Social Media Advertising

There are literally thousands of paid media agencies, Facebook advertising specialists and social marketing agencies out there today, and for good reason! Social media advertising is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to creating positive brand awareness, instilling loyalty in your customers and increasing conversions from social ads. At Embryo, we help with two main types of social media management:

  • Social ads management (sometimes known as paid social management) allows you to hand over the day to day running and strategy of your paid social media presence to a social media marketing agency.
  • Social media marketing management includes both paid social advertising and organic social media posting, and can help both grow your brand and strengthen your existing customer relationships.

At Embryo, we’re a social media management company in Manchester with a passion for elevating our clients’ businesses and using our expertise in social media marketing to create real ROI and provide results that make sense for the organisations we work with.

So, What is Social Media Marketing?

At the most basic level, social media marketing is simply using social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to promote your business, but we all know that by now! Today’s social media marketing landscape can be incredibly competitive, with thousands of organisations in almost every sector vying for space in front of users. Both organic social media marketing and paid ads are becoming increasingly important to all kinds of businesses, which is why your organic social media and your social media ads need to be working to their fullest potential at all times.

Getting the most out of your social media marketing demands a delicate balancing act of time, budgets, audience targeting, branding awareness, conversions, and a strong understanding of an organisation’s voice and identity, which is why social media management cost is something that many companies get wrong when they first try running ads on their own. The power that Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing and LinkedIn advertising hold is immense, but that also means that it’s incredibly easy to make costly mistakes, particularly when you’re working with paid ad campaigns. By working with a team of professional social media marketing professionals, you can feel confident that your social presence and, just as importantly, your budget, are in good hands.

What Social Media Management Services do we Offer?

As one of Manchester’s best social media marketing agencies, we offer a variety of different social services to make sure we’re best meeting your needs. Our team specialises in creating high-return, intelligently targeted paid social ads and campaigns. As a paid social advertising agency, we take responsibility for the entirety of the social ads process, from assigning budgets and targeting the right audience to creating visuals and reporting results back to you clearly and honestly.

Organic social shouldn’t be forgotten, however, as it can be a fantastic channel to re-engage existing customer, bring in new business and provide legitimacy to your business. It’s essential to keep your organic presence at as high a standard as your paid ads, and our team can provide campaign ideas, regularly scheduled posting and beautiful imagery and videos to help engage your audience, while also always being on hand to offer their expert opinions.

Many social media marketing companies and social media agencies can provide good results, but at Embryo we make it a priority to include you in every stage of the process. We know that amazing results actually don’t make any difference unless our clients understand them, so communication is key to what we do. Every month we create transparent, accessible reports showing campaign progress, outlining strategies and helping you know exactly where your investment has gone. This side of the work we do is so important to us, as it makes all the difference to our clients. A paid social advertising agency is no good without exceptional customer service, which is why we want you to understand your investment and believe in the team working on your account.

What the Paid Social Journey with Embryo Looks Like

At every stage of your paid social journey with Embryo, you’ll have a dedicated account manager on your side. Your account manager is your go-to for all things social and is committed to helping further your business, in whatever form that takes. We’re not “yes-men”, and we don’t believe in going along with predetermined ideas of what works on social if we don’t think that it will get your business results. We’re so proud of the knowledge, experience and intelligence of our team, and we’re here to share it with the organisations we work with.

The Social “Deep Dive”

First things first, we’ll get to know you and your organisation. Understanding what it is that makes you, your team and your customers tick, your motivations, your goals and your behaviours help us to take those extra steps to make sure our campaigns are a success. Building strong professional relationships allows us to go the extra mile when it comes to communication with our clients, management of our campaigns, goal setting and more, and is what sets us apart from other social media marketing and management agencies. We’ll also take a deep dive into the technical landscape of your business and your history on social media. All too often we find accounts that haven’t been used to their full potential in the past, as well as a wealth of data and information that can be used to make campaigns more effective, increase revenue and improve the return for our customers.

Our Strategies

Then comes strategy – we take everything we know and everything we’ve learned and apply it to a campaign strategy designed to help you hit your goals, whatever they are. By staying ahead of industry changes and trends, we’re always in a position to create highly optimised campaigns that make sense for the targets you want to hit. We’ll take advantage of new technologies and data to help make the best decisions for your campaign. We’re always looking forward to ensure we’re ready for policy changes, new business developments and audience trends, and can use these to help create real results for our clients.

The Handover Process

When it’s time to get started, we’re quick and efficient and can help new clients set up their ad accounts on social media correctly, or work seamlessly within your existing account framework to make the handover process as simple as possible. We’re keen to get started as soon as we can and to start bringing in results that genuinely make a difference to your business.

Intelligent Campaign Management

We are always working on our campaigns to make sure that they’re performing as best they can. Our expert social media managers know when to change things up, and when to leave them be, which is something that many beginners to social media ads find hard to get right. Balancing intelligent machine learning and human expertise allows us to keep optimising for the best performance in our campaigns and the greatest return for our clients.

Transparent, Effective Reporting

We’re not a “set it and forget it” social ads agency – when you work with Embryo you’ll have smart, insightful and genuinely useful feedback on your campaign performance on a regular basis. All too often, reports from Facebook marketing agencies contain loads of stats, loads of jargon, and not much else! When a campaign is successful, that’s fine, but when things are more difficult, there’s no transparency and no way for anyone outside of the social media bubble to understand what’s going on.

Our team are committed to being completely clear about campaign performance for better or for worse. It’s all a part of treating our clients with respect and care, and this honest approach to client communication helps us make our campaigns stronger and more successful in every instance.

Who Does Social Media Marketing Work For?

Whether your organisation requires a social media management company for small business, or are an established large business looking to expand and strengthen your brand, our team of social media ad managers can help.

We believe that honesty is the best policy, and being transparent with our clients allows us to make the right decisions based on the needs of your business. As specialists in our field, we’re confident in our decisions and stand by the work we do every single day. If we don’t think that a campaign will work, we’ll tell you that and provide our advice on how to get the best from your social media marketing.

Small Businesses

One of the reasons that social media marketing is so important is that it levels the playing field to a certain extent. Traditional marketing channels are all about buying and selling ad space at a premium and using blanket strategies for the most exposure. Social marketing and social ads can be so effective for small businesses as they allow smaller organisations with less budget behind them to intelligently target their advertising, ensuring no penny is wasted and helping you to reach your dream customers with ease. While paid social can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be! Using scalable social media management pricing and innovative targeting strategies to help you get the highest possible return on your investment. 

Working with a paid social marketing agency is also great for improving your visual presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other online platforms, in a way that isn’t always possible for organisations without the resources to hire a full-time designer. We take time and care to create beautiful assets that not only represent your brand but actually work to drive clicks, engagement, awareness and conversions in a practical way that makes sense for your investment. 

Larger Organisations

While social media levels the playing field for SMEs considerably, that’s not to say that there’s no room for massive success on the part of larger organisations. Bigger budgets and more expansive campaigns allow you to not just target unique user bases, but to expand your reach to literally millions of users who are already interested in your sector or business, and to drive awareness for those who aren’t already invested. The higher budgets available to larger organisations also mean that we can create bigger, more complex campaigns that result in an overall lower CPC than smaller, more targeted strategies, taking advantage of the economies of scale to improve return even more.

As a paid social agency with experience working within the cogs and mechanisms of larger businesses, we understand the importance of creating assets that are fully representative of your brand, and how to show off organisations in the best light on social media. Knowing the brands we work with inside and out is so important to us, as it allows us to truly understand your goals and help you reach them. We take the time to go in-depth with your team to understand your brand principles, visual cues and personality in a way that many social media advertising agencies don’t. 

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