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ID Verification – The Future or a Misstep?

22/07/21 Uncategorised

England’s heroic performance in their first final since 1966; Lewis Hamilton’s record-breaking victory at Silverstone after a controversial collision with his main championship rival! Yes, these were two of the finest sporting moments of the summer, but both had their...
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google easter eggs image

5 Cool Google Easter Eggs In 2021

30/06/21 Uncategorised #TeamEmbryo General

Hidden Google Easter Eggs I want to take a moment for us all to relax, to just stop the daily grind, just for a minute. Most of us probably use Google on a daily basis, many people will use it...
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elon musk

Elon Musk – Making & Breaking Brands with Twitter!

21/05/21 Uncategorised

Elon Musk is a prolific figure on Twitter and his controversial and but consistently impactful posts. Many lessons, both good and bad, can be learned from how the Tesla boss uses instant communication with his followers and its impact on...
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user intent in search engines

What are the different types of user intent in search engines?

17/05/21 Uncategorised

In modern SEO, there’s so much more to understand than just how to rank on Google and how to focus on your target keywords; everything is so much more sophisticated these days and you need to be a real expert...
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dynamic product ad

Dynamic Product Ads – The Essential Ecommerce Tool

13/04/21 Uncategorised

The last year has seen many businesses adapt to how they reach their customers and many have branched out online. Now may be the time that you are starting to ask how to grow your advertising campaigns and ensure you...
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The perfect strategy for damage control on Social Media

08/04/21 Uncategorised Social Best Practices

It’s my turn to weigh in on the pros and cons of Social Media, and having worked in the field for over 2.5 years, I can confirm we haven’t even touched the surface of its potential in terms of the...
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untitled design 17

5 ways to improve your sleep while working from home

15/03/21 Uncategorised Social Best Practices Research

On the 19th of March 2021, it is official World Sleep Day! Despite what you may think, this isn’t an awareness day that encourages you to lie in bed all day and snooze off all of your day-to-day responsibilities –...
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Lockdown 3: Our guide to lockdown productivity

05/01/21 Uncategorised

How do you improve your lockdown productivity? It’s a question that we’ve all been contemplating for almost a year now, and it looks like the debate will be rumbling on for some time yet. Working from home looks set to...
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number 1 fan 1

Ask These Questions To Understand Your Audience

02/10/20 Uncategorised

Sometimes you can get so carried away in your own department within a digital marketing agency, that you can lose focus of some of the most basic but most important marketing principles. The content team could be concentrating on perfect...
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http written on sticky notes

Googlebot to Start Crawling Websites Using HTTP/2

28/09/20 Uncategorised

Google has announced this week that Googlebot will be crawling selected sites using HTTP/2 from November. Whilst a number of mainstream web browsers have supported the HTTP/2 protocol for a while now, Google has decided that the time is right...
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