eBay Marketing

Optimising brands for success as an eBay seller.

For sellers on eBay, the platform can represent a huge segment of their revenue. We help sellers and e-commerce businesses make the most of the time, effort and budget they put into the eBay platform to deliver clear ROI and drive sales.

Promotions that only cost if you make a sale.

eBay ads, also known as Promoted Listings, are a fantastic option for sellers on the platform as you only actually pay for ad space if you make a sale, unlike many other paid marketing channels.

Creating enhanced storefronts and trustworthy seller profiles.

As well as an effective ad strategy using eBay’s marketing tools, we can help you optimise your store for organic sales using in-depth customer and platform insights.

Building brands alongside successful stores.

Creating brand-loyal customers through eBay marketing tools.

Through Seller Hub Promotions and eBay’s tools offering multibuy and postage discounts, among others, we can help businesses on eBay turn one-time sales into loyal customers and improve brand loyalty and recognition for all their customers.