we helped to increase the value of the traffic this client was receiving

Using The Embryo Technique to Turn £2,207 Worth of Traffic into £13,097 For An Insurance Company

The insurance market, as well as being massive, is competitive and making a dent in it is tough. The lucrative nature of the sector means that many agencies will promise the earth to up and coming insurance businesses and ultimately fail to deliver. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve seen it happen, or maybe it has happened to you.

The team here at Embryo have spoken at length to multiple businesses, in the insurance sector as well as other industries, who are frustrated. So, when we get results that are notable we like to shout about them and show that there is another way!

In this case study, we’re going to be showing you one of these results, to prove success can be achieved. You’ll see how we helped a notable insurance company increase the value of their traffic by over £10,000.

You’ll learn:

  • The issues that the insurance company were facing, which led them to come to Embryo.
  • The specific results we helped them achieve.
  • How our trademark Embryo Technique helped transform the business.

Intrigued? Read on to find out more!

Problem: Traffic to Site Not Being of Value

Solution: Learn How the Embryo Technique Helped Bring More Valuable Traffic to the Client’s Site

The client came to us in 2019 wanting to offer their wide range of insurance policies, which were based on competitive rates and strong relationships with top insurers, to users who were looking for these types of products.

Their website was performing ok from an SEO perspective, as seen in the graph below.

the client's performance before we took it over

They had a good domain rating (46) and ranked for a fair amount of keywords (1,600). However, the traffic to the site was low and falling, and the value of that traffic was dwindling, and certainly not enough for an insurance business that makes it money on high-value leads.

After consulting with the client, our teams went away and devised a plan, based on the data that was created by our proprietary technology – Intermingle. This data allowed us to develop a granular strategy that we were confident would lead to increased traffic value.

After establishing the kind of insurance policies the client could offer, we targeted specific long-tail keywords that were being searched by people interested in them. We took these keywords and created long-form content around them, that would cover numerous subtopics and questions so that search engines would deem the client authoritative and thus reward it with a good ranking.

As you can see in the below chart, this strategy worked wonderfully.

the results after we applied the embryo technique

Over time, the client began to rank for more relevant key terms such as ‘restaurant insurance’ or ‘tradesmen insurance’. By creating long-form content based on these topics we also helped them rank for more niche keywords – such as ‘is restaurant insurance right for me?’ and ‘what are the benefits of tradesmen insurance?’ – which made them one of the most authoritative voices on these policies. The net result of this is that they now rank for 1200 more keywords.

Further to this, by targeting more specific keywords, and, as a result, people who were further along the buying journey, we increased their traffic value to a peak of $17,800 (£13,097).

The Bottom Line: As a result of The Embryo Technique increasing the traffic value, we helped the client grow the number of quotes that were being requested by customers by 60%!


How Embryo Can Help You

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No matter what your objective is, whether it’s a new website, a desire to increase leads, or a wanting to be found on page one of search engines for relevant terms and phrases, we can help.

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