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Are We Doing H1 Tags Wrong?

12/05/21 SEO

Cyrus Shepard, on Twitter, carried out a poll which posed the question to SEOs of ‘Quiz: Does Google recommend using a single <h1> in your content for SEO purposes?’. Interestingly, almost sixty percent of nearly 2000 voters said that Google...
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What Has The UK Been Searching For?

05/05/21 News SEO

The last year has resulted in some very strange consumer behaviour. Not surprising really – it’s been a very strange year. When we first went into lockdown back in March 2020, we were all searching on Google for ‘Zoom’, ‘Home...
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core web vitals

Core Web Vitals Cheatsheet

26/04/21 SEO

With the Core Web Vitals update fast approaching (this has now been pushed back to June from May, see here), the SEO and web development team have been working hard analysing websites and researching ways to help websites meet the...
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reflections on 10 years in SEO

Reflections on 10 Years in SEO

20/04/21 SEO

2021 marks 10 years since I started my SEO career. Starting out in 2011, I had no experience whatsoever, and despite researching prior to that interview, I still wasn’t 100% sure what exactly SEO entailed. I knew what it stood...
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Do Nofollow Links Count?

19/04/21 Digital PR SEO

If you are someone who has ever spent time link building, performing digital PR, or even just generally working in SEO, then you’ve seen rel=”nofollow” tag before. It’s one of the most common HTML tags around, and it’s been around...
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A Breakdown of the Upcoming Core Web Vitals Google Update

25/02/21 SEO

The world of SEO is about to be hit with a large Google update, which I wrote about at the end of last year, in core web vitals. Essentially, Google is adding three new ranking signals to ultimately judge a...
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Collection of hard disk drives

Google’s Tiered Index System

23/02/21 SEO

In a recent episode of Google’s Search Off The Record Podcast, Google’s own Gary Illyes revealed how Google uses a tiered system for it’s index. The most popular content is indexed on faster, more expensive storage compared to the bulk...
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bing webmaster tools and microsoft clarity

Bing Webmaster Tools: The Clarity Update

11/02/21 SEO

Bing has continued to improve its Webmaster Tools offering with the launch of Bing Clarity, a tool designed to rival alternatives such as HotJar. This alongside the website auditing tool, Bing Webmaster Tools is something you cannot afford to not...
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Raise awareness for mental health

Caring for Your Mental Health Whilst Working from Home

29/01/21 SEO News Digital Marketing

  Working from home was once considered a commodity, and whilst this is still the case for many people, a lot are struggling to deal with it. The current lockdown has turned rooms of relaxation into working environments, and people...
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XML Sitemap Optimisation

Optimising Your XML Sitemap

15/01/21 SEO

XML sitemaps are an essential SEO best practice, for search engines they are an easy way for search engine crawlers to understand the structure of pages on your website. They also provide insight into how often a page is updated...
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