this business now ranks for over 1700 keywords

The Embryo Technique Helped a Mortgage and Insurance Brokers Rank for over 1700 Keywords in Just 12 Months, Here’s How

As someone reading this who may very well be in the mortgage and insurance market, you’ll be fully aware of the importance of having an online presence that is widespread. With such a diverse range of products and policies, the absolute last thing you want to be known for is one thing. Lack of diversity like this can be crippling, especially in such as competitive market.

Here at Embryo, we are fully aware of this need to have a diverse online presence. So, when we achieve this, we like to shout about it! Not to show off, but to prove to businesses that it can be done.

In this case study, you’ll discover how The Embryo Technique helped an Insurance and Mortgage broker rank for over 1700 keywords in just 12 months.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why this company came to Embryo in the first place and what problems they were facing.
  • The specific results that were achieved.
  • How The Embryo Technique helped to completely transform their business.

Problem: No Online Presence

Solution: The Embryo Technique and Our Collaborative Approach between Departments Got Their New Website Ranking for 1700 Keywords in Just 12 Months.

this client now ranks for 1729 individual keywords

This client came to us around May 2020 wanting a brand-new website, logo, and fresh optimised content so that they could begin to compete with competitors in the online space. Knowing how important it is to be ranking on page one of Google and other search engines for relevant terms and phrases to do with mortgages and insurance, we consulted with them to determine which keywords they were most interested in.

Once this crucial consultation period was over, we went away and devised a strategy, that was underpinned by The Embryo Technique, that would give the client’s new site the best chance of ranking for a wide range of keywords – not just one or two.

We understood the need to compete for the highly competitive keywords (such as ‘home insurance’) and the more niche keywords (‘retirement interest-only mortgages’, for example).

This need manifested itself into long-form content for over two dozen mortgage and insurance product pages.

For this, and to ensure that our work on each individual keyword would yield success, we harnessed the Intermingle technology that we created, which is a cornerstone of The Embryo Technique. This allowed us to assess the results page for each keyword, and create individual campaigns off of it.

All this was being done while an entirely new website was being built. This lightweight, nimble site was the perfect platform for this content.

In total, we wrote over 32,000 words for the client’s new website, this resulted in some notable keyword rankings, some of which can be seen below:

you can see some of the keywords we helped this client rank for

These rankings provide us with specific views, however, the wider picture of the entire campaign is even more impressive. Below you can see the visibility index for the client. This gives you a good idea about the success of the entire campaign.

the overall visibility for the client across all SERPs

You can see that, despite some fluctuations, overall, the visibility – i.e. the overall number of keywords they are ranking, and visible, for – has dramatically increased.

The bottom line: This client is now able to compete against other, established mortgage and insurance brokers in the online world, as a direct result of The Embryo Technique.

How Embryo Can Help You

At Embryo we have a wide range of services – both paid and organic in nature – that can help your business achieve its goals.

No matter what your objective is, whether it’s a new website, a desire to increase leads, or a wanting to be found on page one of search engines for relevant terms and phrases, we can help.

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