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Top money saving tips for you & your business

26/09/19 General Operations

As an Operations Manager at Embryo, a part of my job role is to monitor our monthly outgoings, track how much we’re spending,  and to cut costs where possible. Being an individual who likes to obsessively check their online banking...
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Wellness in the Workspace

11/09/19 General Operations

The time has come for our lovely team at Embryo that every Operations Manager, Office Manager, Managing Director, Executive assistant dreads organising… An office relocation. Yes you heard it, I won’t give you the ‘we’re growing’ line (as I’m sure...
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Top tips to take from Donna Paulsen- COO in the Netflix series ‘Suits’

16/08/19 Operations

OK so I don’t work at a law firm and I may not be a lawyer, a paralegal, or have the slightest clue how to pass the bar. I work in a search-led digital marketing agency, but it doesn’t mean...
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How can I enhance my Leadership and Management skills?

12/07/19 General Operations

On Wednesday the 3rd July, I attended the Manchester Digital leadership training workshop at the Manchester technology centre for the day. Being in a new operations management role for six-seven months now, I felt it would be really beneficial for...
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Exciting times at Embryo!

09/10/20 #TeamEmbryo Operations

We have officially entered into the final quarter of 2020 (I think we can all agree how happy we are at that news), so I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the recent exciting team members that we...
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What gets our young, cool, SEO and digital agency staff excited at Embryo? Notion – a software. Seriously.

14/04/19 Best Practices Operations

I have noticed something recently, which I am not sure is a good thing, or an alarming thing. Many of the young, supposedly ‘cool’ people at Embryo have started to talk to their friends and family about a piece of...
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time and study efficiency

Five Important Aspects of Operations Management in a Digital Marketing Agency

09/04/19 Digital Marketing Best Practices General Operations

Use the right CRM system One of the most important operational factors to have in place within a digital marketing agency is the right customer relationship management system (CRM). A CRM is a tool that essentially provides a central place...
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