see how we helped a telecoms business increase visibility by 165%

How We Used The Embryo Technique to Help a Telecoms Company Increase Website Impressions by 165% In Just 6 Months

You’ll no doubt understand just how competitive the telecoms business in the UK is, and therefore appreciate how difficult it is to make an impact on search engine results pages. This difficulty makes it all the more frustrating when agencies make wild promises about being able to beat the competition, without appreciating the current landscape.

Here at Embryo, we find this just as frustrating as you do. So, when we do achieve genuinely impressive results for telecoms companies that are looking to disrupt, we like to shout about it!

So, in this case study, we’re going to be showing you how we helped a telecoms business make significant dents in the SEO landscape. You’ll discover how we helped them increase website impressions by 165% in just 6 months!

You’re about to learn:

  • The problems that this company faced which made them want to work with Embryo.
  • The specific results we helped them generate.
  • That The Embryo Technique was crucial in helping them become more visible online.

Problem: Lack Of Online Visibility

Solution: How The Embryo Technique Made Them More Visible On Search Engine Results Pages, by 165%!

We began our process by chatting to the client who spoke to us at length about the problems they were facing. Specifically, they were becoming frustrated at not being able to get their products and services, which including VoIP, business mobile broadband, and business mobiles, in front of people.

They understood the importance of being found for relevant industry keywords but were struggling to take the theory and make it a reality.

After listening to the client and discussing their short, medium, and long term goals, our content and SEO teams went away and used The Embryo Technique to create a granular strategy based on specific keywords.

The teams knew that this approach would yield results and make the most efficient use of the client’s budget.

Once keywords were established, the Content Team created optimised long-form content for key service pages.

Supported by the help and insight of the SEO team, and the results which were yielded from The Embryo Technique, we began to see truly remarkable results in a matter of a few weeks.

Before long, the client’s key service pages were being found on search engine results pages for keywords that would help increase leads.

Below is an image detailing the level of impressions from 1st January 2021 (when the client came on board), to July of this year.

To put the above into context, check out the second graph below which details the brand’s impressions from August to December of 2020. You can see in this graph that the client’s impressions peak, for just a few days, at just 3.5k, whereas in the above chart they peak, for a much longer period, at around the 5-5.5k mark.

The Bottom Line: In the seven months before January 2021 they had 215K impressions, in the seven months after, they achieved 568K, thanks to The Embryo Technique.

How Embryo Can Help You

At Embryo we have a wide range of services – both paid and organic in nature – that can help your business achieve its goals.

No matter what your objective is, whether it’s a new website, a desire to increase leads, or a wanting to be found on page one of search engines for relevant terms and phrases, we can help.

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We chose to work with Embryo due to their experience in design and development. The whole process with Embryo has been seamless and the level of support they have offered to ensure a smooth launch has been great.

- Stephen Bullock, The Piece Hall