Firstly, let me introduce myself.

My name is Aaron and I am Embryo Digital’s newest Search Engine Optimisation Executive. I am originally from Jersey, and for the many people who don’t even know where or what jersey is, it is a small island in between the United Kingdom and France. I have recently graduated from Northumbria University, with a degree in Business with Entrepreneurship. Taking the big move from the small island to a new and big city, was a life-changing experience (for the better!).

Digital Marketing Journey

Whilst studying at university, I was given the opportunity to work with a local-based digital marketing firm. It is here where I discovered my passion for this newfound topic/world. I started off in digital marketing by working on social media. After the 3 years of learning social media marketing and graduating from university, I was lucky enough to come across an exciting position at Embryo Digital in an SEO Executive role.

I am on my first week, and already I have learned so much from all the guys. The main topics within search engine optimisation I have learned so far are:

All in all, my first week in SEO has been a great experience, I have learned more in this first week than I ever imagined, so thank you to everyone at Embryo Digital who has helped me. The reason I find SEO so exciting is how you can organically help a clients business rapidly grow resulting in more traffic/conversions for the businesses. Going forward I am most excited to learn more about link building and understanding more about how you can help a clients business ‘boom’. There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing businesses succeed!

Aaron Luce

Aaron has entered the world of SEO as Embryo’s newest Executive, after leaving his home, Jersey, and graduating with a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship. He’s excited to channel his passion for all things digital marketing into the Embryo Digital ways. If he’s not spending his time in the gym, you’ll find him exploring the local coffee shops in Manchester.