Mr Worldwide (events)


Warning: this article may trigger FOMO and/or wanderlust.

It’s halfway through the week, or ‘humpday’. It’s the time of the week where the weekend is just about in sight and people start to formulate plans. It’s supposedly hitting a high of 12 degrees on Saturday (double figures!!!), so perhaps we’ll get that particular buzz in the air that Manchester gets when we’re reminded that the world isn’t grey and cold, after what feels like an eternity living beneath a cold, grey weather front. After formulating my own weekend plans across my collection of group chats, it got me thinking about if I could be anywhere this weekend then what would I do whilst I was there? So with that, below you’ll find a list of what’s going on/what’s good to check out across the seas and away from our small island (give me a shout if you’ve got a jet, I’ll bring the plane snacks).

boarding private plane

I wanted to start off our trip with a personal favourite and I think it’s very fair to say: This. Place. Is. Amazing. The Museum of Ice Cream. Really, need I say more? You’ll find this Instagram hotspot in San Francisco – just off Market Street. Get your Social Media ready to go and let’s get photo-ready! Transforming concepts and dreams into real-life spaces, straight from the imagination, failing not to provoke creativity and joy. The Museum of Ice Cream is designed with the aim of being a culturally inclusive environment and community, to inspire human connection through the universal power of ICE CREAM.


Staying in North America, we’ll take an 8 hour (ish) plane up to New York City! I’m also staying on the exhibit vibe for the beginning of our weekend trip around the world. We’re heading to ARTECHOUSE for a real immersive and unique experience. At the crossroads of art, science and technology, ARTECHOUSE have really brought the public a 21st century art experience with the aim of being the first innovative platform for experiential, genre-bending, one of a kind multimedia art exhibitions and explorations. This is a place to lose yourself (in the music, the moment, you own it). After our time at the exhibit, we’ll get a slice of that famous NYC pizza.

artechouse nyc

We’re heading North now, yep, we’re going to Reykjavik, Iceland. From 04.03 – 08.03 they will be holding the 19th Food and Fun Festival. Personally they had me at food and fun, but I’ll tell you more about it. This world-acclaimed, the culinary circus will welcome world-renowned chefs from across the globe and together they will prepare a menu to remember using fresh Icelandic ingredients. As for the fun, the city becomes even more vibrant than usual, hosting a joyful and friendly atmosphere. Mix in the city legendary nightlife, the natural wonders of the country, lots of food and outdoor activities and you’ve got yourself a sweet pre-spring adventure!

reykjavik festival

Getting ourselves somewhere warmer now, we’re bobbing down into the Southern Hem… Hello Australia! You may have missed Edinburgh Fringe back in August, but don’t worry because Adelaide Fringe is the world’s second-largest Fringe Festival and is on until March 15th. You’re welcome. Described as “mythical, magical, fantabulous, fantasmagorical, supercalifragilisaticexpialidocious”, something is telling me it’s one not to be missed! It’s also summer right now in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s really the place to be to find innovative thinking, groundbreaking work, new talent, and general great times.

adelaide fringe festival

These ideas are all well and good but probably pipedreams (for now). Maybe I can provide some closer to home inspo, by using traditional methods and “giving it a Google”, Visit Manchester tells me that I can catch the Natural History Museum’s famous dinosaur, Dippy the Diplodocus as it tours across the UK for the first time ever. Dippy will have a temporary home in Rochdale until June 2020! More alternate methods of finding my way around social Manchester – Facebook groups, tells me that there’s a very appealing International Women’s Day celebration at Hatch on Sunday. You can join them for a night of female performers, musicians and DJs, as well as Manchester’s finest female artists and entrepreneurs showcasing at the market.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my quick rundown of stuff to do with yourself may you be here or somewhere else. Happy Humpday!