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How to pitch stories to worldwide publications like the Financial Times

08/10/20 News Digital Marketing Digital PR

After attending a recent media talk with the Financial Times, we have learnt a lot from how the worldwide paper plans to continue producing great quality stories for their subscribers and readers on and offline.   The experienced reporter and now...
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project manager leading a design brief conversation

The Importance Of A Website Design Brief

15/04/19 Digital Marketing Web Design

As a Digital Project Manager for a busy SEO & Web Design agency, I am creating and working with website design briefs on a daily basis. The importance of a website design brief cannot be overstated. It could seem frustrating...
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time and study efficiency

Five Important Aspects of Operations Management in a Digital Marketing Agency

09/04/19 Digital Marketing Best Practices General Operations

Use the right CRM system One of the most important operational factors to have in place within a digital marketing agency is the right customer relationship management system (CRM). A CRM is a tool that essentially provides a central place...
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what even is marketing

What Even is Marketing?

14/03/19 Digital Marketing

If someone asked you ‘what is marketing?’, would you stutter? The dictionary defines marketing as “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”. For people that don’t always have a dictionary at...
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Owned, Earned and Paid Media Explained

12/02/19 Digital Marketing

Owned, earned and paid media are all important elements of a solid digital marketing strategy, but what do they actually mean, and what should you be doing with them? Here at Embryo Digital, we deal with owned, earned and paid...
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What is Remarketing and Why Do You Need it?

10/02/19 Digital Marketing

We all have that 1 (or 20) ads that we can’t stand to watch again after the first viewing. For some, it’s the Go Compare ads, with that singing lunatic who encourages anyone he meets to compare insurance prices in...
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The Media Landscape In 2019

21/01/19 Digital Marketing

The media landscape is always changing, and though staying on top of it can be a big challenge, it can also be really exciting! Here at Embryo Digital, we love thinking about what the future holds for the industry, and...
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laptop with research icons

Getting Your Digital Marketing Stack Right

20/01/19 Digital Marketing

Whether you are an SEO freelancer, a small digital agency, or a large multinational marketing company with an SEO arm, it is important that you have what I call a digital marketing technology stack. This is a group of technologies...
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Why Innovation Should Be A Priority For Your Business In 2019

05/01/19 Digital Marketing

To me, the author of this post (James Welch), innovation isn’t only important in 2019, but in every month of every year for now until the end of time. A business that is not innovating is standing still at best,...
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