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Project Scoping and Planning: Our Processes

10/09/20 Best Practices Web Design Web Development

Managing UX and Development projects effectively is key to any successful project. You need to ensure that you provide your client with exactly what they want and need, and you need to do this in an efficient way. Through experience,...
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6 WordPress plugins for better site optimisation

12/08/20 SEO Best Practices Web Design Web Development

In this blog I will outline some key WordPress plugins which we use here at Embryo Digital that you can use to improve the performance of your website, the plugins will improve scores by adding compression, expires, optimise files such...
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The Google Page Experience Update 2021: Everything You Need To Know

28/07/20 SEO Web Design Web Development

Google is back with another big algorithm update and it’s set to shake up the search results in 2021. It’s something that all SEOs, digital marketers, and business’ need to be aware of. I’m going to explain the changes that...
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Website development tools to improve your workflow 

01/07/20 Best Practices Web Development

  This blog will go over a number of different web development tools and apps that would help improve your workflow when developing websites or apps. I’ve tried to pick ones that are widely available on all platforms and that...
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How to: Migrate website files over SSH with RSYNC

18/06/20 Best Practices Web Development

What this will cover This will cover a useful method of migrating website files between two machines using the command line interface, RSYNC (Remote Sync) the command we will use is a versatile command with great efficiency when transferring and...
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Tips to help improve your WordPress security

11/05/20 Best Practices Web Design Web Development

Why is it important to improve security on WordPress websites you develop or maintain? WordPress is the biggest platform online currently being used to serve websites to users with 54% of over 50 million CMS websites detected by Built With...
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