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Reconnecting Local Businesses Through Social Media

01/03/21 Social

There is some real light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. While we still don’t know exactly when all businesses will be able to open up, we now have the roadmap announced by the government. Combined with the vaccine...
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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Rollercoaster

Social Media in 2021: What We’ve Learnt From 2020

25/01/21 Social

I won’t bore you with all the cliches about how 2020 was an ‘unprecedented year’ etc. However, what I will say is that it has been an absolute rollercoaster and massively changed the social media landscape. Brands that never saw...
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3 Top tips on how to improve your social media engagement

06/01/21 Social Best Practices

As you know, social media is a competitive, overcrowded space. During the past year especially, more and more people have been using social media to connect with others, keep up with the news and make purchase decisions, no matter how...
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social media video

How to get the most from your social media video!

21/12/20 Social Best Practices

  With TikTok being this year’s most downloaded app, Instagram launching Reels and Twitter launching Fleets, Video content is everywhere on social media, and it’s clear to see why. The average person watches 16 hours per week of video content...
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The most “Instagrammable” spots in Manchester

11/12/20 Social

If you haven’t heard of the social media giant Instagram by now, it would be right to assume planet earth has not been your home for the past few years. Now being part of over 1 billion people’s morning routine...
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What It’s Like to Work in Social Media

09/12/20 Social

Although I’m not necessarily old, when I was growing up social media wasn’t a job that existed. If you told 13 year old me that I’d work in social media, let alone be the Head of Paid Social, I’d ask...
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Insights from the experts at Hootsuite: How to up your Social Media game in 2021

19/11/20 Social Digital Marketing

Since beginning my adventure into the world of social media marketing, the Hootsuite Social Media Trends seminars and webinars have always created a buzz within the department! Creative experts and social media wizards from across the digital marketing world collectively...
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How To Use Social Media To Help Your Mental Health

18/11/20 Social General

You can’t deny it’s been a pretty tough time for a lot of people recently. Lockdown 2.0, businesses closed once again and the absolute cloud of uncertainty around everything can be pretty overwhelming. I recently wrote a blog about helping...
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Why the perfect Instagram grid shouldn’t be your priority!

11/11/20 Social

If you visit an Instagram Influencers profile, it’s more often than not that you will see a beautiful, colour coordinated grid. Every image has the same filter, lighting or focal point, and there’s no denying, they look amazing.  In reality,...
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cardi b

The Social Media Marketing Masterpiece That Is Cardi B

22/09/20 Social

This is my second blog in a series of ‘The Social Media Marketing Masterpiece That Is … ‘, the first being on Lewis Capaldi over a year ago now. Obviously, this blog is centred around the enigma that is Cardi...
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