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Embryo Index


From high street to luxury we've scored a wide range of retailers against a series of metrics, which has then allowed us to rank the top 100. Take a look at the scores, see who ranks highly, and find out what is required to be an industry leader within UK fashion.

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From home & garden to technology, we’ve ranked 100 of the top UK retailers across a series of metrics. Take a look at your scores, those of your competitors and see who ranks highly to find out what is required to be an industry leader within UK retail.

Rank Company Index Score Trophies


From agents to comparison sites, we’ve ranked 100 of the top UK travel companies. Have a look at your scores and those of your competitors, to see what it takes to be an industry leader within the travel industry.

Rank Company Index Score Trophies

About the Embryo Index

The Embryo Index identifies 100 of our top UK companies in a variety of industries. Using our creativity, talent, and technical ability we’ve scored businesses across a series of metrics, including keyword reach, web authority, and social media. Each metric is based on a scale from 0 to 100 with high scores being rewarded with trophies. Scores are then combined and calculated to give each company an overall Index Score, allowing us to rank and compare businesses with one another.

The Index is regularly updated meaning there will be movers and shakers, so keep coming back for regular updates. Want to see where you rank or how you compare to your competitors? Then take a look to understand what it means to be a leading company within your industry.


Each of our unique trophies represents high scores in particular categories. Trophies are awarded separately to your Embryo Index score, though your business can gain and lose trophies, just like your Index score can increase and decrease. Want to know more about how you can improve your score or not currently featured and want to be? Then please give us a call on 0161 327 2635 or get in touch below.

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