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Over half of LinkedIn users would travel to an amber listed country. Find out why Britons want to go on holiday!

19/07/21 Digital PR Research

It’s Freedom Day, and the sunshine is beaming across the UK today. Everyone is in happy spirits and is enjoying the heatwave which is hitting every city across the country. However, even though the sunlight is making an immediate impact...
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Five top tips for pitching when it comes to newsjacking

07/07/21 Digital PR Digital Marketing

As part of Digital PR strategies, newsjacking can be a great way to share a brand’s message quickly. Newsjacking allows you to pitch to journalists who are interested in content with regard to reactive and topical trends. This allows you...
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3 data science social media accounts you should be following

23/06/21 Digital PR

Data is becoming an increasingly crucial part of digital marketing and business. Data science is the future, with some of the biggest organisations on the planet like Amazon, Google and Facebook all investing heavily in this burgeoning field in recent...
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How digital transformation can help SMEs grow online and increase revenue

17/06/21 Digital PR Digital Marketing

Many SMEs and entrepreneurs are going online and adopting eCommerce operations for success. With more than 70% of companies being online or having a digital transformation strategy in place, and 96% of UK households with internet access, SMEs and start-up...
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How to avoid pitching the wrong campaigns to journalists

08/06/21 Digital PR News

At Embryo, we’ve taken the time to understand the media landscape and what journalists want from PR’s. We’ve listened and noted what pitches they would like for their publications and what emails would end up in the bin. As you...
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The rise of streaming and how this impacts digital PR

28/04/21 Research Digital PR

The online world is constantly evolving, and from living in this ‘new norm,’ we have seen how much people around the world have relied on streaming services as a form of escape. Whether that’s to help you unwind, learn more...
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Earth Day 2021 and the power of the media

23/04/21 Digital PR

In light of world Earth Day on Thursday 22nd April, digital marketing experts at Embryo have been looking into search trends and the questions that people are asking surrounding sustainable diets and clothing and their purchasing choices, as these sustainable...
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Do Nofollow Links Count?

19/04/21 Digital PR SEO

If you are someone who has ever spent time link building, performing digital PR, or even just generally working in SEO, then you’ve seen rel=”nofollow” tag before. It’s one of the most common HTML tags around, and it’s been around...
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#journorequest – newsjacking and the power of social media

12/03/21 Digital PR

If you’re new to the idea of digital PR, you may wonder how exactly we know who to pitch what stories and when to do it. A lot of it comes down purely to ardent research and staying on top...
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Applying the ‘think week’ method to digital marketing in current remote working environments to increase productivity

05/03/21 Digital Marketing Digital PR

Focusing on a healthy and productive mindset is crucial in our current economic and social environment in light of the global pandemic. The balance between personal and professional life has become more connected than ever. Our working environment has transcended...
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