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How to grow your business using user-generated content.

25/01/22 Social

The term user-generated content (also called UGC or consumer-generated content) refers to original, brand-specific content created by customers and shared on social media or other channels. It can take many forms, such as images, videos, testimonials, or even podcasts.  ...
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Emily in Paris: The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

18/01/22 Social Best Practices

What is Emily in Paris? Netflix is renowned for its binge-worthy series. From sitcoms to dramas, the streaming platform has something that will make everyone forget ‘portion control’ and devour a series in one sitting. One of the latest in...
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Bake it like Beckham: An look into Cookin’ with Brooklyn

23/12/21 Social News

As we come to the end of the rollercoaster that was 2021, I’m sure we can all look back at the weird and wonderful things we did to keep ourselves occupied during lockdown. Some people started businesses, raised money for...
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Climate Change: 7 Realistic Things You Can Do To To Help The Planet

30/11/21 Social News

It’s no secret that we need to change our relationship with the planet and adapt our habits to make sure we are doing our bit to protect the planet. We often discuss our carbon footprints and the effects of climate...
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tiktok on mobile

The Brands That Are Smashing TikTok Marketing

26/11/21 Social

When it comes to social media platforms, TikTok is fairly new to the game. That being said, the social platform has seen extraordinary growth over the past two years, largely due to the pandemic giving the app a huge boost....
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Instagram SEO tips to increase your reach

24/11/21 Social Best Practices

With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, it can be difficult to get your content to stand out amongst the ever-growing crowd. We’ve all heard of how hashtags can increase your reach, but nowadays there are a number of...
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tiktok social media app platform

TikTok’s New Trending In-App Feature

18/11/21 Social

If you’re like me and you’ve just had a notification pop up from TikTok detailing a new weekly trend report you can check when you log into the app, then you’ll know how great this is for us marketers to...
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instagram highlights

How to use Instagram Highlights to promote your business

27/10/21 Social Best Practices

Although they’ve been available since December 2017, Instagram Highlights are often overlooked as a promotional tool that can be used to help your business thrive. When we compare it to tools such as Instagram Stories and more recently Reels, Highlights...
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pinterest phone

Pinterest Ads: How to Get Started

21/10/21 Social

Here at team Embryo, we’re always looking to grow and develop our knowledge of different services that we think would provide value to our clients. Over the past few months, our paid social team have been delving into different social...
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Food & Drink Brands get Creative for their Halloween Marketing Campaigns

14/10/21 Social Digital Marketing

  Halloween is a great opportunity for brands to be creative with their marketing campaigns whether they are choosing to scare, excite or bring laughter to their target audience. Over the past decade, Halloween has evolved and isn’t just a...
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