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Keeping up to date with news updates and jumping on media opportunities

03/11/20 Digital Marketing Research Digital PR

When it comes to staying up to date with the way the UK produces the news, we more often than not check online through our social media platforms to find out what’s happening. From browsing Twitter to see what’s the...
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How networking with journalists has help us understand how to pitch campaigns

18/09/20 Uncategorised Digital Marketing Research Digital PR

Due to COVID-19 news platforms have had to adjust to new working environments and how they generate news stories. From adapting their audience to change their content timelines, we like journalists have worked together in unity to create great quality...
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Some of the best places to go for Digital PR inspiration

17/09/20 Digital PR

One of the core principles of any digital PR campaign is that of creative thinking. Ideation and brainstorming are one of the first things you’ll do in any campaign, and they are certainly one of the most important! But ideating...
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grazia magazine covers

How Digital Trends are Benefiting Female-led Publications

03/09/20 Digital PR

During the UK’s lockdown, the majority of the magazines we’ve enjoyed reading on our commute to work have had to adjust to a new working environment as over the past six months some of the most empowering stories have been...
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Some of the best articles about Digital PR from 2020

31/07/20 SEO Digital PR

When most people think of PR, they still imagine that it’s all about features in the local paper or national magazine. But the truth is that PR has been shifting focus to online for some time now, becoming an important part...
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Some of the best articles about link building in 2020

23/07/20 SEO Digital PR

SEO requires that those who practice it stay on their toes. Google’s algorithms are complex and ever changing and it can be difficult to keep up. But one thing that doesn’t change is just how important backlinks are to your...
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A Couple Of Tips To Help Your Link Request Open Rate

26/06/20 SEO Digital PR

Manual link building is a delicate art, even though many no longer treat it that way. With more outreach tools at our disposal than ever before, it’s true that there’s a temptation to take the easy route: scrape for contact...
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Link Building Myths You Should Ignore

25/03/20 SEO Digital PR

Link building is a practice that has been around since the early days of the internet – so why is there still so much confusion about it? Well, any online marketer worth their salt knows that link building is a...
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The Ingredients of a Great Digital PR Campaign

06/03/20 Digital PR

Standing out in the digital age is difficult. With thousands of bloggers, vloggers, and businesses all scrambling for their share of the online limelight, you have to work increasingly hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s where an effective...
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Pumpkin spice lattes contain more sugar than a can of coke. Our digital PR campaign reveals the shocking amount of sugar in the UK’s most popular autumn drinks

30/10/20 Digital Marketing Digital PR

Over the autumn period, we wanted to take the opportunity to find out what’s secretly in the UK’s favourite warm drinks that we liked to consume during the colder months. From luxury hot chocolates, plant-based alternatives or pumpkin spice lattes....
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