How to gain followers on Instagram

instagram followers

As a social media manager, one of the main questions I get asked from clients is ‘how do we increase our followers’. Although there are many metrics to focus on when measuring social media success (engagement rate, website traffic, leads/sales) the one that clients often focus on is follower growth.


If I had a magic strategy that could get every client 100K followers overnight, I’d be a very rich woman! The fact of the matter is that organic growth takes time. You need to reach your target audience and provide them with high quality, engaging content consistently and regularly in order to grow your following. 


Yes, in some cases you can hit the jackpot with a piece of content that goes viral (the dream) but for most, consistency is key! Here are some top tips on creating an Instagram strategy that is sure to increase your followers.


1. Find your tone of voice and personality

Sometimes it’s important to go back to basics! Before you get weighed down with strategy and content, think about who you are as a brand. Your brand should have a tone of voice and an attitude that leaves a consistent impression, something that is recognisable and relatable to your audience. You want to make sure your online personality feels approachable and personable.


Create an aesthetic and a tone of voice that your customers will want to engage with. Maybe you use employees as the face of your brand to make your business feel more personable, or maybe you take on a cheeky tone of voice to engage with your audience. Once you have found this personality, ensure that you maintain this brand identity in everything you post. Not just on Instagram, but in email, on your website, at any customer touchpoint.r


2. Put together a social media strategy

A great social media strategy not only focuses on follower growth but should also tie in with your overarching business goals. Ask yourself, why are you using Instagram? Is it to drive brand awareness? Website traffic? Sales? 


Once you know why you want to use social media, you can create a strategy that will not only help you reach your business goals but will also keep your audience engaged. Maintain your tone of voice and think about the kind of content you can create to reach those goals. 


If your main goal is to increase purchases, show your audience how your product will benefit their lives, answer FAQs, use lifestyle imagery and show product detail to really show off your products. There is nothing worse than an Instagram that simply pushes products. Your Instagram page needs to be engaging, that’s how you gain followers.

3. Utilise SEO on Instagram

In order to attract followers, you have to be findable. Your account name and username contribute to how you show up in search results and should be consistent with the handle you use on other social networks.


With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, it can be difficult to get your content to stand out amongst the crowd. It’s commonly known how hashtags can increase your reach, but nowadays there are a number of things you can do to optimise your Instagram content in order to reach your target audience and gain maximum engagement on your posts. Take a look at our blog on Instagram SEO tips to increase your reach


4. Enhance your Instagram bio

Two out of every three visits to Instagram business profiles come from non-followers. 


However, to convert the visitor to a follower, you need a clear and engaging profile (and website, if you’re linking to one. Use the 150 characters in your bio to introduce new visitors to your brand and your account. Give them an idea of what they can expect from your content, and reasons why they should follow you, what you do as a business and be sure to include keywords!


You can use this space to include information about your business. Do you have a location, how can people contact you and what kind of business are you. Make use of all the fields that apply, because the more information a visitor has, the more likely they are to hit the follow button.


5. Jump on Reels

Since the launch of Reels on Instagram, more and more accounts are utilising this style of content to increase their reach. Meta announced that in Q1 of this year, Reels makes up more than 20% of the time that people spend on Instagram. Ask anyone in social media, Reels are great for reach and should definitely be incorporated into your Instagram strategy. Instagram redesigned its home screen to put Reels front and centre and has shown a clear preference for video content as opposed to any other format on the platform.


The more people that see your content, the more people are likely to go and follow you. For ideas on what you can do with Reels, take a look at our blog


6. Share, Share, Share

When planning your Instagram content, keep in mind that people will often re-share what they like. Interesting infographics, competition posts, funny memes or relatable quotes. Take a look at your audience and pay attention to the kind of accounts they follow and the kind of content that they share on their story. Taking inspiration from your audience is key to a successful strategy. The more your content is shared, the more people will see your posts and the more likely you are to gain followers.


The same goes for sharing other people’s content. If a customer tags your business in a post. Share it on your story or your feed. This will not only show appreciation, but it will also give your business a sense of credibility. User generated content(or UGC) is great for getting your brand in front of new people. If you can encourage this by asking your followers to tag you and sharing UGC on your account, you can reach thousands of like-minded people through your followers.


If you’re looking to grow your social media presence, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!