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the downtown embryo index

Beginners Guide to the Downtown Embryo Index

22/09/21 Embryo Index News Digital Marketing

Who are Downtown in Business? Downtown in Business are the fastest growing business networking group in the UK. With offices in Liverpool, Lancashire, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Cheshire, and London, they offer their members, who are spread across a range of...
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british highstreet

The future of retail: how to create a strategy that sells

03/08/21 Embryo Index

It’s no surprise that the last 12 months have been tough for the retail industry, with 2020 being the year pretty much everything was cancelled, shopping trends have changed, with consumers spending less on getting dressed up, and physical stores...
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house diy

DIY improvements to your digital strategy: What you can learn from the Embryo index

16/04/21 Digital Marketing Embryo Index

A Spring clean is a great opportunity to reorganise your home and make those home improvements you’ve been thinking about for some time. This has been amplified during lockdown restrictions as reports show that 85% of UK residents have made...
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embryo index feb movers & shakers

Embryo Index: Movers & Shakers in February

04/03/21 Embryo Index

Last month there were lots of changes to the Embryo Indexes, as well as updating Retail and Travel we also launched our new Fashion Index which focuses on retailers within affordable fashion, multi-brand retailers and more.  Some brands are listed...
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embryo index retail focus: sports direct

Embryo Index Retail Focus: Sports Direct

02/02/21 Embryo Index

The Embryo Indexes show the top 100 companies (from a pool of more) within a range of industries and sectors. Each company is scored against a series of metrics which culminate in an overall Embryo Index Score, this score then...
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index movers & shakers

Embryo Index: Movers and Shakers in November

01/12/20 Embryo Index

Along with launching the new Embryo last month, we also created and launched two new Indexes in retail and travel.  So why did we create the indexes? We wanted to create a way that marketing directors, and non-tech business leaders...
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sector head to head

The Embryo Index Sector Head-to-Head

07/04/20 Embryo Index

As long as there has been business, there’s been marketing, and as long as there’s been marketing, there’s been those who do it, and those who don’t. While marketing means something different for every sector, the importance of actually doing...
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legal sector scales

The Best & The Worst of the Legal Sector On The Embryo Index

28/02/20 Embryo Index

The legal sector is sometimes known for not having the best marketing around. There are plenty of good reasons for this, after all, having the time to effectively market themselves is a big factor for those in the legal sector,...
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top 10 february

Updates From The Embryo Index – Feb 2020

10/02/20 Embryo Index

BREAKING NEWS: The Embryo Index has updated! That means new scores, new leaders, new companies and more. Every month, the team at Embryo Digital take a look at the winners and losers of the month, who’s shaking things up and...
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embryo index

Mission Mars: Out Of This World Marketing?

30/01/20 Embryo Index

With some of Manchester’s best-loved venues dotted around the city, Mission Mars is a mainstay in the culture and nightlife of the city, not to mention a giant in our hospitality sector. However, despite being a force to be reckoned...
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