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It can convince us to buy things, move us, persuade us, and make us want to read on. Content, it’s fair to say, is extremely powerful, in more ways than one. Through the lens of digital marketing, content is the single most effective thing you can do to improve your organic results.

Here at Embryo, we believe we are Liverpool content marketing specialists and pride ourselves on creating copy that satisfies a number of key performance indicators – be that increased keyword visibility, higher rankings for industry-related keywords, or more high-value leads. As one of the most important organic digital marketing principles, long-form content works regardless of industry, sector, how old your company is, or where you’re based in Liverpool. Here, we’ll explain why in a little more detail (well, a lot more actually, more than any other content marketing agency in Liverpool). 

To learn more, read on, or if you’re considering your digital marketing options and want to speak to an actual human being about content, give our team a call today – we love talking about content strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital PR, and, basically, everything else to do with online advertising.

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the importance of having content on your site cannot be underestimated

Why Content Marketing Is Important

Effective copy can be the difference between someone buying your product, or your competitor’s. In the world of SEO, digital content can be used to great effect in several different avenues. Good content can instil trust in your brand if it’s knowledgeable enough, drive your target audience through your sales funnel if it’s persuasive enough, and cement your position in search rankings if it’s optimised enough. 

The keyword in that last paragraph is ‘effective’. Frankly, you can post a million blog posts and spend all your time on a fancy new website, but if neither are targeted at the right people then you might as well shout out the window. But if you put your content creation in the hands of experts, such as those found in the Content team at Embryo, the results can be transformative. We can ensure all your products are described beautifully and can be found on search engine results pages (SERPs) for the right keywords, as well as ensure that you’re seen as a thought leader via long-form, descriptive blog posts. 

Content is all about taking a keyword, or a concept, and running with it to create something that is algorithmically beautiful. Over time, we’ve created content for clients that have boosted their reputations, increased their revenue, and made a return on their initial investment time and time again. Our content marketing strategies are about quantity and quality, ensuring all the relevant stakeholders, in making sure your content is successful, are satisfied. All in all, the copy we will write for you will be designed to have a positive impact on your overall business.

As a content-first agency, we take the creation of on-page and off-page copy more important than the average Liverpool marketing agency. Not only do we prioritise long-form content, but we mix creativity, data, technology, and relevant platforms to create something that is unique, laser-focused, and more in-depth than anything else your competitors are doing. All of this long-form content earns links from industry-specific websites, which boosts your authority, earning you better rankings that increase the amount of organic traffic to your site (i.e. people that are searching for your products and have an intent to buy). 

Speaking of intent, we won’t just create work that we think is good, we’ll write blogs, whitepapers, e-books, product descriptions, and even metadata that is filled with intent and targets interested people. We’re not just writing for the sake of it – every content marketing strategy we create for clients is done with the intent of the customer in mind. It’s a simple matter of meeting demand with the right supply, but to our surprise, still, competitors in virtually every industry shirk the idea of emphasising content, to their loss.

What Does Content Creation Involve in a Digital Campaign?

Most content marketing people in Liverpool will just write the content and crack on with the next campaign. We’re different here at Embryo, and for good reason. Our digital marketing services are all centred around becoming your content consultants – from our initial kick-off call to researching your tone of voice, offering suggestions for one-off content projects and answering any questions you may have about what work we’re doing and why – we’re always here for you.

In the marketing industry, the client and the agency are often like church and state – separated. However, our content writers know that they can only deliver exceptional results for your Liverpool business if they’re under the skin of your company, which is why we act as, in effect, a branch of your own organisation.

Every project starts with a consultation period where we get to understand your tone of voice, the types of words and phrases you do – and don’t – like, and the kind of products and pages you want to prioritise. We also learn about any industry-specific terms (if there are any), the process customers go through when they get in touch with you, and your key performance indicators. All this simply contextualises our work and lets us know what we should focus on.

Alongside the 159-point SEO audit that our specialists will carry out, our content marketing team will undergo a slighter smaller audit of their own. Here, they will look through the pages and identify areas where content could be added, improved, and optimised. Further, we’ll conduct keyword research to find long-tail keywords (search terms that are 3+ words in length) that could form the basis of blog posts or FAQs. Once our content strategy is in place and approved by you, we’ll get to work creating the copy for you. We use several pieces of software for page and blog creation. To start, we’ll always use Ahrefs – this SEO tool allows us to study relevant keywords, their volumes, and SERP features (e.g. does that SERP feature more question-based responses or more local SEO features such as 3-pack). Ahrefs also has a ‘Content Gap’ tool that shows us what keywords your competitors are ranking for that you’re currently not even indexed for. This tool helps us plug those gaps in the first few months, provided there are no more urgent pages that need working on.

Once we have our keywords, we use an AI research tool called Frase, which allows us to sound like industry experts on your behalf. Frase scans the top 20 results for any given keyword and compiles an automated report that we use as a jumping-off point for our copy. In the past, we’d have spent hours researching a topic, finding what others were talking about, and discovering how best to beat what is currently ranking on page one. Now though, thanks to Frase, we can have it all in one convenient report. We’ve also, in the past, used tools such as Answer The Public, which lets us know what questions are being asked by people on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Once the content has been written, sent to you, the client, and approved, we’ll then upload it for you too. We clean all content using an HTML cleaner to ensure the thousands of words we write don’t affect site speed, and we also compress any images we use using a compressor tool. Both of these final jobs keep your site’s load speed high.

At the start of each month, you’ll receive in-depth, headline reports from our content writers that outline the work that’s been done, and the work we’re going to do in the coming month. We’ll also present stats and data about work from previous months that has now been indexed and performing well. This reporting period is part of our entire transparent communication ethos, which runs through our entire company. While other Liverpool digital agencies hide behind acronyms and jargon, our straight-talking comms and reports provide an excellent opportunity to keep you up to speed about what’s going on.

Writing content for search engines can help you achieved number one page rankings

Should We Write Copy for Search Engines or for Customers?

While ‘both’ is not the raciest answer for a Liverpool digital marketing agency to say – it’s the correct one. 

Content today is about satisfying the algorithms needed to provide users with the best possible answer and ensuring it is exciting and user friendly. In the last few years, Google and other search engines have solved this problem of doing two things at once by rewarding one with the other. This is to say that a digital marketing campaign that prioritises natural-looking, user-friendly content that answers questions will satisfy the algorithm. Make sense? This makes search success via content harder, in theory, but by working with a local Liverpool content agency such as Embryo, you’re getting a team that is more than up to the challenge. We’ll create a digital marketing content plan for you that has this modern way of ensuring search success baked into it. While your competition is moaning about its search rankings or online search visibility evaporating because they didn’t invest in long-form content, you’ll be busy closing on all the new leads that have come to your site because you’ll have bypassed them. 

We’ll get asked, “How to write for SEO?” a lot and, admittedly, it can be tough. It’s a fine line to tread but it’s only harder because Google’s now penalising practises that were widely used 5, 10, 15 years ago (link farming, keyword stuffing, and content redirection, for example). These ‘black hat’ SEO techniques, as they’re called, are no longer worth the virtual paper they are written on. This just forces businesses to think a little more about what they are putting out in their online real estate, or use digital marketing agencies near them (ahem…) that are up to the challenge.

While we’re content-first, we always make sure that the stuff we write for you is done in conjunction with the SEO team, their site audits, and what the data they are looking at is telling them. The Content team liaise with SEO and, at the start of each quarter, get together and create 3-month strategies based on up-to-the-minute research and data. We’ll plan out all the blogs, whitepapers, e-books, infographics, and site pages that we’re working on so that everyone knows what work is going on. This ensures that the digital marketing channels we leverage via content are being maximised.

we are passionate about long-form content marketing at Embryo

Long-Form Content Marketing Campaigns, and Why They Work

We’ve mentioned this already but it’s now more difficult than ever to reach position one on Google. Years ago, the number of black hat search engine optimisation practises were in the dozens and were commonplace. For instance, a typical digital marketing strategy would involve stuffing keywords into content – it would read horribly, be whatever the opposite of a good user experience is, and would still help that business achieve success. This reached a massive low when companies would write website copy without any search consideration and then write all the keywords that they wanted to target at the bottom of the page, and then change the font colour to white(!) – meaning they couldn’t be seen by users. Insane, right?

As the landscape of the online space changes, and gets bigger, the approach to content for brands needs to be more thorough, and well thought out. Investing in thousands of words of content across your site is one of the ‘easiest’, white hat SEO techniques you can carry out to stand out to Google’s algorithm. At Embryo, we’re arguably more passionate about content than other Liverpool marketing agencies. We’re so committed to it that we took time to conduct the biggest word count study ever made. We analysed 24,774 keywords and the results showed us that, to rank position number one for a keyword, you need at least 2855 words to feature on your page! We used Sistrix’s software and used so-called everyday keywords that would be typed out by regular users, not one-word keywords that were considered premium, with different intentions. We undertook this study because the last significant one was done in 2012 by a now-defunct company, so we thought we’d take the bull by the horns and carry out our own. 

This word count study has really reinforced expansive, big tent content that explains topics and answers searched questions. Our content executives are specialists in creating intent-driven copy that is thousands of words in length – it’s second nature to them, and it isn’t to a lot of other local Liverpool search agencies. 

We often get asked “why does SEO content of this type work?” and, to answer it, we like to hark back to an analogy. Think of Google’s search pages as real estate – naturally, the more real estate you have, the better positioned you are to have more consumers in your sales funnel and increase trust. To get more of this metaphorical real estate, you need to cover every single relevant topic, sub-topic, and relevant question possible. And you need to make sure that it’s all of the highest possible quality; otherwise, Google will just choose someone else in the local SEO location section, the People Also Ask section, or the featured snippets. Doing all this builds trust and contextuality, both of which are the pillars of modern-day content marketing, regardless of industry or business size. 

It’s a long game that requires faith and a consistent approach, sure, and some businesses do get impatient when they don’t see results in the first month or two. But then, as months one, two, three, and four progress, they start to see the uptick in search rankings, the increase in organic visibility, and they notice that their Sales team are all of a sudden dealing with a lot more qualified leads in their sales pipeline. 

Why Work with Embryo over Other Businesses?

You should opt for our digital marketing services over other Liverpool marketing agencies because of our belief in the power of content, and the fact that we are a full-service company that specialise in lead generation. We’ll design stunning, mobile-friendly websites that operate at lightning speed, and our SEO team will carry out 159-point audits and work closely with the Content team to determine the most effective inbound marketing campaign. Our Social Media team will build creative social ad campaigns that are within your budget and operate with fantastic returns on ad spend (ROAS).

If you’re looking to get your business in front of a specific sector, or the general public, we have a Digital PR team that has a list of journalists and bloggers, all of whom have large platforms for your business to be seen on. And, finally, if you want to take up more internet real estate in a slightly more supercharged timeframe, our Pay Per Click (PPC) team can build eye-catching campaigns that put you at the very top of relevant search engine results pages (SERPs). 

We’ll match your business’s ambition with expansive multi-disciplinary Liverpool marketing campaigns that deliver results. 

these content facts are sure to help you understand the power of the written word

Not Convinced about the Power of Words? Here Are Some Content Factoids

  • 80% of business decision-makers would rather read a series of articles about a company than watch a commercial.
  • Every day, 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content.
  • 62% of firms say content marketing is now a top priority for them.
  • For their businesses, 37% of marketers have a documented content marketing plan.
  • Content marketing is 62% less expensive than traditional marketing and creates around three times the number of leads.
  • Over the past year, 85% of those polled reported that creating high-quality content and having an efficient content creation process boosted their overall success.
  • Even while publishers produce 16 times more short-form material than long-form content, content between 3,000 and 10,000 words obtains the most social shares.
  • Custom content, according to 78% of CMOs, is the future of marketing.
  • People Also Ask appears more than any other type of SERP feature at around 68%.
  • Ranking for a question-based keyword requires far less content than a non-question-based keyword.
  • Queries that are three words or less require around 2700 words of content.
  • The position of SERP question boxes is overwhelmingly on position two.

Some Regularly Searched Content Marketing Questions, Answered:

What is a content marketing strategy?

Charlie: A content marketing strategy is essentially a plan, over a given period of time, that lays out the content you’re going to be writing. Creating a strategy allows you to carry out keyword research to determine the types of content you’ll be creating. For instance, if your industry’s keyword landscape is very question-based, you could filter these based on your products and services and write long-form responses to them – upwards of 300 words an answer – on those pages – that could form part of your strategy. You can do this ad nauseam, provided the questions are there. Similarly, if your industry’s search history is based around shorter product-based keywords, you could simply plan to write the most expensive pieces of copy for those pages, using Ahrefs, SE Ranking and tools such as Frase to create authoritative content. A strategy just contextualises what you’re going to do and can provide justifications (in the form of search rankings mainly) to key stakeholders if need be. It is a document that should include details of the key topics you’re going to cover, the personas of your target audience, your relevant tone of voice, and the goal you want to achieve from writing all this content. 

How to measure content marketing?

Megan: Measuring content marketing is entirely relative to your business, while that isn’t a particularly existing response, it’s true! If you want to increase the number of leads your Sales team has to handle, but the content that you or a digital marketing agency write doesn’t achieve that, then you’d measure your content marketing efforts poorly. Whether you’re working in-house or with an SEO agency that operates in Liverpool such as Embryo, make sure you’ve got pre-determined key performance indicators (KPIs) set out from the get-go. That way you can hold people accountable and measure your content marketing relative to what success looks like for you.

Why is content marketing important?

Danielle: Content marketing is important because, without it, you’re not saying anything and you’re simply going to be overtaken by businesses who are putting out regular content. In a world of search, where billions of queries are made each day, it is still the text-based responses that have the highest presence on the search engine results pages. Every industry, no matter how big or small, young or old, will have customers who are searching for their products, or looking for solutions that they can provide. Content marketing is important because it provides you with the opportunity to impart your knowledge, and, if you do it right (by working with Embryo, maybe?)Google is going to reward you for your earnest efforts. Finally, it’s important because, if you don’t invest in content marketing, your business isn’t going to succeed – it’s as simple as that. 

What is B2B content marketing?

Kara: B2B stands for business to business. B2B content marketing is a type of marketing strategy that targets businesses as opposed to the average consumer. B2B stands for business to business. You’d write content targeting businesses that might be interested in the products or services you provide, which may well grow their own business. B2B’s close relative is B2C content marketing, which stands for business to consumer. As the name suggests, B2C marketing skips the middleman and addresses the end-user, the consumer, directly. Online retailers are a good example of where you may find this type of marketing. B2B marketing, on the other hand, can strengthen your brand’s identity, keyword reach, all with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue and/or the number of leads. 

How to grow your business using content marketing?

Hannah: Using content marketing to grow your business can be extremely effective. It can provide the platform for SEO success and allow you to stamp your authority as a thought leader in your industry. Content marketing is organic and long-term in nature, it will take time to see results but, as a sustainable way to grow your business’s online presence, there are few better marketing techniques. You can use content marketing to speak to your target audience, promote products, and get your business out there across a number of different channels. While our Liverpool SEO agency, which operates here and beyond, is content-first, we have specialists across PPC and paid social, meaning we can leverage content marketing across these channels with ease. 

What are examples of content marketing?

Dylan: Content marketing can take many forms and, as a result, examples are wide-ranging in length, style, and tone. One content marketing example could be a 10,000-word whitepaper that discusses an important topic in your industry – it could be detailed, comprehensive and have the goal of attracting potential leads. You could write it, publish it, and ask people for their email addresses to access it, then your Sales team could use those email addresses to get in touch with the people and nurture them as future sales. Another example could be a social media post that is only a few hundred characters long and targets people who are scrolling on Facebook. This type of content marketing can be put right in the news feeds of demographics that would be interested in your products and services.

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