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Eat That Frog: The Key To Less Procrastination and More Productivity

15/04/21 Best Practices General

We have all been there with pages of to do lists and tasks coming out of our ears, yet we chose to sit there and struggle to move forward with any of it. Instead we aimlessly procrastinate, make more lists...
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hand of male putting wood cube block with word brand on wooden table.

Your Guide To Building A Personal Brand: Part 2

07/04/21 Digital Marketing Social Content General

In my previous blog post – the part 1 edition of ‘your guide to building a personal brand’ – I discussed what a personal brand is and how to create one that is clear and effective. Considering your industry and...
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build your brand typed on a vintage typewriter 1

Your Guide To Building A Personal Brand: Part 1

26/03/21 Digital Marketing Social Content General

Prior to joining Embryo as a Content Executive, I took on various projects as a marketing freelancer. In my role, I wanted to create a clear brand that would help me to define my values and my mission, to attract...
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self love

Giving Yourself A Break Through the Last of Lockdown

24/03/21 #TeamEmbryo General

I like to consider myself a fairly optimistic and cheery person, but with our national lockdown anniversary just passed, the charms of lockdown one are all but dead in the water, and even though the light at the end of...
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social media platforms

The Impact of Social Media on Your Mental Health

23/03/21 Social #TeamEmbryo Content General Apps

Social media is one of the largest parts of the internet – there’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube, and so many more at our disposal, with most people using a combination of these apps on a daily basis. Whilst...
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How to Own the Room, Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking

11/03/21 General Best Practices

With International Women’s Day just behind us, I couldn’t think of a better time to delve into How to Own the Room by Viv Groskop a British Journalist who explores the power when women find their voice.  Exploring history’s great...
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working from home

Things I’ve Learned Whilst Working From Home In 3 Lockdowns

17/02/21 #TeamEmbryo Content General

We’re now fast approaching the 1-year mark in the work-from-home debacle that pretty much all of us have found ourselves in at some point over the course of the last 12 months, so I thought it might be a good...
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get your sh*t together by sarah knight

Book review: Get Your Sh*t Together

16/02/21 General

Disclaimer: This book review will contain the word ‘sh*t’ a good few times, not as many as the book itself though! I’m also not the biggest fan of non-fiction books, especially those that fall under the ‘self-help’ bracket, so I...
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shutterstock 1851451591

Long-distance Relationships In Lockdown: Making Virtual Valentine’s Day Feel That Little Bit Less Virtual

10/02/21 General

  Valentine’s Day will be a little different to last years. We don’t have the usual shops open to hand-pick the perfect gift for a significant other, or even the opportunity to panic book that last-minute table at that restaurant...
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shutterstock 1451195096

The six step ‘Miracle Morning’ aimed to transform your day.

01/02/21 General Best Practices

For many of us, working from home has definitely become the new normal. Even though there are many benefits, such as spending more time with furry friends and avoiding the evening commute, one thing that I’ve personally struggled with is...
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