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PPC Top Tips For Maximum Engagement

26/11/20 PPC

Whether It’s PPC, SEO, Content or social. Having the ability to effectively engage with your target audience is key to a successful marketing strategy. With Pay-per-click marketing increasing in popularity rapidly each year, it’s imperative for marketers to ensure they’re...
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Adapting To PPC Growth in 2021

25/11/20 PPC Digital Marketing

Here are a few paid search trends that will continue to grow in 2021. We, as advertisers, must adapt to these if we wish to maximise client results. These trends have already seen growth in 2020, and this blog is...
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5 PPC Trends To Look Out For In 2021!

23/11/20 Digital Marketing PPC

5 PPC Trends To Look Out For In 2021!   In a normal year, PPC is fairly unpredictable. But 2020 was anything but a normal year. Last year, nobody could have or would have predicted we would be dealing with...
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Pay-Per-Click, What can it do for you?

31/07/20 PPC

Pay-per-click or ppc as it’s commonly known as is often deemed as something only huge corporate companies can afford. I suppose what i’d like to do is provide business owners in various different industries a clear insight into what ppc...
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Sports Personality Of The Year 2020

22/07/20 PPC

As we approach August… Yes, I said August. There is a lot of talk revolving around which sports person deserves to win the iconic award for 2020. In this blog, I’ll be covering my top 2 picks & what they’ve...
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ROAS is the number one, Numero uno, the ONLY marketing metric you need to know.

13/07/20 Digital Marketing Social PPC

Now the previous statement may not be completely true. But ROAS is still very important. As a business owner you are hit with many marketing terms. CTR, reach, engagement, to name a few. All of these metrics have meaning but...
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5 Scripts that will work like your own assistant

10/07/20 Digital Marketing Best Practices PPC

Scripts are a long standing feature in PPC accounts, however are criminally underutilized. I found myself avoiding them when i first started in digital marketing as i didn’t want to damage my clients accounts or set something up incorrectly. Below...
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How To Build The Perfect PPC Ad

30/06/20 Digital Marketing PPC

  PPC ads can often be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign.  Being creative when it comes to your PPC ads will help set you apart from your competitors, after all, nobody’s going to be attracted to an...
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What is Search Impression Share?

29/05/20 Uncategorised PPC

One vital metric of growing a PPC account can be analysing your impression share. Whether this be at campaign or keyword level this is something that can increase visibility, grow your click volumes and increase your KPIs. So… What exactly...
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marketing funnel

SEO vs PPC – What is the blogosphere saying?

23/05/20 SEO PPC

Using the excellent content brief tool on frase.io, I wanted to see what prominent blogs were saying when it comes to ‘SEO vs PPC‘. Here’s what the tool ‘spat’ out. Pretty neat, eh? This brief scanned the following sources (title,...
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