions in placement interviews about what components I wanted to pursue professionally? I was left puzzled. My answer would always consist of:


“Well, everything that’s involved in marketing?”


Not realising that actually, each aspect that makes up marketing is a different career path.


what falls under the marketing umbrella? | elevate my brand


The marketing umbrella illustrates just how many different components are involved within ‘marketing’, it’s not just a straight road like you would think. There are some agencies out there who will specialise in just one or a few of these specialisms, however, at Embryo we offer more than enough from paid social to SEO, website design & development to digital PR and so many more.


So evidently, if I was asked this same question now but with the education and knowledge I have learnt over the past 2 years I would have a completely different answer. I would emphasise my passion for the Digital Marketing practices especially Paid Social, but also touch on that I am open to experience other paths as you’ll never know what you are passionate about unless you give it a try. 


Life after UWE

Being a ‘fresh out the water’ graduate, it was difficult to know exactly what path I wanted to take so early on without experiencing each specialism in its own respect. However, I have always been fascinated by the inner workings of social media and what it can do for a brand or individual if harnessed correctly. After searching for months while completing my final year at university, it was apparent there was a huge barrier stopping me from being able to break into the ‘social media’ industry. In the grand scheme of things, it all bottled down to…


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Annoyingly for me, I had professional experience in other marketing practices thanks to my year-long placement at Johnson & Johnson. But sadly, I fell short when it came to any social media experience like running a business page on any networking site. Luckily, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to join the Paid social team at Embryo to develop my professional portfolio and learn all about paid social.


What my first week entailed

I could not have felt more welcomed into the team! The onboarding into the company was detailed and informative, I loved the addition of the Embryo hoodie and water bottle to use too! The team are so friendly that I just felt right at home instantly. If I had any questions about anything, they were more than happy to help.


The first week felt like it flew by! There was lots of learning using Facebook Blueprint to help build up my base knowledge and understanding when creating ads on Facebook and their other platforms. I found myself becoming increasingly more curious when diving deeper into the different types of Facebook audiences you can create and how you can utilise them to create lookalike audiences to expand the reach of your target audiences. Also, I enjoyed learning how to track and interpret data that you capture on ads manager, so you can, in future make more effective ads to drive numerous objectives i.e. website traffic or brand awareness.


In addition to the online learning, my team put together various in-depth training sessions specific to my role to ensure I have everything I need to perform at the best of my ability. It’s great because it not only helps me have all the tools I could need to execute my role, but it allows me to understand how I fit within the team and how I can support my colleagues and work efficiently together.


how everyone fits into the team


I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my professional career after graduating from university with an agency like Embryo. I can’t wait to see what is in store for myself in the future at this company, and I am excited to find out what I can do for them and how they can help me become the best version of myself.


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