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Embryo Launches Wellness Wednesday

02/03/21 Operations

Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is currently more important than ever as we wait for our lockdown 3.0 rules to ease off, in order for us to be able to take part in our gym classes again. Personally, I...
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Team Planning

Tracking Your Team Capacity using OKRs

09/02/21 Operations

This weekend I watched a film about the story behind McDonald’s, I had seen it come up on sky quite a few times, but I never gave it a moments thought until I lost the vote on the movie selection...
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Four Career Tips Embryo Have Taught Me

12/01/21 Operations

The first week of January 2021 marked my two years anniversary at the company (two extremely fast years I might add). So, I wanted to discuss some of the key things that I have learnt in my role as Operations...
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The Embryo Development Programmes 2021

15/12/20 Operations

Towards the end of the year, before the launch of our re-brand, I was thinking about what my goals were going to be for 2021. One of which I knew was that I wanted to invest more time into working...
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Online shopping surges as black Friday approaches

Black Friday 2020: How retailers are preparing themselves for the busiest online season during a pandemic

26/11/20 News #TeamEmbryo General Operations Privacy

Black Friday is arguably the most significant event to grace the online shopping industry throughout the year, and it’s no surprise to hear that most retailers are expecting the busiest time yet. For most people, this event offers the perfect...
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Which Personality Type Are You?

23/09/20 Operations

Throughout the year, our team at Embryo have seen substantial growth despite the 2020 global pandemic. Our hard work, teamwork, and togetherness has never been stronger across our departments (PPC, Social Media, Website, SEO and Content). A key part of...
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On-boarding With Embryo

05/08/20 Operations

As an Operations Manager for Embryo, Search Marketing Agency, It is really important to make sure that our clients experience a streamlined on-boarding process so that the transition from the sales team to our incredibly talented delivery team (PPC, Social,...
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Recommended Reads For Professional Development

06/07/20 General Operations

When I first started at Embryo Digital, one of the things I really loved about our search agency was how much we were encouraged to read outside of work. At first, I must admit I didn’t think that reading a...
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Welcoming a New Team Member During Lockdown 

01/06/20 Operations

We have had the pleasure of welcoming two new team members during lockdown at Embryo, Daniel our website developer, and Hannah our Marketing Executive. Both of whom have had to adjust to a brand new company with a completely new...
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Inspirational Women

Life Lessons from Blair Waldorf, Meredith Grey & Elle Woods

05/05/20 General Operations

The best lessons in my life haven’t always come from books, my passion and drive for a successful career and that ‘independent woman’ vibe we all love to preach about have very much been inspired by some of the nation’s...
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