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Food & Drink Brands get Creative for their Halloween Marketing Campaigns

14/10/21 Social Digital Marketing

  Halloween is a great opportunity for brands to be creative with their marketing campaigns whether they are choosing to scare, excite or bring laughter to their target audience. Over the past decade, Halloween has evolved and isn’t just a...
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goldfish swimming

The Goldfish Effect: How This Should Impact Your Social Media Strategy

08/10/21 Social Best Practices

Have you been left wondering why your social media content hasn’t been getting the attention that you expected? The reason may run deeper than you’d think… What is the Goldfish Effect? We live in an increasingly digital world where any...
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organic social media apps

10 Organic Social Media Ideas That Are Sure To Drive Engagement

27/09/21 Social

When it comes to the time of the month to create your organic social media strategy, it can sometimes be difficult to beat the dreaded writer’s block. We all know that social content needs to be exciting, new, something that...
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iphone showing facebook tracking details

5 Ways The Apple iOS Update Is Impacting Your Facebook Ads

15/09/21 Social News

In early 2021, Apple dropped their biggest bombshell (update) to date and sent all Facebook advertisers and social media marketers into a frenzy.    Apple released the details of its iOS 14 update in February. This update meant that whereas...
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paid social advertising

My first week at Embryo as a Paid Social Graduate.

01/09/21 Social #TeamEmbryo

  I knew I wanted to get into marketing, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do! Marketing isn’t just one thing in itself, there’s a whole umbrella full of services and that’s where some people get confused. I...
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Four Years in Digital Marketing – Four Key Things I’ve Learnt

24/08/21 Digital Marketing Social #TeamEmbryo

This week marks four years since I officially started my career in digital marketing. I say ‘officially’ because I did work part-time at uni running social media ads for my student’s union, but it’s four years this week since I...
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1628263060 stories tiktok

TikTok Stories: A game changer or just another copycat feature?

11/08/21 Social

  At the moment it feels like TikTok and Instagram are constantly competing for our attention. First, we saw Instagram introduce Reels to mimic TikTok’s success and more recently, TikTok has announced that they are testing Instagram style stories.  ...
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love island

Love Island 2021 – Hot or Flop?

27/07/21 Social Digital Marketing

The most anticipated show of 2021 is upon us: Love Island. I’ve written numerous blogs in the past around the benefit of the hit reality show for brands and analysed the marketing masterpiece that it is. In fact, I’d go...
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rashford - id verification future or misstep

ID Verification – The Future or a Misstep?

22/07/21 Social

England’s heroic performance in their first final since 1966; Lewis Hamilton’s record-breaking victory at Silverstone after a controversial collision with his main championship rival! Yes, these were two of the finest sporting moments of the summer, but both had their...
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instagram video

5 Video Ideas To Help You Adapt To Instagram’s Latest Update

06/07/21 Social

Earlier this week, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has described the app as no longer just a photo-sharing app. He goes on to explain that Instagram will be “embracing video more broadly – full-screen video, immersive, entertaining, for mobile...
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