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Writer’s Block, and How to Cure It: 3 Quick Tips That Actually Work

01/10/21 Content General

Writer’s block is, at some time or other, inevitable. The popular term that references “the inability of a writer to produce new material” is not a modern phenomenon, but it is one that has been increasingly reported as of late....
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manchester city centre

Living Somewhere New As A Twenty-Something, By A Twenty-Something Who Did It (and still doesn’t have it all worked out)

24/09/21 #TeamEmbryo General

I’ve been through a transitional period in my life recently, and while I can’t say I’ve got it all figured out, it’s got me thinking about the last time I went through a period of significant change like this. In...
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The Great Reset

09/09/21 General

As we all know, that fateful night of 23rd March 2020 changed many of our lives, with Boris Johnson addressing the nation and telling us all to “STAY HOME. PROTECT THE NHS. SAVE LIVES”. My generation and the generation before...
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You Better Werq: What Brands Can Learn From RuPaul’s Drag Race

06/09/21 General Best Practices

For those who have not heard of RuPaul’s Drag Race (RPDR), where have you been? RuPaul’s Drag Race is an American Reality TV Show whereby drag queens compete to become America’s Next Drag Superstar. The contestants are given different challenges...
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patterns in nature, benfords law

Benford’s Law – 2 Superb Examples Of Nature Being Awesome

03/09/21 General

Benford’s Law There are examples of patterns in nature, most people will have heard of the golden ratio, and other examples like sunflower seeds and the way they grow. There’s even honeycombs, one of the strongest structures known to man....
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Manchester Pride 2021: Why Pride Is More Important Than Ever

25/08/21 General

With the annual Manchester Pride event going ahead this weekend, many of us are just excited about the prospect of getting out of the house and enjoying a long weekend of partying after the disastrous year we have all had to...
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embryo digital agency

Digital Agency: What Makes The Ideal Team?

23/08/21 Digital Marketing #TeamEmbryo Content General

Working at a digital agency is all about teamwork, particularly here at Embryo – over the past year things have been… different, but we’ve taken everything in our stride and adapted to all of the changes and challenges we’ve faced....
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How The Cloud Is Transforming F1

20/08/21 News General Innovation

The second half of the Formula 1 2021 season starts on 27th August following a three week long summer break. This season has to be one of the most contested championships in years as 7 times world champion Lewis Hamilton...
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manchester pride 2021

Manchester Pride 2021: What’s On & How To Show Your Support

17/08/21 General

As a Manchester-based digital marketing agency, we’re always keen to shout about, and celebrate, any events that are taking place in our great city. Perhaps one of the most exciting celebrations in the city is the annual Pride Festival, which is...
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shutterstock correlation image

Correlation Does Not Equal Causation – 2 Great Examples

06/08/21 Best Practices #TeamEmbryo General

So a little while back I saw a post on LinkedIn about how two pieces of data, which looked liked they correlated, equated directly to income… I hung my head in shame. I’ll go through some examples of how correlation...
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