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Brands In The Spotlight: BrewDog

27/07/20 Uncategorised

The BrewDog brand has gone from strength to strength since it was started “by two men and a dog” in 2007. If you’d have asked me for a craft beer back in 2007 you’d have received a blank look and...
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2020 is a year

Some Actual Good News From 2020

06/07/20 Uncategorised

You may have heard words echoing the general sentiment that “2020 is a massive dumpster fire” pretty often recently. After all, it certainly looks like it – 2020 has given us an international pandemic, ongoing battles against police brutality, almost...
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Pride and The Pandemic

24/06/20 Uncategorised News Research General

Around the world, the pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on LGBTQI+ people who have been historically discriminated against in their access to healthcare, housing and employment. Various events are held across the globe during the month of June, The...
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Brands In The Spotlight: Ben & Jerry's

08/06/20 Uncategorised

I’m using my next few blogs as an opportunity to shout out some fantastic brands who are doing some good. In the current climate, brands making genuine and concerted efforts to contribute positively to the issues affecting their customers are...
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tweet about covid-19 emails

Mind Your Tone: Email Marketing During COVID-19

04/06/20 Uncategorised

“In these unprecedented times….” “The new normal…” “How we’re handling COVID-19…” If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen all of these and more in your email inbox every day  for the past 3 months, and while it’s easy to say...
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What is Search Impression Share?

29/05/20 Uncategorised PPC

One vital metric of growing a PPC account can be analysing your impression share. Whether this be at campaign or keyword level this is something that can increase visibility, grow your click volumes and increase your KPIs. So… What exactly...
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3 "WFH" Phrases Which Should Be Banned via Memes

17/04/20 Uncategorised

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a very different workplace. Everyone is working from home, so video conferencing, instant messaging and the old, faithful email have replaced face to face meetings.    There are some good things about this setup,...
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sector head to head

The Embryo Index Sector Head-to-Head

07/04/20 Uncategorised Embryo Index

As long as there has been business, there’s been marketing, and as long as there’s been marketing, there’s been those who do it, and those who don’t. While marketing means something different for every sector, the importance of actually doing...
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img 1044

Welcome Daniel! Meet Our New Developer…

02/04/20 Uncategorised

Daniel Scarth is the newest member of the team here at Embryo. He’s adding his wealth of experience to our website team as a developer, specialising in building super fast, SEO optimised, WordPress websites. It’s a very strange time to...
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shutterstock 213968689 scaled 1

5 Ways I Want Microsoft Ads To Improve

31/03/20 Uncategorised

The incorporation and utilisation of Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing ads) has been a foundation of the PPC industry for a while now, However, Bing continues to be a secondary growth plan that’s struggling to keep up with Google’s pace. Having...
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