the car rental business is highly competitive

Discover How The Embryo Technique Helped a Global Car Rental Company’s Website Increase Organic Traffic to 57,000 a Month in Just 12 Months

The car rental industry is a market that is dominated by just a few big players and as we’re sure you’ll agree, cracking this particular nut is very difficult. So, when a relatively new start-up company comes along and does, in some way, disrupt these big players, and we’ve used our Embryo Technique to help achieve it, we think you want to hear about it!

So, in this case study, you’re going to learn about how this technique increased a global car rental company’s web traffic to 57,284 users a month, the number of keywords in positions one to three to nearly 1,000, and boosted their domain ranking to 31.

You’ll also discover:

  • The problems that this start-up faced which made them want to work with Embryo.
  • The specific results that we helped them achieve.
  • That The Embryo Technique was instrumental in helping make this a successful campaign.

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Problem: A Lack of Online Strategy Hampering Their Ability to Crack the Market

Solution: Read on to See How the Embryo Technique Increased Traffic to 57,000 Visitors per Month

The client came to Embryo and was frustrated with the lack of online traction they were receiving. They knew that to succeed in this saturated industry they needed to think beyond the forecourt, and with traffic

After detailed consultations and meetings, the relevant departments – mainly SEO and content, in conjunction with our Chief Innovation Officer James Welch – used our proprietary technology to come up with a granular strategy.

This granular strategy allowed us to spend their budgets in the most effective way. We focused on relevant locations in the UK and abroad to ensure that they were found for keywords such as ‘car hire Madrid’ or ‘car hire London’.

Once that strategy was agreed upon, we went away and created reams and reams of ontologically relevant content which went into great detail about the areas that we were targeting. This showed to search engines that this website, and company, were highly knowledgable and authoritative and were, therefore, best placed to help users. This resulted in the increased number of organic keywords that they were found for, as displayed in the below graph:

the number of keywords we helped them rank for increased

By helping them rank for a greater number of keywords – 4000 of which appeared on page one – we were, in turn, able to boost the traffic heading to the website. Quite simply, as a result of The Embryo Technique, people were finding the client for more and more relevant keywords which helped to increase traffic to their site to over 57,000 users a month. This is highlighted in the graph below:

organic traffic enjoyed a steady and stable increase

By writing about locations, and targeting their associated keywords, we inevitably mentioned and linked to, places and attractions in that local area. For instance, if we were writing content about Liverpool, targeting people who were looking to hire a car in that city, we’d link to things such as the Cavern Club, the Liver Building, and Liverpool One. By doing this, and becoming an online presence in that local area, our linking building strategy became very fruitful. This resulted in, as displayed below, around 1,750 individual domains linking back to the client’s site.

the number of backlinks to the client's site also increased

The effect of this? A significant increase in domain rating, from a low of 24 to a peak of 31 – a seven-point jump.

the domain rating increased as a result of the embryo technique

The Bottom Line: Our entire strategy was underpinned by The Embryo Technique which resulted in huge increases in all relevant metrics for the client.

How Embryo Can Help You

At Embryo we have a wide range of services – both paid and organic in nature – that can help your business achieve its goals.

No matter what your objective is, whether it’s a new website, a desire to increase leads, or a wanting to be found on page one of search engines for relevant terms and phrases, we can help.

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Outstanding! Embryo were a pleasure to work with. Every aspect of the website development was well planned, executed and delivered on time. The end result far exceeded our expectations.

- Lee Richards, Parkingeye