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The Top 10 Tools You Need To Get Started in SEO

12/10/21 SEO

1. Knowledge & Ability To Adapt One of the most important aspects of a successful career in SEO is understanding that it’s always changing. Over a decade in the industry and I’m still learning all the time. The standards change,...
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top 5 google chrome extensions for seo

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions Every SEO Must Have

17/09/21 SEO

As well as being a fast and secure web browser, Google Chrome has a wealth of extensions which help make running both SEO and other digital marketing campaigns a breeze. From extensions that help you identify what CMS a website...
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top 5 features of ga4

The Top 5 Features In GA4

10/09/21 Digital Marketing SEO

As we enter a new dawn of analytical power where AI and Machine Learning will reign supreme at providing insights quicker than ever before, Google is stepping up its offering with GA4, the next evolution of Google Analytics following Universal...
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content writing in 2021 is about length and breadth

Not All Content Is Created Equal, Here’s Why: SEO Content Writing In 2021 and Beyond

07/09/21 Content SEO Best Practices

If this writer has had to underscore the importance of SEO content writing once, they’ve had to do it a thousand times. Simply put, if you aren’t putting long-form writing at the heart of your marketing strategy, you’re not going to achieve...
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Google Rewriting Page Titles in SERPs

31/08/21 SEO

From Monday 16th August, the SEO community found a number of their page titles across various websites being rewritten by Google. We have known for a long time that Google will often change a page title based on a query...
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How Your Website Being Down ACTUALLY Affects Your Rankings

19/08/21 SEO

Whether you work in search engine marketing and are an SEO or simply own or run a website or two, finding out that your website is down is one of the worse things you can discover. When you hear this...
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google trends

Google Trends Turns 15! What Were We Searching Then & Now?

12/08/21 SEO Digital Marketing

As Google Trends turns 15, we look at Google's Data for top searches in 2006 and 2021, as well as why Google Trends is a crucial tool for SEOs.

optimisation strategy

SEO Is About Optimising Solutions, Not Keywords.

26/07/21 Strategy SEO Digital Marketing

One thing that’s guaranteed is the same look on a client’s face when I explain that SEO is no longer a one-trick pony. It’s not about box-ticking your way to success, it’s not about single keywords, it’s not even about...
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google crawl budget

Let’s Discuss GoogleBot and ‘Crawl Budgets’…

20/07/21 SEO

If you’re clued up on search engine optimisation practices and search engine marketing as a general area of marketing, you’ve probably heard or are aware of GoogleBot. If you’re not, though, let me give you the rundown. What is GoogleBot?...
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