we helped a customer service business increase keyword reach

The Embryo Technique Helped a Customer Service Company to Increase Their Keyword Reach by over 102% in just 5 Months

As a customer service company that offers solutions to businesses in need of support, it’s vital that you impress your clients with your service offering, and establish a reputation that allows you to keep on growing. However, it’s all well and good doing this, but you need to be seen by the right people. In other words, you have to maximise your online visibility to get in front of your target audience. Central to this is ranking for relevant search queries that your target audience will use.

At Embryo, creating well-optimised content to target specific search queries is just one of the many areas in which we excel. So, when our client came to us in the hope of maximising their online visibility, we got right to it and put The Embryo Technique to use, to generate amazing results. In this case study, you’re going to discover that there is another way, one that yields excellent results. You’ll discover how we increased revenue by 210% in just 6 months, you’ll also discover:

You’re about to learn:

  • Want the company wanted to improve, with the help of Embryo.
  • The results we were able to generate in just 5 months!
  • How The Embryo Technique was key in achieving these results.

Sound interesting? Let’s get to it!

Problem: The Company Wanted To Increase Keyword Reach And Therefore Visibility

Solution: How The Embryo Technique Expanded Their Keyword Reach By Over 102%, From 460 To 938

At the start of their journey, our client met with the team here at Embryo to discuss their business goals and what they were hoping to achieve. Our team took all of this on board, before going away and doing further research into their industry to truly understand what would make their goals a reality. Then, the Embryo Technique was implemented to create an effective strategy that would generate results.

Once the strategy was implemented and mapped out, our Content team created content on a monthly basis, which targeted specific keywords that had a substantial search volume and would be used by our client’s target audience. As part of the Embryo Technique, we used keyword research to inform the strategy, as well as industry-leading tools to inform the content and the ontological phrases that were used. Using this technique meant that the keyword reach began to increase within just a few weeks, and has continued to do so ever since.

How Embryo Can Help You

At Embryo we have a wide range of services – both paid and organic in nature – that can help your business achieve its goals.

No matter what your objective is, whether it’s a new website, a desire to increase leads, or a wanting to be found on page one of search engines for relevant terms and phrases, we can help.

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