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newspaper stand

Where to put your CTA? Is above the fold still relevant?

13/04/22 Web Design Web Development Data

What is ‘The Fold’? ‘The Fold’ is a term that originates from the printing and folding of newspapers with the upper front half being prime real estate for any large story/ article while being folded on the stall bringing in...
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browser compatibility

Supported Browsers & Their Effect On Your Website

21/03/22 Web Development

When it comes to web browsers, we all have our favourite. Back in the day, more or less everybody “surfed” the web via Internet Explorer (IE). Fast-forward to the present day and there are a whole host of browsers for...
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low fidelity wireframes

Simple steps to follow: Useful wireframes

01/02/22 Web Design Web Development

What is a Wireframe? In as few words as possible, a wireframe is a quick sketch created as early in the web project to capture as much valuable information that could help or be developed further into the project. This...
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drupal logo on website.

The Evolution of Drupal 8 to 9

16/11/21 #TeamEmbryo Web Design Web Development

As Drupal 9.0 was released to the world in June 2020, the company had taken an important next step in the growth and evolution of its platform by building upon what already exists in Drupal 8 and laying the foundation...
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colleague come up with a design for a webpage.

The Beginners Guide to UX and UI

07/10/21 Web Design Web Development Apps

Since entering the world of the Web 7 years ago, I have often found myself seeing references to both UI and UX being used interchangeably, but I have come to learn that there are indeed significant differences between the two...

website project round - up

Website Project Round-up

30/07/21 Web Development Web Design

Within the web team, we have been exceptionally busy for the first six months of the year, working on a range of different website projects. Below is a round-up of just some of the projects we have delivered so far...
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woocommerce google shopping integration

WooCommerce’s Google Shopping Integration is Now Live

22/06/21 SEO PPC Web Development

Google has recently announced an integration partnership with WooCommerce to help retailers and ecommerce stores easily display their products and inventory across Google properties, including organic search, paid search, organic & paid shopping and also YouTube. The integration comes as...
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latest google update

Here It Comes! Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Update Is Rolling Out Now.

17/06/21 SEO Web Design Web Development

And we’re off! Google in a tweet yesterday, announced that its Page Experience Algorithm Update had started to roll out. Initially due to launch last year, then postponed, and then postponed again from the rescheduled May launch, we’ve finally arrived...
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collaborative wireframes

Why collaboration is key to achieving a strong design

10/03/21 Web Development Web Design

When it comes to design, collaborating with various groups of people, collating opinions and utilising people’s experiences will only support in designing a strong website. It’s important that take advantage of the skillsets within your team but also, the knowledge...
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project wash-ups - why are they important?

Project Wash-ups – Why are they important?

19/02/21 Web Design Web Development

What is a wash-up meeting? A wash-up meeting takes place at the end of a project and it’s purpose is to review the project as a whole. Everyone who was involved in the project attends the meeting and it gives...
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