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We are Embryo, an award-winning Manchester SEO and digital marketing agency with years of experience producing effective and impactful marketing campaigns for our clients. Most of our clients are Manchester-based like us, but we work with businesses from across the UK. We’re a search-led agency with a focus on producing disruptive and unforgettable marketing campaigns that win our clients business and traffic.

Whether it’s generating organic traffic through creative content and impactful SEO campaigns, or targeting the most convertible traffic possible through optimised PPC and incisive social media campaigns, we use all the tools at our disposal to earn our clients visible ROI that meets and exceeds expectations. When it comes to digital PR, we focus on building your network, improving your outreach, securing high-quality and significant backlinks, getting your business in the eyes of local and national media, and increasing your influence as an industry leader.

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What Is Digital PR?

When you boil it down, the nuts and bolts of digital PR are all about making the absolute most out of what you’ve got. By building a strong network of contacts and creating news-worthy and attention-grabbing campaigns, digital PR helps you to turn your ideas and contacts into coverage and your coverage into links.

Digital PR is all about communication. Think of it like positioning your business in the right place at the right time with a big enough megaphone – our job when running a digital PR campaign is to get your business in front of all the right people and with the content and news to make sure that people hear you. The best kind of digital PR brings your business to the forefront with creative content campaigns and fantastic coverage.

It’s also about building links – and not just the SEO kind. Building links between your business and the right influencers, journalists, and industry authorities is vital. Here at Embryo, we approach digital PR as business outreach and relationship-building first, SEO second – despite being a search-led Manchester SEO agency. That’s because, when done properly, digital PR can do a lot more than to simply please Google. It’s about increasing your reach and influence while affecting the way people feel about your brand. It’s about creating a network and foundation from which you can continue to build upon successfully for years to come. And yes, it’s also about securing those high-quality and noteworthy backlinks from authoritative sites that can immediately boost the efforts of your SEO campaign, turning your coverage into raised traffic and organic search visibility.

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If you’re a bigger business looking to improve your trust and credibility by gaining coverage in authoritative sources, then a noticeable and news-baiting digital PR campaign is the way to go. If you’re a smaller business hoping to open up an industry network and improve your chances of gaining new partnerships and clientele, then a digital PR campaign is the way to go. Essentially, digital PR campaigns are a multi-pronged approach to marketing that, when done well, can achieve a great deal for your business at the same time – and it works for businesses of all sizes.

An important aspect of our approach to digital PR is in the way that we treat the SEO benefits as secondary. However, we are still a search-led agency with expertise in Manchester SEO. That’s why – try as we might to ignore the influence of Google – we know just how effective and impactful our PR efforts can be for our SEO campaigns. That’s why we still maintain a deep understanding of Google’s ranking signals and keep our insight into how Google works honed and ready. A lot of the time, our digital PR campaigns run alongside SEO and creative content efforts to produce a comprehensive marketing campaign that ticks all the right boxes. If you want to become an industry leader and hit number one on Google for all the key search words and terms that you’re targeting, then you’ll need the reach and exposure that an Embryo digital PR campaign can achieve for you.

Why Does Digital PR Matter To Your Business?

Want to take the next step in improving your brand’s online visibility and results? These days, digital PR is becoming a more and more essential part of any business’s marketing mix in the online space. As we increasingly turn digital, our promotional methods need to adapt too. For those wanting to build strong and lasting relationships with clients and partners while supporting the efforts of their SEO campaign, digital PR is one of the best and most effective tools for online marketers.

Digital PR earns links that can give your website and online accounts a huge boost in results, traffic and visibility. But the thing that makes digital PR such an important asset to your business is the fact that it’s a vital SEO tool – but it’s not completely SEO-focused. In fact, the way that we approach digital PR here at Embryo focuses on building the kind of relationships that can extend your brand reach and win you long-term business that makes a difference.

1. Digital PR earns coverage that boosts your SEO.

At Embryo, our PR efforts are about earning the coverage that matters. Whether it’s a winning mention from a national news source, a partnership with an industry giant, or an established organisation giving you a shout out, we aim to get you noticed. Then, we work to turn that coverage into SEO.

Link building is a huge part of the way that we approach digital PR. Excellent coverage and anchoring your brand in the midst of current conversations is fantastic, but we always want to turn that into something that will benefit your SEO efforts. Whatever mentions you earn in the places that matter, we’re always looking for ways to turn these into powerful links that can boost your website significantly in the long-term. Authoritative and trusted links from powerful websites are one of the best ways to tell Google that your website matters and that it needs to be seen. Basically, earning high-quality links through digital PR is a fantastic way of actually capitalising on the coverage you’re receiving and taking the opportunity to raise your visibility.

2. Digital PR means producing high-quality content that lasts.

Unfortunately, journalists and industry leaders don’t hand out links and mentions for free. If that was the case, then you’d hardly need an expert digital marketing agency to do your digital PR for you. Of course, digital PR means knowing the right people. But more than that, it means giving them the kind of content that they actually want to share.

Asking a contact you have in local journalism for a mention is great, but there’s got to be high-quality content behind it that makes the link worth it for them too. The best way of encouraging people to share your brand with impactful links and improved coverage is to be consistently producing news-worthy and evergreen content. The benefit of this is that high-quality evergreen content does more than just aid your digital PR efforts – it’s the kind of content that builds a strong foundation that supports and boosts your brand in the long term. This is one of the very best methods of supporting your SEO.

3. Traditional PR is in decline.

The number of businesses and customers who believe and trust in traditional forms of advertising is currently dropping – and this includes online advertising too. This has been particularly apparent over the last decade – in 2015 the Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford found that 31% of UK respondents found traditional banner advertising distracting and would avoid websites where the advertising interferes with their experience. Marketers are having to find increasingly creative ways of getting their message out there and finding the coverage they need.

Of course, a cracking paid media campaign can still be incredibly effective. A targeted and analytical PPC campaign, or an insightful and disruptive social media campaign can work dividends, hauling in conversions, boosting brand recall and recognition, and earning you the kind of visibility that’s worth paying for. Nonetheless, as a business it’s important to understand both the importance and the limitations of each tool at your disposal. You need to be able to cover as many different avenues as you can for the best results possible – digital PR is an organic route that fills in the gaps left by your other campaigns, because it builds upon your SEO efforts while strengthening your relationships and business outreach.

4. Digital PR works for businesses of all sizes.

Because of the overwhelming movement towards digital platforms for marketing and advertising, alongside the decline of traditional advertising, more and more businesses are investing in digital PR. Fortunately, digital PR is an effective and impactful tool that benefits both large and small businesses. It doesn’t really matter what size your business is or what kind of budget you’ve got to work with – the fact is that digital PR efforts, whether large or small, improve the links your business benefits from – both across the web and between people.

Bigger and more established businesses might take to digital PR in order to reinforce their branding and to strengthen their national or global outreach with a news-worthy campaign that generates positive coverage. Smaller businesses and new start-ups looking to boost their growth can look to digital PR as a fantastic way of making new connections and getting much-needed exposure even with a limited budget. Digital PR is all about making the absolute most of what you’ve got, turning your contacts into coverage and your coverage into links.

5. Digital PR builds relationships and influence.

We’ve already touched on this, but it’s an important one. One of the most important things about digital PR is that it supports your other campaigns while doing something that, while is perhaps less quantifiable, is certainly no less important – building relationships and expanding your influence through your industry.

You see, the way that we approach digital PR here at Embryo is to put the business outreach and networking building first, and the SEO second. But we’re a search-led Manchester SEO agency, so how does that work? Well, SEO is incredibly important to us. We’re experts in analysing what makes Google and other search engines tick, and we build creative content campaigns and technical on-page and off-page SEO in order to optimise our clients to the best of our abilities, increasing visibility, generating more traffic and boosting conversions.

But, we still treat SEO as secondary when it comes to our digital PR, and we think that’s part of the secret to our success. Link building is an SEO practice and it’s a huge part of digital PR. But if you’re only focusing on getting links that Google is going to appreciate, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to build relationships that could impact your business in a long-term and entirely positive way.

Links are fantastic, and high quality links from high authority websites that signal to Google that your site is both important and trustworthy are even better. And one of the main end results of any digital PR campaign is to generate as many of these as possible. But we always approach our link building with the aim of building a business network for your company first. Why? Because building links for the sake of Google limits your horizons and puts your fate in Google’s hands. As Eric Ward, the most prolific and successful link builder of all time, said: the first commandment of link building is to pretend that Google doesn’t even exist.

A business’s links symbolises its relationships, so you should treat them that way too. Links can do an awful lot more than to just please Google and see a slight bump in visibility or traffic. The way we approach digital PR here at Embryo is to focus on raising brand awareness and connectivity, build public sentiment, get your name known in both local and national press, and to position you as an authoritative industry-leader. And we do this knowing that the links will follow.

Digital PR & SEO – How Do They Work Together?

Digital PR and SEO, when working together, can offer each campaign huge benefits. In fact, digital PR is often paired with SEO because they are both essentially trying to achieve the same thing – to raise your online visibility and profile through the creation and promotion of quality content. Here at Embryo, as one of Manchester’s leading SEO agencies, we’ve always got one eye on your rankings and how we can best optimise your performance for high SERP visibility. A digital PR campaign that works alongside the efforts of your SEO campaign can offer huge benefits to this.

SEO can provide valuable insight into user intent, the kinds of specific topics that are trending at any one time, and the needs and feelings of your audience. Done well, this is all worked into the strategy and planning of your digital PR campaign, informing the kind of content we produce and the outreach we perform. Simultaneously, a hard-hitting digital PR campaign can provide huge support to your SEO efforts by building valuable, high authority links and mentions from important publications and the kind of places your target audience is likely to see, driving exactly the right kind of traffic to your website. In turn, this has a huge impact on your domain authority, increasing your value in the eyes of Google and your users alike, leading to a rise in the search rankings.

Boiled down, if you want to improve your brand awareness and authority as effectively and efficiently as possible, it’s important to be running interwoven SEO and digital PR campaigns. Here at Embryo, we always ensure that our SEO and digital PR teams work closely together, supporting each other and informing one another’s decisions.

Producing a lot of high quality and newsworthy content and getting this published in all the right places is a powerful way to improve brand awareness and authority. But the actual links themselves shouldn’t be ignored. Any digital PR worth their salt knows that they need to win quality and authoritative backlinks for their campaign, but SEO insight is invaluable here.

When it comes to sending out press releases and building on brand mentions across the media and relevant publications, the links you earn should always be optimised for maximum SEO performance. From the link URLs themselves to the keywords in the anchor text, the SEO team should always perform consultation in order to earn optimal performance. Links are how Google interprets the passing of authority between websites and the relationship between those two websites, so it’s crucial to make the most of this opportunity.

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Digital PR Manchester – Why Should You Choose Embryo?

Looking for an agency to handle your digital PR in Manchester? Look no further than Embryo. We’re a driven team of innovative and forward-thinking creatives and digital experts experienced in delivering winning digital marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients. Our digital PR executives work tirelessly to create and deliver a winning digital PR strategy for your business, using all the tools at their disposal to improve your digital footprint.

We are a results-led digital agency that always puts achieving measurable and visible results first. Working across a range of channels and digital services such as organic search, PPC, social media, web design and creative content marketing, we have the talent, expertise and experience needed for our digital PR specialists to deliver the right digital strategy for you and your business. We pride ourselves on our communication and transparency, always keeping our clients in the loop and never leaving you in the dark. The way we treat and communicate our clients is one of the keys to our success – it’s something we never let slip.

Have you found yourself losing out to competitors in the search rankings? Know that you’re missing out on crucial web traffic to other sites and not sure why? Frustrated that you’re not seeing the growth you know you deserve? Contact us here at Embryo today. We’re experts at what we do, and no digital PR agency in Manchester is better-placed to assess your needs, provide consultation, and deliver the viral campaigns that earn you the kind of online visibility that makes a lasting difference to your business.

Measurable Results – How Is Digital PR Different From Traditional PR?

Done well, digital PR is one of the most powerful tools available to any business’s digital marketing, encompassing a wide range of goals while working in perfect harmony with your other digital marketing services. As we mentioned above, SEO and digital PR often go hand in hand, but the fact is that digital PR works closely alongside your content marketing efforts, your social media activity, and much more. Unlike traditional PR, digital PR is closely tied in to this more overarching picture of your online presence, brand and visibility, helping to provide more measurable and tangible results.

Digital PR doesn’t work without a thorough understanding of the web, Google, how websites, work, and how best to optimise your output for the best performance possible when it comes to your rankings, brand awareness and overall online visibility. Understanding what’s best for this allows digital PR to work in symbiosis with other digital services towards a common goal, whether that be driving traffic to a particular page or product, increasing overall domain authority, link profile, or anything else.

For us, one of the most important differences between digital PR and traditional PR is simple measurability. Digital PR provides clear and visible results that traditional PR has always struggled to achieve while also striking at your target audience with an accuracy and insight that traditional PR lacks. Traditional PR is broad; digital PR is targeted.

So how exactly do we measure digital PR success?

Understanding exactly where traditional PR ends and digital PR begins isn’t always as simple as it sounds. While you might think the obvious answer is that digital PR is simply anything done online, it’s worth remembering that a lot of traditional press publications exist mainly online now these days, while broadcast, offline media and television are still considered firmly traditional PR channels.

However, these traditional PR outlets are difficult to track and the exact results are often unclear – they are broad methods targeted largely and gaining more general brand awareness and publicity. Digital PR, on the other hand, implements techniques and methods and utilises channels that can drive and track measurable results.

Some of the ways we track our results include keyword ranking for targeted search terms and URLs, boosts in web traffic to specific web pages, increased brand-specific searches, and more. Working alongside our SEO team and social media team, we can clearly see the effects that a single piece of digital PR content marketing has on capturing and bringing a new and increased, more relevant audience to your website. If you’re promoting a particular product or service, we’ll be able to give you a broad but clear picture of how your digital PR campaign has helped to improve visibility, drive traffic, and encourage conversion. If you’re worried that investing in PR won’t deliver you visible and tangible results, then an Embryo digital PR campaign will solve that problem.

Our Digital PR Services

When you choose Embryo to run your digital PR campaign, our strategy will be formed around achieving the goals you have set for your business. Every business is different – fortunately, here at Embryo, we have experience working with businesses of all sizes and from a wide variety of different sectors. That’s why, depending on who your target audience is, what tone and branding you want to build, and what kind of publications you want to work with, we’ll build our strategy to suit you.

You might have multiple goals and a range of different criteria to win the kind of attention you want and build the brand you have idealised. Whether you want to feature in national news publications, industry specific authority sites, local business news, or anything else, then Embryo is the agency for you. Our range of digital PR services are always tailored to deliver exactly what you need.

1. Content-Driven & Creative Campaigns

Digital PR doesn’t exist in a bubble. That’s why we use our creative content marketing expertise, data analysis, and SEO insight to deliver digital PR campaigns that are driven by creativity with an emphasis on delivering measurable results and ROI. Digital PR campaigns driven by creative content can attract a large number of quality and high authority links – very quickly. With a focus on shareability, audience interest and value, engagement and interactive content, you can deliver the authorities you want to target with a piece of on-site content they are glad to share, driving traffic to your website.

For our digital PR campaigns to work, we conduct thorough research – research into your sector or niche, and your target audience and branding needs. Our job is to create content that captures and engages your target customer, using our knowledge of creative digital media your audience can’t help but share and interact with. By doing this with on-site content, we can help to deliver measurable SEO value by attracting to your website exactly the audience you want to target.

Creative content driven digital PR campaigns can lead to a range of different benefits. If you’re going to invest your time and resources into a campaign, you want to see measurable results. Here at Embryo, our creative digital PR campaigns are always built to achieve high authority link acquisition while earning a higher level of audience engagement and interaction, building your brand and online visibility. Want to be seen as an industry leader and voice of authority in your sector? A creative digital PR campaign can achieve this:

  • Our campaigns are used for SEO-focused link building, improving your link profile, Google authority value and search visibility.

  • Our campaigns build your audience. Want to attract convertible traffic onto site? Our content-driven digital PR is all about finding your perfect audience and giving them a reason to engage with your brand, allowing for remarketing and long-term benefits.

  • Our campaigns generate PR coverage. Whether you want to feature in the national news, industry-publications, or anything else, we will perform outreach that gets your website and creative content the PR coverage that benefits you, leading to a higher trust value, more traffic, and greater reach.

By building a campaign around an on-site asset, we are able to provide even more value and to use the content across channels, driving convertible traffic into your sales funnel. An engaging piece of content can be used as part of a paid social media campaign or a PPC campaign, spreading your reach and accessing an even wider relevant audience of customers who will not only engage with your content, but invest in your brand, your products and your service.

Sometimes, a large scale creative content and digital PR campaign is a commitment and investment that puts people off – sometimes, it requires patience. But here at Embryo, we know that our content-driven digital PR campaigns are worth the investment, because we deliver links, coverage and engagement. If you want to get ahead in your industry and win coverage and visibility your competitors envy, then a creative digital PR campaign can help you achieve this.

2. Newsjacking & Thought Leadership

Digital PR is a powerful digital marketing tool that can provide a wide range of different benefits to your business and brand. Embryo is a leading Manchester SEO agency, so we’re always looking for opportunities to boost your online profile, increase your visibility, and drive traffic to your website. But when you invest in digital PR with us, we understand that messaging and brand-building is just as important. To become a leader in your field and establish a wide and trusting audience, you’ll need to be able to reliably communicate the messages that matter to them while building your tone and brand.

Thought leadership is one of the most effective ways of establishing your business as an authority through displaying insight, expertise and knowledge. Our creative content team is experienced in delivering this kind of content for our clients and, when done well, it can be incredibly powerful. This requires our team to work closely alongside you to access and utilise your industry insight and messaging and to turn this into relevant guest posts, white papers and more.

Thought leadership is interwoven with our attitude and commitment as an agency. When you choose Embryo for your digital PR, we’re always switched on, looking for opportunities to push your business into the limelight. This is often called ‘newsjacking’ – the process of monitoring the industry and news for opportunities to be reactive and responsive. Thought leadership and newsjacking is specific, relevant, targeted, and time-relevant. When a story occurs, we’ll work with you to make your voice relevant and heard, making you an important part of the conversation.

Being able to react quickly to the news allows you to stay on top, keep pace with your competition, stay relevant and active, and to even provide journalists with the kind of value they can’t say no to. Remember – journalists are in competition to act as quickly as possible too. If you can provide them with thought leadership and authority when they need it, you’ll naturally gain coverage, establish credibility, and build relationships with the kind of people who can provide you with long-term benefit.

Our digital PR and content teams have all the skills and experience necessary to make the most of your industry expertise to create informative and engaging thought leadership content. Thought leadership is an important digital PR practice, often used as part of a much wider PR campaign. Here at Embryo, we always try to implement thought leadership as a way to build authority behind your brand and the experts working in your business, pushing their voice and message to the centre of important conversations and your particular industry.

While thought leadership and newsjacking doesn’t always provide the huge number of links and coverage that content-driven campaigns do, it’s an exceptional way of focusing on defining and structuring your brand, adding clarity for your audience when it comes to understanding what you stand for while displaying your expertise and insight. We’ll work with you to decide upon the topics that are important to you, the industries, sectors and publications you want to target, and with that information we’ll begin to position you as a true thought leader in your field.

3. Industry PR & Local PR

Not every business necessarily wants to aim for national press coverage. If you own a local business, then your priority is on building your local profile, building appeal and attracting local customers to your business. When it comes to PR for local businesses, it’s about focusing on local and regional press and earning valuable coverage there. Sometimes, a national campaign can be the perfect way to attract attention that you can then build local angles around. If you’re a national business hoping to expand your reach in certain areas, then campaigns carefully crafted around these local regions can be perfect.

For local businesses, having a steady and beneficial relationship with other local business owners and journalists can help to cement your local profile and provide you with a network you can rely on for consistent collaboration and partnerships. Local PR is also tightly interwoven with local SEO – sometimes, competition for visibility with broad, valuable and short tail keywords and search terms isn’t viable. Instead, we’ll focus on optimising you for localised searches and building you up to becoming the number one choice for your product or service in your area.

Digital PR can assist this. Our digital PR team works incredibly closely with our SEO team, creating consistency across your campaign and ensuring that our PR campaign supports the efforts of our SEO team by driving local visibility with the kind of coverage and link building that actually matters to your business.

For local businesses, streamlining your campaign and getting the most out of your budget is important. Here at Embryo, we’ll run a campaign that cuts out any excess and delivers exactly what you need, whether that means running a national campaign that targets several regions you want to expand in, or focusing simply on one very specific area that you work in and that will affect your business growth and success. Whatever your budget, we’ll work closely alongside you to understand your needs and to help you achieve the absolute most out of your campaign, improving your local visibility and local coverage.

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Want A Manchester Digital PR Agency That Is Truly Transparent? Embryo Are The Solution

Communication and transparency at the heart of everything we do here at Embryo. With monthly and in-depth reporting, you can be assured that we’re constantly analysing your KPIs, providing ROI and working to improve your traffic, rankings and overall online visibility. Whether you’re hiring us to take over your SEO, digital PR marketing, social media, marketing, PPC, or anything else, we keep a clear and thorough track record of every single thing we do for you. This means that there’s always a record of our actions and tasks available for you to assess, all reviewed in detail as part of our monthly reports, showing all your ranking and performance improvements.

Most digital marketing agencies provide some form of monthly report – but we take things a step further. Using an innovative in-house workflow management system, our digital PR experts can provide you with unrivalled clarity when it comes to discussing what exactly we’ve done, why we’ve done it, when we’ve done, and what it has resulted in. A large scale and creative digital PR strategy has a lot of moving pieces – it can be easy to become lost in what exactly has been performed and when. Choose Embryo, and this won’t be a problem – we’ll always keep you fully updated with every action performed and provide the kind of communication other agencies simply don’t offer.

We Work With Big And Small Businesses Across A Wide Variety Of Sectors

The team at Embryo is experienced in working with businesses of all sizes, from local SMEs to large, multi-site international brands, and we have won the trust of all these clients. Whether you’re a blue chip, a small local business, or an international corporation, we’re well-placed to deliver a range of digital services to suit your needs and meet your goals. A lot of SEO agencies build a reputation around over-promising and under-delivering – for these agencies, clients come and go all the time. We’re different because we’re in it for the long term. We aim to build lasting and trusting relationships with our clients – we want to be a true partner that acts and behaves as just another arm of your business that deals with your marketing.

Our focus on transparency and communication, and our dedication to delivering campaigns that produce results means that no matter what size your company is, our methods and techniques will work for you. But don’t think that we take a ‘one size fits all’ approach – we are adaptable and nimble, spending our time getting to know our clients thoroughly until we have a deep understanding of your business, your brand, your messaging and your goals. Then, we set to work planning and performing a digital strategy bespoke and streamlined for your needs.

The team here at Embryo is full of creative and innovative energy, and our digital PR specialists are no different. It doesn’t matter what kind of client they’re working on – they’ll dedicate themselves to understanding your sector or niche in order to better meet your precise needs. This is why we’ve also been able to carry our digital marketing and digital PR success across clients from a wide range of different industries and sectors.

From SMEs providing a single local service to international suppliers working across a range of countries and services, our digital campaigns have found success, maintained consistency, and helped businesses to achieve the rankings and online presence they deserve.

Our Digital PR Process

Part of our success comes down to the structured and detailed process we have when beginning a brand new digital PR campaign.

1. Creative thinking & ideation

Every successful campaign begins with a great idea. This is why one of the first things we do is to focus on combining research with creativity. First, we’ll sit down to discuss your desired branding and messaging. Then, we’ll research your business and your sector or niche. When we’ve got a clear grasp on all of that, we’ll begin brainstorming ideas for your digital PR campaign.

We make use of a wide variety of methods in order to get our creative ideas brewing. We’ll put our heads together, focusing on your messaging, what makes your business stand out, and what stories you have to tell. Before long, we’ll have a list of ideas at our fingertips, ready to action. But having a fantastic idea is only half the battle when we run data-driven campaigns, so finding out whether we have the data available and whether it fully conveys our message is also a crucial step. We need to assess a number of things, such as whether the idea supports your brand and voice and whether it can be considered newsworthy. Once this process is done, we’ll be ready with a few carefully cultivated ideas for us to build a campaign around.

2. Strategy – planning our campaign

When we’ve got a brilliant idea that we’re ready to implement, next comes the stage of planning and strategizing for your digital PR campaign. This requires a thorough understanding and insight into your business, your message, your target audience, and your branding. With this, we can begin to plan what kind of outreach your campaign is going to need, how we can best perform this outreach, the kind of audience we want to communicate with and the best way of achieving this, and what channels we’ll need to utilise.

We’ll put together a strategy and roadmap for your campaign, working closely alongside you to ensure that the strategy meets all of your business needs. Communication is important to the team here at Embryo and we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service. We’ll never leave you in the dark or have you wondering what exactly it is we’re getting up to. Our job is to run a campaign that consistently meets all your criteria for success.

3. Outreach & using our media relations

When we’ve actioned the idea for your campaign, conducted our research and created a newsworthy piece of content designed to engage your target audience and bring traffic to your website, it’s time for us to get your message out there. This is what’s called outreach, and it’s how we approach promoting your story and getting your content in front of the media, industry leaders and more that you want to target.

One of the most common and effective ways that we do this is to write engaging and clear press releases to be sent to the right people at relevant publications. But this is only one way of getting your content out there. When running outreach for your digital PR campaign, we will assess every single channel and technique available to us, identifying which are the most appropriate for you, your messaging and your audience. For most campaigns, outreach is a single identifiable period in a campaign where we will reach out with our content in order for it to earn the coverage it deserves. However, some campaigns take on a more overall appeal – evergreen content is one of the most powerful tools out there and this kind of content can be outreached over and over again to earn increasing coverage.

But how do we consistently earn the kind of coverage that delivers your website and content with high authority links, press coverage, and gets your target audience to pay attention? Well, we’ve built a network of contacts that covers national newspapers, industry publications, local and regional publications, online news sites and blogs, influencers and more. And we’re always working to build on this network, establish new relationships and to ensure that, when it comes time to begin outreach, we know exactly where to go for any client. But this process also means working closely alongside you so that we can understand which publications are important to you, allowing us to build and maintain relationships with contacts who can make a difference to your campaign.

Ready to start your own growth journey?

Please get in touch with our team to find out more about our services, our approach to digital campaigns or to find out how we can help you grow your business online.