Be Seen by the Audiences That Will Buy Your Products.

Appear in ads across multiple platforms

PPC ads by Embryo will appear across several websites that a user visits. We’ll ensure that you are right in front of their eyes.

Leverage affordable keyword opportunities

There will be hundreds of keywords which our team can leverage to drive relevant audiences to your site.

Scale campaigns up on almost any budget

PPC campaigns are flexible, provide real ROI, and can be scaled up in a matter of hours.

Decrease the number of lost sales

By remarketing to users we can reduce the amount of revenue you’re losing in sales.

Pay Per Click Advertising by Embryo

Our award-winning PPC team ensures a significant return on investment by breaking down campaigns into three important stages.

PPC LP Assets

Discover the Impact an Award-Winning PPC Team Can Have On Your Revenue


We've been working with the Embryo team since last June and we're truly impressed with the results. The team feels like an extension of our own marketing team, and are super-responsive, helping us on requests big and small, even at short notice. The way all the teams work across our business, together, understanding our goals, is also impressive. It's an absolute delight to work with them on our SEO, Digital PR and wider strategy - we're excited to add paid social to the mix and join everything up.


Sam Shrager


From the very start Embryo understood our goals, and their campaigns have exceeded our expectations. We're delighted to work with the team and look forward to furthering our success in 2022.


Zoe Cooper


We were really impressed by Embryo's industry knowledge and helpful advice. They provided an excellent service in all of the digital marketing projects.


Joshua Duggan


Would highly recommend. A truly exceptional agency to work with. A real pleasure to work with such a friendly team of professionals.


Taylor Rogers


A top digital agency. I was very impressed with their pitch, and I’m just as impressed with their delivery. Great agency, great people, and importantly do what they say!


Nick Zapolski


Embryo are a joy to work with. They understand what we want to achieve, their service is excellent and they are constantly analysing metrics to ensure that our campaigns overachieve.


Dan Walmsley

Why Choose Embryo?

The award-winning PPC team at Embryo has, collectively, 18 years of experience creating, crafting, and honing outstanding pay per click campaigns. Their work has brought in millions of pounds worth of revenue for businesses in a range of sectors.

These campaigns are rooted in a holistic approach to PPC that covers every step, it’s this kind of rigour that ensures your budget is used effectively. From building stunning, high-converting landing pages that catch the eye of the user to tracking ad spend and ensuring optimised bid management (so you aren’t paying more than you should appear for keywords) our PPC team does everything.

Combine all this with constant communication between yourself and your designated PPC account manager, and monthly reporting, and you have a recipe for online success that can be matched by very few in the digital marketing world.

What does a high-performing PPC campaign look like?






Danny Waites

Transformational Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns Are Just a Phone Call Away

How Much Does PPC Cost?

PPC campaigns are all based on budget and, as you can probably tell, the bigger your budget, the greater and more impactful your return on investment will be. 

Each campaign is bespoke and the best way to discover how much pay per click will cost your business, and what kind of revenue you can expect to see off the back of that investment, is by getting in touch with our team today on 0161 327 2635 or emailing us at

How Does A Pay Per Click Campaign Help My Business?

At their core, PPC campaigns are about making sure your business’s name gets in front of the people that may be interested in buying your products or services. 

A good PPC campaign recognises that people use multiple channels when they are online – from searching for things on Google and watching videos on Youtube to reading news articles – and therefore it needs to have well-crafted advertisements on as many relevant platforms as possible. It also recognises the importance of keyword research, in order to discover underserved keywords that can be leveraged by your business, stunning landing pages that convert people who click on them, and tracking and reporting on results.

Embryo recognises all of this and more. 

Using your budget, we’ll ensure your business is always where your audience is so the next time that purchasing trigger goes off, you’re at the forefront of their mind.

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