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Brands In The Spotlight: smol

24/09/20 Uncategorised

My previous ‘Brands In The Spotlight’ blogs were on companies Brewdog and Ben & Jerries, who hardly needed any more press. This time I’ve decided to now turn my attention onto (and improve the backlink profile of) a smaller company...
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Get out the glitter – we're crafting our way through COVID

21/09/20 Uncategorised

On the back of the news that we’re re-locking-down, at least a little bit, lots of us are feeling like we’ve taken a bit of a step back on the road to normality, whatever that looks like these days. However,...
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How networking with journalists has help us understand how to pitch campaigns

18/09/20 Uncategorised Digital Marketing Research Digital PR

Due to COVID-19 news platforms have had to adjust to new working environments and how they generate news stories. From adapting their audience to change their content timelines, we like journalists have worked together in unity to create great quality...
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Learning A Second Language Can Make You Better At Marketing

08/09/20 Uncategorised Digital Marketing Social

For anyone that doesn’t know, prior to starting my career in social media marketing, I was actually a keen European Languages student with aspirations to travel abroad and teach English. I studied German from Year 7 all the way through...
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legolas is confused

GDPR is not as scary and just as boring as you thought

28/08/20 Uncategorised

The phrase “GDPR” is often enough to strike anguish in the heart of any digital professional, since it’s one of the most notoriously snooze-worthy pieces of legislation ever written.  In fact, sleep and meditation app Calm recently released a sleep...
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Introducing Grace, Embryo’s New Project Manager!

25/08/20 Uncategorised News

With eight years in the industry and six years as an established project manager, the team here at Embryo Digital is incredibly excited to introduce Grace Nolan as our new project manager! Having worked at several Manchester-based digital marketing agencies...
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hannah anderson webinar image

"How Social Media Has Changed": Key Takeaways from Hannah Anderson's Webinar

25/08/20 Uncategorised

I attended a fantastic webinar with Hannah Anderson from Social Chain this morning, organised and presented by The Marketing Meetup‘s Joe Glover. It’s not often I can sit through an entire webinar and the FAQ’s – it’s very rare to find them useful, informative...
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shutterstock 725941621 scaled 1

Social Engagement Campaigns – What Are They? Should You Use Them?

20/08/20 Uncategorised Social

If you’re familiar with social media advertising, you’re probably aware of the engagement campaign objective, and use it to boost the odd post, however have never really considered it as part of a long time strategy. Personally, I include engagement...
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annotation 2020 08 06 095915

How AI is Changing Email Marketing

07/08/20 Uncategorised

AI, Artificial Intelligence, Ex Machina, The robots are coming for us all, All Hail The Google Overlords – whatever you call it, it’s becoming increasingly significant for people who don’t work with 4000 lines of code and 16 different neural...
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Anyone for Brunch? My Favourite City Centre Spots.

29/07/20 Uncategorised

On the days I’m not creating some crafty content here at Embryo Digital, you can probably find me tucking into the most important meal of the day – brunch. I’ve brunched a lot, and living in the city centre brings...
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