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Welcome to Embryo Digital, a digital marketing agency with plenty of experience delivering impactful campaigns for clients, at the heart of which is our SEO. Leeds is a competitive area with a lot of businesses vying for brand awareness and authority in the local area. We’ve helped to provide many businesses with results-driven SEO in Leeds – our search consultants will generate you greater web traffic and conversions from organic search.


We’re ready to help, whether you want to improve your rankings through link building and populating your site with quality content – our SEO services in Leeds can build on your local presence. We do it with effective keyword research, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), by producing optimised and readable content, and more. Our SEO strategies, run by experienced account managers, are proven to generate real and visible results across various industries.

How Can an Embryo SEO Campaign Help Your Business?

Do you want to be number one? A targeted SEO campaign from Embryo will help make your website more user-friendly, more streamlined and functional, and help to build your brand authority – paving the way for you to rise through the ranks when it comes to search engine results pages (SERPs).


SEO is all about improving your search engine ranking through a variety of on-page and off-page tactics. With more visibility on Google comes more organic traffic, better conversion rate, better brand awareness and recall, and more customer engagement. Being near the top of search results on Google and other search engines means that people see your brand more often, leading to more trust. More trust means more likely conversions, word of mouth marketing and return customers.


An Embryo SEO campaign for your business in Leeds can help build your presence in the area, appearing higher in local SERPs in the Leeds and surrounding Yorkshire area. Want to stand out from the competition with an optimised, efficient and impactful website that features higher on Google, gaining you more organic traffic than your rivals? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Your SEO Audit

Here at Embryo, we offer a full SEO audit of your website as standard. This is part of our initial SEO strategy and comes at no extra cost. But why is an SEO audit important? Well, it allows us to get a comprehensive image of your site’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to plan effective and impactful strategies to boost your site’s performance. Performing an SEO audit of your site allows us to target and prioritise tasks, ensuring that our work is as streamlined and efficient as it can be. Not to mention the fact that there may well be underlying problems that need resolving as quickly as possible. If you’ve never had SEO work done before, or if a previous agency has carried out improper practices (which is more common than you might want to believe), then we’ll start by correcting these issues.


When it comes to the content aspect of your audit, we’ll check how many of your pages are currently indexed, the quality and length of your existing content, and on which pages your content is performing the best. We’ll scan for duplicate content, both on-site and off-site. This will allow us to plan targeted and effective content strategies for your site.


Even if you only have a very basic understanding of SEO, the chances are that you know that keywords play quite an important role. When it comes to Google and other search engines, you need to be able to identify your keyword reachwe’ll assess how many keywords and search terms your site currently ranks for, what keywords they are, and what search terms you’d like to rank for.


An SEO practice that is often overlooked by DIY SEOs, page speed plays an important role in your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). One of the things we’ll do when performing our SEO audit is to check your page speed and how Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetric rate your site’s speed. We’ll also identify the areas for improvement in this area.


As a business in the Leeds and surrounding Yorkshire area, you need SEO that helps improve your presence and brand locally. Here at Embryo, we put a focus on local SEO and helping boost our clients’ businesses. As part of our audit, we’ll check that your citations are healthy and that NAP data is consistent.


Domain and brand authority are important parts of the Google algorithms. The more authoritative and trusted your site appears to be, the more eager Google is to boost your site on its’ results pages. This is why checking backlinks is an important part of your SEO audit. We’ll make sure that all your inbound links are from good sources and we’ll take note of how many links are sending traffic to your site.


When it comes to the nuts and bolts work of SEO, we’ll assess the metadata on your site. As part of our on-page SEO, we’ll check whether all your pages have their own unique titles and descriptions, and whether these are performing as they should be. It’s important to have everything on your site as optimised as possible, and this is often a great starting point.


Over the last decade or so, mobile technology has begun to dominate – and SEO practices have had to follow. Now, Google prioritises mobile optimisation, which means that we need to make sure your site performs as well when browsed from a phone as a desktop. We’ll check for any problems your site has when being loaded from a mobile device and make sure your site is easily navigable and your content is not only aesthetic and readable.


As the world’s leading search engine, Google is at the heart of almost all SEO considerations. With that in mind, we check Google Search Console and Google Analytics for any issues with your sitemap, manual actions and site security.


We want to help make your site as clean, streamlined, efficient and user-friendly as possible. To do that, we’ll perform a full technical audit of your site. Are your pages compressed and optimised, and are all CSS and JavaScript files minified? We need to know about any 404 errors and other on-page technical considerations such as image optimisation, so that we can prioritise your SEO strategy efficiently.

What SEO Services Do We Perform?

When it comes to successful SEO, you can’t avoid putting in the hard work and going through the more mundane tasks to make your clients’ results sparkle. Here at Embryo, we like to combine our creativity with a bit of elbow grease when it comes to delivering our clients great SEO results. In our experience of performing SEO for businesses throughout Leeds, we’ve found that a varied, adaptable and flexible approach always has the biggest impact on our clients’ performance.


Our SEO strategies don’t avoid the boring, repetitive tasks, but we also don’t shy away from the kind of big, innovative thinking that helps take a website to the next level. Whether it’s undertaking a periodic technical health check for crawl anomalies, or helping clients increase Google review to boost local SEO tactics in the Leeds area, we employ a multitude of services in order to make our strategies work.


The various techniques we use include:


  • Technical SEO – The nuts and bolts of SEO. We’ll help to clean your site and optimise it so that it will appear higher on search engine results pages. Any incorrect tactics used by previous SEO agencies will be removed, and we’ll help your site get indexed more often and with better results.


  • Mobile SEO – The world is becoming more and more mobile. Over the last ten years mobile technology has surged to the forefront, and it’s more important than ever to optimise for this key market. We’ll make sure that users browsing your site from mobile have the best experience with top speed and quality display and operation.


  • Link building – Want more authority on Google, better brand awareness and more user trust? With targeted and planned outreach, we’ll help secure links to your site and the quality content it’s going to be populated with.


  • On-page SEO – You’ve got to keep your house clean and tidy. Using our on-page SEO tactics, we’ll clean up your HTML and optimise all your metadata to boost indexing and organic search performance. We’ll help Google get a fuller picture of the themes and topics of each of your web pages. And Google really loves that.


  • Local search – A lot of small and medium businesses in particular want to build their presence locally. With Embryo, our SEO will help to boost your presence and brand awareness throughout the Leeds and Yorkshire area. We’ll help you appear across directory websites and in local search engine results pages on Google.


  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) – Ever wish you could get more from both your existing and future website visitors? With our conversion rate optimisation, we’ll help you reap all the rewards of the traffic you’re generating through not just organic search, but social, PPC and other channels too.

Why Should You Choose Embryo Digital For Your SEO Leeds Agency?

Ever had an experience with an SEO agency that didn’t get you results? That wasn’t transparent, that you couldn’t trust, and that ended up leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth? Here at Embryo Digital, we aim to be the antidote.


We are a result-driven, innovative and creative SEO agency working with businesses throughout Leeds. We’re a search-led digital marketing agency specialising in lead generation from organic search and high quality content creation. The team here consists of talented and experienced individuals, striving to improve your web presence and performance online.


Have you found your website getting lost among the competition and saturated online space? Do you struggle to get a handle on why and where your site is ranking? If you don’t know how to improve your online presence, then get in touch with us today to discover how we can help. We work with businesses throughout the Leeds area, helping them to gain more local business, brand awareness and online traffic.

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We Report Monthly on SEO Campaign Performance

When you choose Embryo Digital for your SEO needs, you’ll benefit from our monthly reporting. We analyse KPIs and ROIs and make sure that what we’re doing is generating traffic and helping you to rank organically. We’re here to give you results that you can see and measure. Unlike some other agencies, our SEO work provides real results, and we’re willing to prove it.


Whether your campaign involves content marketing, link building, search marketing, social advertising or anything else, we record it all. Every action we take is recorded so that there’s a comprehensive log of everything we do for you to review. This means that we can easily identify the most successful parts of your campaign. When you receive our monthly report, you’ll be able to see all ranking and traffic improvements.

Not all SEO agencies are transparent – that’s where we’re different. Our monthly SEO reports aren’t just a bunch of numbers, however. We understand the importance of giving clients as much information as possible about not just the work we’re doing for them, but why we’re doing it. Our in-house workflow management allows us to communicate clearly not just the numbers, but the thoughts and ideas behind your SEO campaign too.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the ball rolling, and make your business see the great results it deserves. Call us today on 0161 327 2635 to learn more.

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