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spaghetti junction birmingham

My Messy Middle Experience

17/02/22 #TeamEmbryo Research General Innovation

Recently, Embryo’s own, James Welch, the inspirational Chief Innovation Officer introduced me and many others within the Embryo team to Google’s Messy Middle. A notion that admittedly, I completely overlooked despite experiencing it often when it comes to making a...
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nft dollar money

The ABCs of NFTs: What They Are, and Why Sales Are Soaring in 2022

31/01/22 News Innovation

Still relatively new to the market at less than a decade old, it’s fair to say that NFTs have had a decent run, with last year, in particular, bringing in the big bucks – the highest sale going to artist...
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coding in digital marketing

Coding In Digital Marketing, 7 Adaptable Technologies You Need To Know

17/01/22 Digital Marketing Innovation Strategy

Coding In Digital Marketing Before I started coding, I thought it was the stuff of wizardry. Hooded beings in dark rooms tap tap tapping away and creating pure magic so it seemed. I wanted to be a wizard, nay, a...
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how the cloud is transforming f1

How The Cloud Is Transforming F1

20/08/21 News General Innovation

The second half of the Formula 1 2021 season starts on 27th August following a three week long summer break. This season has to be one of the most contested championships in years as 7 times world champion Lewis Hamilton...
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Techno Battle 2021 – Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

05/07/21 #TeamEmbryo Content General Innovation

Who will be victorious? Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality? Ever since we as humans created and left the industrial revolution, technology has been an integral part of how we live our lives. Back in the day there was a war...
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lucy & yak photoshoot

Brand In The Spotlight: Lucy & Yak

12/02/21 Digital Marketing Innovation

Comfort clothing has been at the top of everyone’s shopping list this past year, with sweat pants and lounge wear becoming our WFH uniform. For me, (forever channelling Meryl Streep’s Donna in Mamma Mia), comfort is synonymous with dungarees, and...
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reasons why the pandemic changed journalism in 2020 and why it's essential to be more reactive with digital pr campaigns

Reasons why the pandemic changed journalism in 2020 and why it’s essential to be more reactive with digital PR campaigns

26/01/21 News Digital Marketing Best Practices Research Digital PR Innovation

Living in this new norm has taught us a lot about how journalism has evolved since 2019 and how Covid-19 has encouraged publications to adapt and transform how they share their news online. We have noticed that there has been...
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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Digital PR. Here’s How you can Make your Pitch Stand Out this Christmas

02/12/20 Digital PR Best Practices Content Research Innovation

Tis the season to be jolly and here at Embryo, we want to deliver some good news by sharing some helpful digital PR advice which will get you through the festive period.  December was always a tricky month for getting...
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ai software

Why this is the very most exciting time in all of human history…to work in a B2B business

10/08/20 Innovation

From just about right now, until 2030 (and well beyond), the world will see an age of innovation that dwarfs efforts and innovations the previous 30 years. The reasons why are laid out in this document. In fact, the decade...
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