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online shopping surges as black friday approaches

Black Friday 2020: How retailers are preparing themselves for the busiest online season during a pandemic

26/11/20 News #TeamEmbryo General Operations Privacy

Black Friday is arguably the most significant event to grace the online shopping industry throughout the year, and it’s no surprise to hear that most retailers are expecting the busiest time yet. For most people, this event offers the perfect...
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safari on ios

Is Safari Blocking Google Analytics in iOS14 & Big Sur? Everything You Need To Know

14/07/20 News SEO Research General Privacy

It’s beta testing season and as a self-confessed tech addict, I am one of those people who install betas on my daily drivers and just accept the inevitable issues that come along with it. With the launch of the latest...
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cookie data

Is Google Killing The 3rd Party Cookie All It Seems?

22/01/20 News SEO Digital Marketing PPC Privacy

For many years, the web browser wars were focused primarily on speed. Who could load a webpage the fastest whilst using minimal resources and draining as little battery as possible? Fast forward to 2020 and the war has changed lanes....
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faceapp privacy

Is FaceApp The New Cambridge Analytica?

18/07/19 Privacy

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll have seen pictures across social media in recent weeks of people who have been ‘aged’, giving them a potential glimpse into what they’ll look like in the future. FaceApp has gone viral...
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