after our work was complete 1 in 3 people enquired about policies

Leveraging The Embryo Technique to Get 1 in 3 Site Visitors to Enquire about Insurance Policies

Being an insurance company is one thing, actually getting to sell it to people is another thing. As we’re sure you’re aware reader, agencies and marketing (so-called) gurus will promise that by divine intervention or otherwise, they’ll be able to increase the number of people who want insurance policies from you.

We’re tired of these false promises made to hardworking business owners which is why when we do actually achieve results, that is based on hard work and proprietary technology, you better believe we’re going to show you them.

So, in this case study, you’re going to see how we helped an insurance company achieve a 30% conversion rate on a landing page that increased their click to lead rate from 20% to 35%.

You’re about to learn:

  • The level of frustration the client was feeling about a lack of conversions.
  • How The Embryo Technique was essential at achieving success.
  • The specific results we got for the client.

Sound interesting? Let’s get to it!

Problem: Site Visitors Not Converting Into Leads

Solution: Harnessing the Data from the Embryo Technique to Turn 1 in 3 Visitors into Leads

During our first kick-off meeting, the Embryo team were hearing a familiar story from the client. They had a good website, which was attracting a fair amount of people a month, as you can see below, in this Ahrefs chart.

the client's ahrefs rankings

The problem was, this traffic wasn’t converting into anything meaningful – i.e. leads and revenue. A quick scan of their pages told another familiar story – they weren’t engaging or persuasive enough to convert the users, who may well have been interested in purchasing insurance, into leads for the sales team to sell to.

Knowing exactly what was needed, thanks to the honing of The Embryo Technique, our teams went away and created targeted, specific landing pages that they knew would increase conversion rates. In the world of advertising a 2-5% conversion rate is considered good, after all, what you’re asking people to do involves parting with their money, or following an online process that takes time.

Remarkably, the landing pages created by our team, which were created using The Embryo Technique and a granular keyword strategy, ensured that for every three people who visited that page, one would convert into a lead. They are seriously good numbers.

the client's landing page that converted 30% of visitors

How did we do it? Well, it involves three things mainly.

When designing the page, there are a few things you need to give yourself the best possible chance of success, they are:

  1. Awards & accreditations: The client had won several awards in the insurance sector and we knew that displaying these prominently would help to build immediate trust with the user, who may only look at the page for a few seconds before making a decision.
  2. Above the fold enquiry button: Getting users to actually enquire is the whole point of the page so our team ensured that the module in which one could do that was above the fold (a term describing the position of a page element at the top of the page). It really is about minimising the amount of movement a user has to make and reducing the number of clicks – an above the fold enquiry button trims remove unnecessary movements.
  3. Quick and easy to read information highlighting key USPs: Some final persuasion may be needed for users who need that extra push to enquire. To do this we added some one-sentence USPs that showcased what the user would get from enquiring/working with the client’s insurance team.

The Bottom Line: All these elements, combined with our proprietary technology and Embryo Technique resulted in a page that converted 30% of its visitors into leads.

How Embryo Can Help You

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No matter what your objective is, whether it’s a new website, a desire to increase leads, or a wanting to be found on page one of search engines for relevant terms and phrases, we can help.

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