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manchester city centre

Living Somewhere New As A Twenty-Something, By A Twenty-Something Who Did It (and still doesn’t have it all worked out)

24/09/21 #TeamEmbryo General

I’ve been through a transitional period in my life recently, and while I can’t say I’ve got it all figured out, it’s got me thinking about the last time I went through a period of significant change like this. In...
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paid social advertising

My first week at Embryo as a Paid Social Graduate.

01/09/21 Social #TeamEmbryo

  I knew I wanted to get into marketing, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do! Marketing isn’t just one thing in itself, there’s a whole umbrella full of services and that’s where some people get confused. I...
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Meet Jamal, our new Website Project Manager!

27/08/21 #TeamEmbryo

The team at Embryo is very excited to introduce Jamal Maynard, our new website project manager!  Jamal has joined the Web Team and will be working with our lovely clients on everything from creative briefs to full website development projects....
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Four Years in Digital Marketing – Four Key Things I’ve Learnt

24/08/21 Digital Marketing Social #TeamEmbryo

This week marks four years since I officially started my career in digital marketing. I say ‘officially’ because I did work part-time at uni running social media ads for my student’s union, but it’s four years this week since I...
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Digital Agency: What Makes The Ideal Team?

23/08/21 Digital Marketing #TeamEmbryo Content General

Working at a digital agency is all about teamwork, particularly here at Embryo – over the past year things have been… different, but we’ve taken everything in our stride and adapted to all of the changes and challenges we’ve faced....
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Correlation Does Not Equal Causation – 2 Great Examples

06/08/21 Best Practices #TeamEmbryo General

So a little while back I saw a post on LinkedIn about how two pieces of data, which looked liked they correlated, equated directly to income… I hung my head in shame. I’ll go through some examples of how correlation...
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love island logo

In Defence of “Trash TV”: Why We Can’t Stop Watching Love Island

02/08/21 #TeamEmbryo General

With Love Island in full swing these days, there’s an awful lot of contention between people who love it and people who hate it. The same goes for most “trashy” reality TV shows – I’m talking Love Is Blind, Married...
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nightclubs return on freedom day

Freedom Day: What’s actually changed?

21/07/21 News #TeamEmbryo Content General

Freedom Day is here and with it, restrictions have been (mostly) removed from day to day activities, allowing people to return to something that resembles normal life as we knew it 18 months ago. It’s been a long time coming...
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Techno Battle 2021 – Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

05/07/21 #TeamEmbryo Content General Innovation

Who will be victorious? Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality? Ever since we as humans created and left the industrial revolution, technology has been an integral part of how we live our lives. Back in the day there was a war...
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