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5 Scripts that will work like your own assistant

10/07/20 Digital Marketing Best Practices PPC

Scripts are a long standing feature in PPC accounts, however are criminally underutilized. I found myself avoiding them when i first started in digital marketing as i didn’t want to damage my clients accounts or set something up incorrectly. Below...
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How To Build The Perfect PPC Ad

30/06/20 Digital Marketing PPC

  PPC ads can often be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign.  Being creative when it comes to your PPC ads will help set you apart from your competitors, after all, nobody’s going to be attracted to an...
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What is Search Impression Share?

29/05/20 Uncategorised PPC

One vital metric of growing a PPC account can be analysing your impression share. Whether this be at campaign or keyword level this is something that can increase visibility, grow your click volumes and increase your KPIs. So… What exactly...
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SEO vs PPC – What is the blogosphere saying?

23/05/20 SEO PPC

Using the excellent content brief tool on frase.io, I wanted to see what prominent blogs were saying when it comes to ‘SEO vs PPC‘. Here’s what the tool ‘spat’ out. Pretty neat, eh? This brief scanned the following sources (title,...
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Google Shopping Feed Guides

18/05/20 PPC

A lot of businesses would like to run shopping ads on google, however, do not understand the process to create a product feed to run ads. In my experience I have always seen a lot of confusion when creating a...
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Google Shopping Goes Organic

27/04/20 SEO PPC

A major announcement has been made, in regards to Google Shopping – with it opening up to organic Google listings, in their continued aim to compete with Amazon organically. Google is beginning to open up Shopping results to organic listings...
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Google Bid Strategies Explained

17/04/20 PPC

Google bid strategies are something we use continuously whilst managing PPC accounts. See below an extensive breakdown of all the available strategies we can adopt in Google Ads. But first, What is a Bid Strategy ?        ...
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Embryo Welcomes a New PPC Account Manager, George!

13/03/20 #TeamEmbryo PPC

We’re delighted to welcome George to the team as our newest PPC Account Manager. George is a talented PPC Manager with several years’ experience in the marketing and advertising industry, and has previously worked on a wide variety of clients/projects...
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Improving Lead Quality Using CRM Keyword Tracking

14/02/20 PPC

A common misconception I hear in the PPC Industry is that “lead quality is out of our hands”. Now there is no disagreement that you can procure 100% perfect leads, but the following optimisations can certainly improve your paid search...
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Is Google Killing The 3rd Party Cookie All It Seems?

22/01/20 News SEO Digital Marketing PPC Privacy

For many years, the web browser wars were focused primarily on speed. Who could load a webpage the fastest whilst using minimal resources and draining as little battery as possible? Fast forward to 2020 and the war has changed lanes....
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