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The benefits of writing as a… writer…

15/06/22 Best Practices Content General

What are the benefits of writing? It’s a loaded question and one that doesn’t necessarily have one set of specific answers; the benefits of writing are completely specific to each person and everybody will experience different things by getting into...
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finding your voice

What How To Own The Room can teach you about using your voice

14/06/22 Content General

We all have a voice. Use it correctly, it can be the most powerful vessel you have. There is a lot of pressure that comes with using your own voice. Are we saying the correct thing? Should we have spoken...
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charlie and nick in heartstopper

Pride Month: Heartstopper and Why It’s So Important in 2022

10/06/22 General

What is heartstopper, and why should I watch it? Heartstopper hit Netflix in April 2022 and took the world by storm with its success. It’s one of those shows which is instantly comforting to far more than just the LGBT...
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love island

5 Reasons We Love… Love Island

07/06/22 General

The brand new series of Love Island started last night, and it’s got me (and the rest of the country) hooked already! I’m not usually keen on any kind of reality show, or ‘trash TV’ as some people call it,...
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Rethinking Your Communication

01/06/22 Operations General

How many conversations have you found yourself within, where your primary goal is to get the person on the other side to say the word ‘yes’? This could be when speaking to clients, a colleague, a family member or even...
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oatly milk alternative drink

Glebe Farm Vs. The Multinational Giants: Oatly

23/05/22 General Digital Marketing

You may have seen last year, very publically that Oatly brought a smaller independent business, Glebe Farm Foods to court over claims that their dairy alternative milk specifically the branding of their oat range was too similar to their brand.    ...
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web design sketches

14 Simple Ways To Improve Your Website

16/05/22 General

In a world where we’re more reliant on technology and e-commerce than ever before, improving your website to ensure it serves its main purpose is more important than ever and will continue to be for many years to come. No...
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starbucks simple logo debranding on cup

Debranding: The Oversimplification of Logos

12/05/22 General Strategy

Branding trends. From 80s inspired neons to line drawing and scrawling, there are many branding fads that have come and gone over the years. But one trend that seems to have stuck around is the process of ‘debranding’. What is...
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Side Hustles – Are They Worth The Effort?

06/05/22 General

What is a Side Hustle? Essentially, a side hustle is a project or business that you work on alongside your main job role to make extra income. You should choose something you’re passionate about (which will definitely help!), or something...
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Harnessing the Growth Mindset: what can we learn from pushing ourselves?

24/03/22 General

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about thinking. Especially when it comes to developmental psychology and trying to mend my own relationship between the growth mindset and creative achievement, which makes me an excellent person to have at dinner parties....
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