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automation in digital marketing

Automation In PPC – 6 Useful Focuses

20/06/22 PPC Digital Marketing #TeamEmbryo

Automation has rapidly changed the landscape of PPC.  With this rapid change, the role of a PPC operative has changed with it. The focus of a digital marketer is becoming less about digital marketing as a lone concept and more...
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google ads on a laptop screen

Everything You Need To Know About The New Custom Columns Update

19/05/22 PPC

PPC advertising is a data intensive marketing tactic. This is why Google Ads offers so many different interfaces and metrics for us to make use of. Google Ads standard column selector gives us a range of data options to utilise...
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backlinks and disavowing in 2022

The go to guide for search query analysis

28/02/22 PPC

If you’ve found your way to this blog, you might be someone who’s either a digital marketing novice or a very experienced marketing expert. That’s why I’ll be covering all things search queries, from what they are, to how they...
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A Beginner’s Guide To Google’s New Performance Max Campaigns

18/02/22 PPC Best Practices

We have pulled everything you need to know about Google’s Performance Max and built a guide for beginners to understand what they are, why they can be useful, how they differ to other campaigns and when to use them. What...
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a meeting at embryo

Why I Love The Work Culture At Embryo And Why I Joined The Team?

16/02/22 #TeamEmbryo PPC

Before I get started, I just wanted to say that what I am going to say is not revolutionary as there are a lot of blog articles out there, ones that are probably better written than this one, that cover...
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campaign landing page

How to design a Campaign Landing Page

10/01/22 Web Design PPC

Campaign landing pages are key to any successful campaign, and are widely used by various sized businesses for varying campaigns. Whether you’re enquiring about a new car, financial services or even signing up for a webinar, conversion based landing pages...
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invalid and fraudulent clicks

Are Invalid Clicks Hurting My Performance?

17/12/21 PPC

I’m going to be talking about invalid clicks in the ever-changing world of PPC but first some context. Google’s Winning the Moment that Matter philosophy hinges on the very catchy slogan “Right Person, Right Message, Right Time, Every Time” which...
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click through rate ctr

6 Useful Tips To Improve Click Through Rate

08/11/21 Best Practices PPC

What Is Click Through Rate? Click Through Rate is often referred to as CTR within the digital marketing industry and online advertising. It  is the percentage of people who see your ad (impressions) to the people who click the ad...
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stats for ppc

Google Updates Keyword Matching Processes for Phrase & Broad Match

29/10/21 PPC

Google has announced changes to keyword matching, including a change that prefers the phrase and broad keywords which are identical to the query string. Google is also updating the matching process for queries that don’t have an identical keyword match....
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embryo office

The 8 step digital marketing agency in Manchester new starter checklist

22/10/21 Digital Marketing #TeamEmbryo Best Practices Content PPC

So, you’re starting a new job at an exciting digital marketing agency in Manchester and you’re looking for some tips on how to get started? Well first of all, congratulations! You’ve joined a fantastic industry that’s filled with talent and...
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