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The Importance of Understanding the Search Landscape in 2022

11/01/22 SEO Digital Marketing

With the search landscape continuously changing, it’s more important than ever to focus on more than just your rankings. Over the last few years, Google has continued to roll-out new updates across their algorithms and introduced a ton of new...
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automating seo and digital marketing tasks

Guest Blog: 5 SEO And Digital Marketing Tasks That Need Automation

05/01/22 Digital Marketing SEO

Automation is taking the edge over IT industries, and it has already taken a big leap in SEO and digital marketing. Many businesses consider automation a critical component. 75% of marketers currently use automation solutions in their firms. So, it would...
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reflections on 10 years in seo

SEO in 2022 – what do non-SEOs think is going to happen?

13/12/21 SEO

Today I did a very impromptu, two-minute exercise, to see what various (non-SEO) team members in the office today thought would happen in the world of SEO in 2022 and beyond. I have pasted what each of the team thought...
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wordpress on a laptop

Guide To Content Management Systems

29/11/21 SEO

What Is A Content Management System (CMS)? A CMS, which stands for content management system, is a software application for users to add, remove and update a website easily meaning you don’t require coding skills. These systems allow you to...
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seo facts

30 SEO Facts You Need To Know

15/11/21 SEO

A primary marketing channel for most businesses, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a channel focused on increasing the organic visibility of your website on Search Engines including Google and Bing. If you’re looking to get started on your SEO journey,...
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technical seo survey findings

State of Technical SEO Survey: The Findings

26/10/21 SEO

Aira and Women in Tech SEO have released their first annual report on the state of technical SEO. The findings are taken from over 870 digital marketing professionals working in both in house and agency workplaces. The survey outlines the...
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top tools for starting out in seo

The Top 10 Tools You Need To Get Started in SEO

12/10/21 SEO

1. Knowledge & Ability To Adapt One of the most important aspects of a successful career in SEO is understanding that it’s always changing. Over a decade in the industry and I’m still learning all the time. The standards change,...
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top 5 google chrome extensions for seo

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions Every SEO Must Have

17/09/21 SEO

As well as being a fast and secure web browser, Google Chrome has a wealth of extensions which help make running both SEO and other digital marketing campaigns a breeze. From extensions that help you identify what CMS a website...
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top 5 features of ga4

The Top 5 Features In GA4

10/09/21 Digital Marketing SEO

As we enter a new dawn of analytical power where AI and Machine Learning will reign supreme at providing insights quicker than ever before, Google is stepping up its offering with GA4, the next evolution of Google Analytics following Universal...
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