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In an online world where anyone can write content for their site, it is by leveraging a digital PR agency that businesses – regardless of size or sector – can get ahead, both in terms of reputation and organic search success. Here at Embryo, a digital marketing agency in Liverpool, we offer digital PR for businesses in the Merseyside area and focus on building relationships with contacts, creating 5-star assets – be it content or otherwise – that are loved and used by journalists, and securing long-lasting, high-value backlinks to our clients’ sites.

As a search-led agency, we take our services direct to where your audience is. In digital PR, this translates to laser-targeted outreach to relevant Liverpool-based, as well as national, publications, both B2B and B2C, so that your branding, company story, and products are put right in the faces of people that are most likely to buy what you’re selling. We have ample experience being an influential agency group that has a knack for attaining backlinks from giant news corporations and local papers alike.

No one is the perfect PR agency, but we think we’re pretty close, so if you’re looking for an agency that can grow your level of coverage, please contact our team today – we look forward to helping you grow your brand!

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A digital PR service for Liverpool businesses can be effective

What Is a Digital PR Service?

At its core, digital PR (a shortened acronym for Public Relations) is about increasing the number of people who know about your business. That’s a simple definition, but if anyone ever asks you “What is digital PR?”, you can tell them that.

This form of marketing involves creating an asset or piece of content that is eye-catching enough to be picked up and used by journalists, bloggers, or influencers. It’s about actioning ideas and turning them into reality to increase local or national coverage, or in some cases both. When it’s done right, digital public relations can completely transform your business: you need to have something interesting to say, it has to be relevant to the time you’re looking to outreach it, and it has to be completely unique – sounds tricky, right? 

Thankfully, our Digital PR team are experts in helping Liverpool businesses create a bespoke PR campaign or two, packed with creative content, and can ensure your business is known as an iconic brand.

Another prominent theme of a good digital PR company is links – both online links and those links that are made with journalists. In regard to the former – the online links – they are akin to online currency and are the way in which businesses’ websites grow their online authority and presence. Digital public relations – of the type we offer here at Embryo – is the ideal marketing technique to position brands as authoritative. We don’t disregard the benefits of SEO for businesses, we are, after all, a search-first SEO Liverpool agency. How do digital PR and SEO benefit each other? Well, by creating high-quality content that is wanted by journalists, we earn you incredibly valuable backlinks from domains such as The MetroThe Liverpool Echo, and The Daily Mail because they link back to your site when they publish the content. This practice shows Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines that your site can be trusted (and worthy of good organic search rankings) because it’s being referred to (linked to) by a site that has been trusted by them for years. 

With all that said, it’s impossible to achieve them on a regular basis without building those emotional links with journalists, bloggers, and influencers. These relationships take years to build, but thankfully, our PR team have over a decade worth of experience building, crafting, and honing such relationships, both in the northwest and across the rest of the UK. Developing these bonds means they can take a new client, with little to previous coverage, and use the trust they’ve developed with a journalist from, for example, The Daily Express to publish unique content that gets the client seen online and in print. 

Cutting-edge, multi-channel campaigns can work for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you’re a small business with a small online presence, a unique product or service, and a hunger to grow, leveraging online public relations allows you to grow your notoriety – among potential customers and investors – and it improves your organic search performance all at the same time. This is the beauty of this multifaceted digital marketing service. On the other hand, if you’re a business that is well-established, you can harness a digital PR company to publish, or contribute to, eye-catching campaigns/content that gains respect from authoritative sources and confirm yourself as a thought leader. 

What sets our offering apart from other PR agencies in Liverpool is our recognition of the undeniable fact that the benefits from digital PR for SEO are in some ways as valuable as the human notoriety that the service was born from. This is why our team keeps an eye on Google’s ever-changing algorithm and ranking signals – doing so allows us to create campaigns that hit both important metrics. In many instances, the digital public relations campaign will run alongside our SEO team’s onsite work and the Content team’s creation of long-form, ontologically relevant copy. All this, combined, forms what we call the ‘Three Pillars of SEO’, which are:

  • Technical
  • Content
  • Authority

It’s the latter pillar – authority – that our Digital PR team specialises in. And if you want to be found for key search terms and take up a healthy amount of space on the search engine results pages, then a digital advertising campaign is needed. We’ll get asked in meetings “Why do I need PR marketing and SEO?” Well, essentially, Google’s algorithm, post the 2020 December Core Update, now favours businesses that are seen to be putting real-life, high-quality content out there. This kind of authentic, or ‘real’, content cannot be faked and is proof that a business is real.

Why Does a Public Relations Strategy Matter?

Investing in a digital PR service matters more because it’s what can set you apart from your competitors and offer your current marketing mix a new edge. In a world where everything is digital, campaigns that are creative, disruptive, and original are very much needed, in conjunction with long-form content and well-optimised websites, to set you apart from your competitors. It’s arguably the most effective way to build communication with clients and improve your keyword visibility and other SEO metrics. It’s important to differentiate this new form of PR from ‘standard’ content writing (though nothing about content writing is standard!) – a business must consider them as separate disciplines that have their own benefits which, when combined with technical SEO, create an ironclad digital marketing strategy that is more likely to be successful than not. Here are five other reasons why PR services matter:

  • The Coverage from Campaigns Compliments Your SEO: As we’ve already mentioned, both PR and SEO complement each other. And here at Embryo, we recognise this but understand that the primary aim of this public relations service is to earn coverage in national and local news sources, or in industry-specific publications. Our in-house team will get you the coverage and then convert that into high-quality backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most powerful ways of telling Google that your website matters and should be trusted. 
  • Producing the Very Best Content That Lasts: If newspapers and journalists simply gave out links and coverage for any old content, there’d be no need for Digital Marketing Agencies in Liverpool. However, the supply of content for column inches is the highest it’s ever been – this means journalists have a rich auction of work to choose from when deciding what to put in their paper. By working with a creative agency in the digital PR space, you’re not only working with a creative team – one that knows what to create to catch the eyes of those gatekeepers on Fleet Street – but a group that has the contacts already there in their (figurative) little black book. They only create content that is long-lasting and impactful because that is the only type of work that will get picked up and boost your brand. 
  • Traditional Communication Techniques Are in Decline: Gone are the days of Don Draper and his fellow Mad Men selling eye-catching traditional PR campaigns to aspirational airlines. Since the turn of the century and the advent of the internet and social media, traditional PR is declining in both use and popularity. With users having more and more control over what they see on their screens, brands are increasingly turning to creative branding agencies near them to create more unique campaigns and all but force users to look at their business. As opposed to traditional PR, it’s more sophisticated digital bigger brother allows you to fill the gaps that PPC marketing campaigns or social media advertisements leave behind, while also improving your organic search performance
  • It Works for Companies and Brands in Every Sector: While the demand for content and the level of internet users have never been higher, that shouldn’t put those businesses who haven’t dipped their toe in the digital PR agency water off investing in it. Why? Well, simply put, if your business has customers, then PR services can work for you. It’s simple supply and demand. Your business – via our digital marketing agency – is supplying newsmakers with content that meets their demands. They don’t care if you’re a small company with no previous coverage – they need well-crafted campaigns to fill physical and virtual column inches.
  • Good Public Relations Builds Influence: A Liverpool Digital PR agency may find it hard to justify the investment in their services because being mentioned in a newspaper 4 or 5 times a year is hard to quantify when compared to, say, a search engine optimisation campaign that can directly link their work to an increased number of leads. However, that’s not to say that building good public relations isn’t important – in fact, it’s essential. By being visible in relevant industry publications and in newspapers – be they in Liverpool or elsewhere in the UK – you can build sentiment publicly, become an industry thought leader, and raise your brand’s awareness. All that, done right, equals additional SEO benefits in the form of increased keyword visibility, as well as almost-priceless backlinks from sites with high domain authorities that are 70, 80, 90+. 
each Liverpool PR campaign we do is bespoke to your business

Why Bespoke PR Campaigns Should Be Part of Your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Search engine optimisation can sound and feel very techy, but in actual fact, it and digital PR are basically working in different ways to achieve the same goal. Both attempt to grow your brand’s awareness and, ultimately, are geared to bringing your business more business. That’s why we always find it strange that other Liverpool digital marketing agencies don’t integrate the data and work from their organic search teams with their digital public relations teams.

Owing in part to us being an SEO Liverpool agency, our eyes (at least one of them) can’t help but be fixed on those nerdy search metrics such as search visibility. We inform our PR team of this data so that they can build campaigns that will score points on and offline. The data gleaned from places such as Ahrefs can help our PR team understand audience intent, topics that are trending, and the issues that target markets are facing. All this feeds into the eventual campaign and gives everyone a window into what will work and be liked (literally and metaphorically) by audiences.

These benefits can be reversed – with high-profile campaigns benefitting the SEO performance via the acquisition of external backlinks from authoritative sources that have years of established organic value under their belts. In addition, the theory goes that those who see your campaigns and click through to your site are people who are almost guaranteed to be interested in your products and services. After all, they felt compelled enough to click on the article or publication, who’s to say that won’t lead to a sale? 

To be successful, SEO and digital PR need to be interwoven and mixed together. At Embryo, we know this better than most Liverpool-based digital marketing agencies.

our vibrant team are the ideal comms agency

Digital PR Liverpool – Why Embryo Are the Ideal Comms Agency

We’re ideally suited to help you with your Liverpool digital PR services because we’re results-driven and are only satisfied when we’ve hit relevant KPIs that are meaningful to your business. Having carried out radical, disruptive PR campaigns for businesses in the northwest – across the fashion industry, the manufacturing sector, and the pet food sector – our team can deftly pivot between a wide range of industries with ease. 

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to handle your digital PR, then Embryo is the team to work with. Not only are we defined by the results we provide for your business, but we also recognise that we are, in some respects, in the customer service industry. It’s this belief that sets us apart from other PR agencies in Liverpool and Merseyside. From the moment you reach out to us, we’ll ensure transparent communication that is meaningful, insightful, and designed to keep you in the loop.

Rest assured, we’ll work tirelessly to deliver for you and bring the multi-faceted benefits of digital PR to your Liverpool business. So, if you are:

  • Seeing your competitors taking up column inches in local and national newspapers?
  • Struggling to fill your sales team’s pipelines because the leads just aren’t visiting your website?
  • Frustrated that your business isn’t able to hit its targets?

Then you should absolutely pick up the phonedrop us an email, and contact us at Embryo today. We’re extremely confident that there is no digital PR agency in Liverpool like us – we have the experience, contacts, and insight to make all those aforementioned problems far less of a burden on your business. 

Our Digital Public Relations (PR) Services

Every business is different – they’ll be different sizes, have vastly different goals and targets, and will all have different purposes – therefore, it’s important that your company is working with a digital PR agency in Liverpool that understands this need for nuance. You can bet that here at Embryo, we do. We’ll create a long-term, sustainable digital public relations campaign that is laser-focused on your audience and the publications that matter in your industry, and which is tailored to match your brand’s voice

You’re going to have dozens of different criteria that you want to hit and multiple goals you want to achieve from a digital PR campaign – why shouldn’t you? A lot of Digital PR agencies in Liverpool will want to pigeonhole your business into one campaign, with an aim to hit one goal. We’re not about that at Embryo, we’ll run multiple campaigns focusing on getting you as much coverage as possible across local, national, and relevant industry publications so you slowly start to become a well-known brand and a thought leader in your sector. 

Advertising Campaign Centered around Content

To reap the benefits of digital PR, the assets we send to publications need to be of the highest quality. After all, we’re competing with huge markets of people and businesses looking to get their name on newspaper’s websites and in industry magazines. We’re attuned to this at Embryo and will build campaigns around original content, data, and newsworthy hooks. The digital PR team work in tandem with our SEO teams and Content Executives to create truly bespoke content that looks and sounds like your business.

Data can help you stand out from the crowd and provide some truly groundbreaking returns on investment. We take data very seriously at Embryo and believe it is the key to successful online digital PR campaigns in Liverpool. We value it so much in fact that we have a dedicated Data Scientist – Danny – who works to take raw data about issues and topics relevant to your industry and convert them into charts and graphs that are insightful, new, and give your business that edge. Our creative, content-led campaigns don’t just sit in journalists’ inboxes, they’re opened and put straight online, winning valuable backlinks for your website.

We’re under no illusion that digital PR is a tricky, sometimes frustrating, arm of marketing. It requires patience, collaboration, and thoughtful planning and execution. We know that it works and can help deliver your business links, coverage, and engagement, which is why we’re so passionate about delivering these large-scale creative content campaigns for you.

Newsjacking Current Topics

In a world where news can come about at any minute, about any topic, on any device, it’s vital the Liverpool digital PR agency you choose is able to keep on top of current affairs and quickly discover trends that can be ‘newsjacked’ by your business. Newsjacking is the term used to describe a brand jumping on board a popular topic to grow its brand awareness in its industry and across the wider culture. Done well, newsjacking can have immediate and long-lasting effects for a brand, ensuring millions of people are in conversation with not only the news article but the brand that has bandwagoned it too. 

There are so many great examples of newsjacking, from Aviation Gin’s gentle(ish) dig at Peleton’s Christmas advert to Burger King taking advantage of McDonald’s failure to secure the copyright for the Big Mac, newsjacking can meet the moment and transform the way your brand is thought of. We love newsjacking here at Embryo and are confident that we’re able to insert your business into a trending topic or conversation while maintaining your identity and building your brand.

We keep an eye on an array of different software tools, from Twitter to Buzzstream, which allow us to view the online space from 30,000 feet and jump on any news that appears. We understand journalists here at Embryo and know that they need content to fill those precious digital and physical column inches. Our processes and deep understanding of your industry allow us to provide said content in hours, with minimal input from you.

PR: Local, National and Industry-Wide

While appearing in a national newspaper is of course a good thing, if you’re a business that would value links, coverage, and reach from your local newspaper or very specific industry websites, a mention in The Daily Mail may not be that useful to you. We’re not about shiny – literal – headlines, all our digital PR campaigns are targeted so that they provide relevant success for your business.

Our initial planning and objective setting are based entirely on you. We know that for local businesses, a solid relationship with one or two local newspapers and journalists can provide an incredible amount of local SEO value and attention, in terms of links and mentions. If you’re competing with three or four competitors in your area, a local digital PR campaign can give you the edge and ensure you’re seen at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for those high-value keywords and phrases.

Our campaigns are all about creating the highest value asset and utilising your budget in the most effective way. We’ll trim off all the fat and deliver results that are exactly what you need, whether that’s a multi-faceted campaign that targets national newspapers and regions, or just a focus on one specific area or topic that targets demographics that are going to increase your sales. 

we'll create a thorough comms strategy before rolling out the campaign

Our Comms Strategy for Digital PR

Being approached by a local business in Merseyside for our digital PR services is always a new and exciting period. We love the variety of businesses we get to work with and learn about the intricacies of the industries in which they operate. To ensure a maximum return on investment for your digital PR campaign, we undergo the following steps.

  1. Initial Planning: The best campaigns are born from great ideas – a sudden fit of inspiration could be the spark, or someone could see something somewhere and instinctively know that it could be used as part of a campaign. It’s this initial planning phase where we meet, discuss ideas, brainstorm, and lean on multiple pieces of software, such as Ahrefs, to find out what is being searched by your audience. This helps us create campaigns that are both creative and in-demand – you have to have both otherwise your campaign is never going to take off. Once our ideas have been fleshed out. we’ll present them to you to discuss which are your favourite and which ones we want to go ahead with.
  2. Setting Strategic Objectives: With the so-called hard part out the way, stage two involves contextualising these ideas, setting out a road map, and putting place objectives so that everyone understands what success looks like. Here, we’ll get to know your business, understand its USPs, message, targets, tone of voice, and branding. Working in constant communication with you, we’ll put together a strategy and roadmap that consistently meets the parameters set out in your criteria. 
  3. Outreach to Popular Liverpool Publications: When we’ve fleshed out the idea and built an oven-ready campaign that is newsworthy, high-quality, and designed to increase traffic, it’s time to send it out to relevant Liverpool publications who, thanks to our work in the initial planning phase, we know are interested in our work. We consistently earn the coverage and links that our client deserves because we create evergreen content that can be used over and over again in multiple publications – be they local, national, or industry-wide.

How Do You Measure Success?

As a Manchester and Liverpool digital PR agency, there are multiple ways we measure success. These metrics include things such as web traffic, increased rankings for search terms, and overall organic visibility. While these are important, we ensure that your own measures of success are put on the same pedestal as ours. Very often, the metrics we use to measure success overlap with what success looks like for you. For instance, if we can see that, as a result of getting high-quality backlinks, your rankings for high-value search terms increase, then the chances are your sales will have increased – which is almost always a metric that is valued by our clients. One of the many advantages of digital PR services for Liverpool businesses is the granular way in which performance can be tracked. Further to this, it can also provide you with the opportunity to be laser-focused and utilise budgets more effectively by creating lean, targeted campaigns. This is one of the main differences between traditional PR and digital PR.

Looking for a Liverpool PR Agency That Specialises in Inspiring Campaigns? Embryo's Team Are the Solution

We may well think we’ve created the next greatest digital PR campaign ever, but if we’ve not communicated our thought process and documented our work to you in a granular fashion, then what’s the point? We know that our campaigns are only as good as the communication and transparency that you’ve received during the process of creating them. Only then can your company fully understand and appreciate the impact of our Liverpool digital PR services. At Embryo, our comms and focus on crafting a long-term relationship with your business set us apart from other Liverpool SEO and PR agencies. Our monthly reporting is some of the most eye-catching and concise in the business. At the start of the month, you’ll receive a detailed report that reviews all the work done in the previous month, with a clear plan in place for the coming weeks.

Using our in-house workflow management system – Notion – we’re able to document all the achievements and results we’ve got on behalf of your business.

From large-scale digital PR marketing campaigns to niche, industry level endeavours that ensure you’re seen as a thought leader, there are very few digital PR campaigns we can’t make a success of. If you’re ready to start your growth journey with a digital PR agency that operates in Liverpool, get in touch with our team today.

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