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Black Friday 2020: How retailers are preparing themselves for the busiest online season during a pandemic

26/11/20 News #TeamEmbryo General Operations Privacy

Black Friday is arguably the most significant event to grace the online shopping industry throughout the year, and it’s no surprise to hear that most retailers are expecting the busiest time yet. For most people, this event offers the perfect...
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the positive benefits of online gaming

How Gaming is Good for Your Mental Health During Lockdown

17/11/20 News Content Research

It’s no secret that the gaming community provides a haven for many, to enjoy some stress-free time amongst friends and tight-knit communities. These claims have led to thorough testing from prestigious universities like Oxford, who claim “video games are good...
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The Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2020

12/11/20 News

The month of November has finally arrived, where we get to enjoy the heartwarming, and quite often tear-jerking Christmas advert campaigns, that hit our big screens from some of the biggest brands in the world. Each year the competition gets...
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our akt fundraiser has been a great success

You have until 31st August to Donate To Our akt Fundraiser! #WearTheCape

29/08/20 News #TeamEmbryo

To celebrate Pride month, the team here at Embryo Digital commissioned notable artist Tom Quaye (a.k.a Manchester Tom) to create an incredible piece of artwork that captured the essence of Pride, with the goal of raising money for the wonderful Manchester-based...
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google people cards feature

Google Have Launched New Search Feature 'People Cards'

26/08/20 News SEO

In the world of Google and search engine marketing, to say that the landscape is ‘ever-changing’ would be an understatement. That’s why, today, I’m writing this post detailing another significant Google feature that has launched recently.  This new feature is people called...
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Introducing Grace, Embryo’s New Project Manager!

25/08/20 News

With eight years in the industry and six years as an established project manager, the team here at Embryo Digital is incredibly excited to introduce Grace Nolan as our new project manager! Having worked at several Manchester-based digital marketing agencies...
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A Game Of Monopoly (And It Doesn't Involve A Board)

14/08/20 News Apps

As a marketer and self-confessed tech addict, monopoly is a word I’ve heard often out of the board game context. Google, for example, is often described monopolising the search market by pushing its own Search Engine through manufacturers being forced...
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safari on ios 1

Is Safari Blocking Google Analytics in iOS14 & Big Sur? Everything You Need To Know

14/07/20 News SEO Research General Privacy

It’s beta testing season and as a self-confessed tech addict, I am one of those people who install betas on my daily drivers and just accept the inevitable issues that come along with it. With the launch of the latest...
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2020 is a year

Some Actual Good News From 2020

06/07/20 News

You may have heard words echoing the general sentiment that “2020 is a massive dumpster fire” pretty often recently. After all, it certainly looks like it – 2020 has given us an international pandemic, ongoing battles against police brutality, almost...
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shutterstock 1089826724

Pride and The Pandemic

24/06/20 News Research General

Around the world, the pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on LGBTQI+ people who have been historically discriminated against in their access to healthcare, housing and employment. Various events are held across the globe during the month of June, The...
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