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We all love a celebrity, but finding that one that will give your brand that star-status can sometimes feel as if you’re searching in the dark. You can’t just pick who’s popular or trending. Audiences need to believe that their idol genuinely uses your product or service to trust that they’re not just being marketed to. So, if you’re looking for more just 15 minutes of fame, then let our influencer marketing agency show you how renown your business can become with the right influencer.

Influencer Marketing And Its Effect

What would you find more compelling – a big corporate company giving you basic facts and tired product demonstrations, or a relatable influencer who is praising a company’s offering in original and imaginative ways? These trendsetters are able to captivate their audiences with videos, reviews, photography and podcasts, delivering credible content from an authentic and dependable voice. Endorsing messages from platforms as versatile and far-reaching as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they can strengthen your brand’s image and ensure their fans know what you’re all about.

At Embryo Digital, we’ve seen the impact our influencer marketing campaigns have had, and know how loyalty can be achieved with the right partnership. Our strategies get to the heart of who you and your audience are, ensuring we pick influencers who the latter will love. This will help you increase your social engagement levels, gain customer insight and boost your website traffic and conversions.

What Do Our Influencer Marketing Campaigns Involve?

We’ll be your influencer navigator, managing everything from selecting the personalities that’ll cause the right conversation to assisting and collaborating on content ideas that their audience won’t be able to resist. We’ll firstly determine and define your audience by considering their interests, lifestyle and the types of content that’d be most encouraging and then match a suitable influencer from our ever-growing network. We’ve built relationships with influencers spanning the sports, fashion, gaming, entertainment and technology markets whose creative skillsets and knowledge of the online world are second-to-none.

Based on your aims and expectations, we’ll create a strategy that takes your objectives, budget and promotional giveaways, among other factors, into account. This will guide the campaign, and we’ll ensure that your brand, messages and values are at the content’s core, connecting you to an audience who’ll wonder how they’ve managed so long without you. When the assets have been created and optimised for online release, the influencer will share their work with their following, who will in turn, share their sentiment with the rest of the world.

Strategy & Reporting

Then we report. We analyse KPIs and ROIs to ensure you’re gaining brand-enthusiasts, publishing sharable content and sending those conversion levels through the roof. You won’t just be recognised. You’ll be raved about.

Each month you’ll receive a report detailing the effect your influencer has had, focusing on referrals, likes, shares and brand mentions, as well as content visits and associated website traffic. Comments will be scoured to ensure audience uptake, who may themselves suggest new content ideas that can only benefit your company. We’ll set up conversion goals on Google Analytics, use tracking pixels to ensure continuity between the content and your website and utilise a variety of other metrics that will determine future strategy.

Why You Should Work With Embryo Digital

We are a passionate full-service digital marketing agency based in Manchester specialising in lead generation, web design, SEO and social media, as well as influencer and content marketing. We determine how best to meet your needs, utilising the fantastic talent within our agency to maintain partnerships with influencers who are as innovative as they are talented. Each new project allows us to showcase how unstoppable our work is, and how valuable this can be for your business. No task is too big. No goal is out of reach. It’s no wonder our clients always want more.


If you’re looking for some extra exposure or have an influencer in mind that could put your product or service in front of your ideal audience, then let’s form that partnership immediately.

Other Services

We couldn’t be more pleased with the work that Embryo Digital have done for us. Since they took over our marketing and social media campaigns we have seen a huge increase in consultations booked to see our surgeons, which has further led to an increase in sales. We find all the staff really helpful and professional and they have suggested many things to improve our business. Thank you to everyone at Embryo. We would certainly recommend your services to other companies.

Jodie Jackson, Patient Co-ordinator
New Birkdale Clinic

Well recommended! Embryo are extremely diligent and are very proactive.

Russell Comber
Choice Refreshments

Would highly recommend. A truly exceptional agency to work with. A real pleasure to work with such a friendly team of professionals.

Taylor Rogers
Williamson & Croft

Great agency to deal with, brilliant people!

Sam Jones
Tunafish Media
Fantastic Agency. Ross and his team are incredibly proactive and very diligent. I would recommend Embryo to any company looking to grow their digital footprint.
Doctor Nyla Raja
Doctor Nyla's MediSpa

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